Как заработать в геймдеве имея фотоаппарат by Artalasky

Как заработать в геймдеве имея фотоаппарат by Artalasky

How to turn your camera
to a source of income without running at weddings and without taking off
miserable little people? There are a number of ways
which I’ll talk about now. By the way, if you want to learn
create games on unity check out the unity3dschool website Now there is a promotion
until the end of March if you buy a creation course
2D platforming and suddenly you’ll understand that for
it’s too hard for you or it turns out that you have
not so interesting then you return the money. In addition, there are
other courses for quite beginners and for already more
advanced as well as courses for monetization and publication
your google play games and there are even my courses
a little cheaper than mine. Follow the link, buy
and learn in pleasure and without any risks. Let’s start by choosing a camera
and equipment Actually fit
almost any camera is more expensive 10k rubles, so that at least
to begin. Ideally, your device
could take photos in 4k and you it was comfortable to use it. It’s not at all necessary to have
DSLR or semi-professional fotik, it’s quite alright
unit, this is by the way Sony PX100. Preference should be given
not expensive fotik, but good lens so good
will look for an option them separately on the secondary
the market. It is also advisable to master
the basics of shooting in manual mode, it’s not at all difficult, but
will improve the quality of your photo at times. Of the equipment you need
tripod at least one and a half meters high, so you can
buy within 2 thousand rubles and very good
quality. I also recommend to get
flash drive for fotik though would be 64 gigabytes, and preferably two. Now you can start. One of the easiest
ways – go out and start shooting everything. From landscapes to individual
objects. Saw beautifully tortured
life fence? Take a picture. Found a sleeping cat? Take a picture
Ruins on the way? Take pictures of them all! What is it for? First answer
to the question for whom and all it will become clear. Similar photos are very appreciated.
concept artists and photo artists, or just people working
in the style of Matte Paint, this is a collage creation of
many pictures that end up looking like one
the whole picture or photograph. As you may have guessed,
find good quality sets of necessary photos
very difficult, free almost not usable and used
in thousands of other works. Good concept artists
often have hundreds of different photo libraries of which
Then they collect something interesting. Therefore, the demand for fresh
meat will always be. More interesting and useful
pack and the more photos in it, the more you earn from it. I recommend on average
set the price from 2 to 15 dollars, and you can upload them
on the Gumroad and Artsation Store. The second method is a bit more complicated
and requires you not only camera, but also the availability
photoshop as well as minimal his knowledge. For starters, you can take pictures
various elements for example damage to the wall, cracks,
drips, paint peeling, pits on the roads. All this will be extremely useful.
for level designers and artists coloring models. The next step will be shooting
textures, here you will need Photoshop knowledge and skill
turn photo into a seamless texture, either
use for this special programs. Finally you can take pictures
various small things like leaves, pebbles, twigs
and other small parts, which will then combine
in special atlases. Sell ​​such kits
it is possible on drains like tekstures.com, hamade and various photo banks. An even more complicated option
– create alpha sets brushes. They are most needed
3D artists working in Zibrash and Substance Paint. With the help of such brushes
you can quickly create realistic detail
models and also realistic paint her. Moreover, many prints
can be used in Photoshop to create interesting
and useful brushes already for 2D graphics. There will be one photoshop
small, it is desirable to have experience in digital sculpting
or at least understand how it works otherwise do
quality alpha brush Not sure it’s going to happen. For these purposes, shoot
interesting textures of materials, the skin of animals, people, various
surface, all that your opinion can make it easier
life to the end user. Useful Alpha Brush Sets
cost from 2 to 20 dollars and often fly apart
like hot cakes. Not the most obvious way
which many forget but not the easiest one – it’s
creating panoramic images for skyboxes. You can use them later.
in the same Unity or Anrial Engine, but you can cram
to render programs such as Marmoset Toolbag
or Cayshot, however you can use them even in
blender, again, for render or create cinematics. Ideally have on your lens
polarizing filter and a neutral density filter,
first help do the colors of the sky more saturated
and take away most unwanted glare and
reflections and the second will perform in the role of sunglasses
letting you shoot more parts especially on lighted
sun clouds for example during sunset. Surely you have already met
with a concept like 3D scan when a model is created
by photographing her from all sides and further
association in a special program, for example Agisoft
Metashape. This method will allow you
create photorealistic models, but that they were
really high quality – need time. It is not so easy
as it seems and in fact is the hardest of it
list, so I put him to the very end. In addition, for photogrammetry
you will need a good fotik or at least an iPhone,
which stands as good fotik. It’s also ideal to have a tripod
and turntable for shooting small things. Shooting some subjects
requires certain weather conditions, and for scanning
really big things like boulders or
centuries-old trees you can not do without a drone. Moreover, you will be required
knowledge of 3D modeling packages and sculpting for example
Blender or Zibrash. Still good photo scans
cost good money, and full sets created by
way on stocks sold very very good. The simplest rule is to create
with what you yourself with pleasure would use then
and other people your content will like it. And that’s it for me, put
likes and subscribe to my channel with you like
always been Artalasky, bye!

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