Как собрать ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ ПК. Поездка в Москву к MAN-MADE. Жесть от Тима Кука.

Как собрать ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ ПК. Поездка в Москву к MAN-MADE. Жесть от Тима Кука.

Hi, everyone. This is
an unusual review. Not so unusual, though.
We’ve had the PC on, more than once. I’m reviewing my new PC
put together here at MAN-MADE. We’ll check out
the studio itslef, their work and my PC.
Hope it’s as interesting for you as it is for me. This video is not intended as a commercial
like, dunno, channels like Dnevnik Khacha do when they get free PCs
just to promote the studio. 10 cores, 20 flows. I have no idea
what this means. I’m reading out. I need my PC for work
and occasional games, too. soediv suoiverp ym nees ev’uoy fI
sretupmoc taert I woh wonk tsum uoy and if you haven’t,
check those videos out. Let’s get inside and see
what’s interesting. Let’s ask questions. Yury is waiting for us there. Here is him.
– Hey, everyone, hey, Alex. What do we see first?
This is an IQOS-friendly zone. Not much, but feels good.
I smoke it, I will feel comfy here, I’m sure. Nice lighting. Guys are working. Hi, guys! They can’t hear us.
They’re wearing headphones. Here is something interesting. Whoop! JBL!
– It’s the 200. It’s the first one
they made this huge. We got it once it came out. Some giftpacks here.
Are these gifts? Yep. We give these to friends
and partners for New Year’s. We will show
and present one to you, too. This here is a demo assembly.
You custom-made this, right? And a little screen here. Looks like Windows, right? Yes, it’s Windows. An extra screen
showing the PC’s current load the temperature
and the processor’s frequency. What an interesting solution!
Why create indicators if you can show it all
on this mini-screen? So, as a Windows, it’s…
– Yep. A complete screen. So you can share the image
or use it as a separate screen. This is what? This is what seems to be a case but it is more like a liquid plate produced by BarrowCH. This is #85 out of 100.
Only 100 were produced. It’s a demo-stand, an open case for fans of…
– Dust? Dust and weird designs. This one was dedicated
for the 9th Star Wars episode, made it just before the release.
These symbolize crossed light sabers. You guys sympathize Star Wars here. Lots of things. Yep.
I very much sympathize. More than many would think. Whoa! Nice!
I love DOOM. I do, too.
– We’re getting some today, huh? These are some demos, too, right? These are manager computers. Oh, so the guys here are…
– Yes, they are working those PCs. And this is a real-time showcase
of the difference between customized
and, well, regular assemblies. Roughly speaking, this is OEM liquid.
– Yes, pretty much. You can buy it easily. And this is nice liquid,
a colored video card plus the wires in custom coatings. This here is Bioshock: Infinite. Everyone here chose their own games,
their own posters to ensure a comfortable game and workspace. This is a dream job! Let’s see if this place is…
Oh, these are my lil presents. They get a Basik. And speakers. Yura said, ‘Speakers for a Skyline 34?’
It’s your skyline, isn’t it? Yep.
– Our branded Basik to live at MAN-MADE. Hey there! Oh, look,
he gets a girl right away. What is League of Legends?
– It’s like DOTA but it’s League of Legends. Very similar.
– I try to stay away from games like that. You know my gaming time in DOTA?
– Huh? 14 min.
– Bullshit! I think I’ve gotten smarter. I only played DOTA
in Warcraft 3. It is very homely in here.
With a fireplace. Yura, it’s not making the sounds.
– But it is. Wait. It really does.
You probably won’t hear it but it does. Trolling gone wrong. This place actually doubles as briefing
and recreation room for the crew. Like you said,
we are keeping the place homely. It’s a place of comfort Some of us come here on weekends
on their businesses or we may sometimes stay late here
if we need to finish up some work. I see Guitar Hero here. Guitar Hero. Here is the poster
of the Cyperpunk we’re all looking forward to We hope we get to see it
and the game turn up awesome. And the pride of our office –
the staircase and the elevator. Brace yourselves.
It’s gonna be scary now. What are your chairs?
I don’t use any specific yet. Mine was titles Chairman or something. The guys have Coolermaster chairs We haven’t entered the official market
with their chairs yet. Some of the chairs,
we have DX Racer. Nice chairs. I love arguing about what’s better –
PS or PC. But it’s so pointless. A PS costs like a PC hard drive. Or half a good video card.
– Yes, half a video card. A great thing. Now, this is something weird.
Yura said, don’t film it. I shall not, then. What that is, you’ll find out here. It’s gonna be in the description, too.
It’s their instagram. These guys put me together
a really nice PC. I’ll show and tell in a sec. The conditions were great, too. Not for free.
– No. Not for free. The conditions really were awesome and they got the hardware
exactly like I wanted it and made the design
exactly like I wanted it. What are these boxes?
It’s the second time I come across. These are congrats on the New Year Wait a sec. Hello, dear friends!
– No way! On behalf of the MAN-MADE crew
I want to congratulate you on the New Year. I wish you only successful projects
in the new decade. I am just speechless.
Like any man, I shall ask this question. If I turn porn on,
I’ll be able to watch porn on champagne? Of course! IN champagne, tho.
– One more question, Yura… Hey there! So Imma tell you a story
about a guy who wanted to save a penny and bought music
at some Radioshack kinda shop. And then he was f*cking surprised why–
(giggles) Ah, sh*t. Have you guys ever watched Basik
on champagne? So, we’re ready to descend. It is kinda dangerous
to come down and film at the same time. This is where they put PCs together
and do some photography, right? Can I fil this?
There is no secret info, is there? I’ve seen this guy somewhere… They photograph their work
for the website here. This website. And this is–
The warmest atmosphere ever. This is pretty much y childhood.
My dad did radio electronics, so I always had these parts laying around. Kids now have all sorts of toys and I would solder diodes,
resistors, transistors together and get figurines.
The shop looked a lot like this. Here is, btw, a nice
black-and-white computer case here. This is a Corsar 760T. We are brushing up
our client’s assembly. So, you service, too?
– Yes, even non-our PCs. A client brought in their PC.
We not only made sense of the cooling It was installed wrong, bent.
The coolers are decent Noctua, tho. These are the best and quietest coolers,
like someone told me. I used to buy these back in the day.
– Yep. But the design sucks. I just wanted to say.
It’s the crappiest color you can think of. Both literally and figuratively.
I mean. it is brow. They like it for some reason. And here, we upgraded the video card
from a 980 of a very meme-frequent brand to an RTX 2080 Strix. Nice case. I like it. But mine is prettier. In a sec there. Speaking of Noctua. Asus have new liquid cooling. And this here
is a black Noctua. The quietest, and Asus
managed somehow to make them black. They come in stock
with Asus liquid cooling. They are very quiet. Well,
you can see they are on test now. And for an air-cooled PC,
it’s quiet. You mean it is under load right now? Yes. The load is 100%.
The processor temp is 67° C (153° F). This is stock?
– Yes. This is a stock Asus case. Called Helius Rog Strix. The power unit is Asus.
Well, this is an Asus mono-brand. The motherboard:
Rog Maximus XI Hero. And here’s the liquid. They sell it starting this year And it says here
that it’s Industrial Noctua. You see? They have THE latest toys.
– Yup. Let’s sneak around more. Something interesting on each square inch.
There’s a stormtrooper in some lowrider. Is this Joker’s car?
– Yes, it is. And there’s some cock on the hood.
The owner must be a cock-lover. Another stormtrooper.
Yura does love Star Wars. I watched The Mandalorian.
Great pleasure, even tho it’s a bit childish. Do maybe have it here –?
Once I watched it, I started looking for Baby Yoda?
– Everyone started looking for baby Yoda, so much hype. And Lukas announced that official merch
was not coming until June or July. I think if there’d been any,
it would’ve been here already. Yes. I think so.
– What’s here? This is our work computer.
This is what it looks like. This is also Asus,
also Rampage. Older generation, tho. For work and server tasks,
this one is more than enough. Why is it on a piece of wood?
Because why not? Cuz you had a piece of wood left. from this wall.
– Yep. And shelves. Guys here did this all themselves
so it can be that, too, honestly. The processor is liquid-cooled. Speaking of the water
boiling or leaking out, and all that, this one has been running
on this liquid since April. I have only one dislike about water,
this Aurora liquid in particular. You need to rotate it from time to time.
The metal particles settle down somewhere. It’s getting hotter.
They said a lot it will clock up the radiators. the liquid blocks with get blocked up. I think if we take it down right now
there would probably be some settlement. In practice,
the liquid level remained the same. It started heating up harder.
I took a dryer. not for clothes.
My wife’s one, for hair. I don’t use it.
Well, now I do. Once in three months,
I put the dryer near the side radiator blow the dust out of it, and the temp is almost the same
as – how long? It’s been almost 2 years. It was April.
Almost two years. All those are myths about water.
Well, maybe if you get it all wrong it doesn’t work properly. Maybe the liquid
poured there for the looks — the Aurora, for instance.
Couch experts started reading up on it. Why did they start trolling it?
I personally got comments that the PC will heat up now. And will go down in shreds. What those mama’s experts read
was that it was for showcase demo pieces. It may be true. After a while
the metallic disappears and it becomes just foggy water. You just turn the PC over.
I do it once in 3 months maybe. If I want to show off,
in a video or I have friends over. You just turn it over,
turn on the pump turn back up,
and for some 3 months it will show off its metallic.
The temp is okay, too. There are these cases.
Arty loves them very much. Arty’s one is in this case, right? Yes. When you came
the first time, we communicated a lot with Arty we still do, btw. Did you know he suggested a battle? AMD vs Inter.
– I did, yes. The last thing I haven’t done
is compare AMD and Intel. I have no clue how to do it. We will teach you.
– What’s there to teach? I can open User benchmark
and check the figures. Isn’t it how it’s done? What else?
– That’s an option, yes. Or run The Witcher on similar screens
and check the figures then. You can run some Red Dead Redemption,
and I think Intel will be a bit faster. Intel got them bad! What would this proc cost
if not for the price cuts? Twice as much.
– 120k? Don’t try to fix what’s not broken.
And then it starts, this repack isn’t working, reset these drivers,
and you have a failure in, say, NVidia physx. This looks like something
really powerful with these two tubes. This will be a very powerful PC
but the key is not the power. It will be the most powerful
because it will have Inter Extreme, 128 GB RAM, two 2080 TI.
Not a surprise to anyone. It will be wild visually.
It will be a designer project. Really?
– Yep. It will be really awesome and rich. It’s for a computer club.
Alex and I will go there today. The dream place for any boy from my childhood,
Alex’s, any childhood in the world. It’s really cool cuz the owners
are people in love with that business. And we helped them with the PCs,
placement and cable management a bit. It’s a date for the PC club. This may be a weird yet pretty solution
for clubs and showcases but for home, damn, this is
a dust collector! Epecially in Rostov. You don’t know what dust is. Heer inMoscow, you have no idea. Why not Hyper?
I bet I’ll get that a lot. Like, the HyperPC is broken.
No. It’s alright. It’s an awesome PC. I have no regrets
about the company nor the PC. The idea of an upgrade came up. I would actually even call it
a bit of a downgrade. I realized I barely use
the second video card. I don’t play lots of games now, and those I do, for some reason
they have no SLI option. Well, this is how they treat you
if you have two video cards. I wanted to upgrade my SSD M2 I wanted more speed.
I wanted to trade my four drives – the two SSD M2
and two hard drives… f*ck! two regular winchester disc drives. Does anyone call them that?
– Haven’t heard it in a while. It’s really old school. They won’t understand me.
– I think those who are supposed to, sure will. And the thing I disliked most –
and that is just my perfectionism – I hated the processor temeprature The 7900x has a quirk – between the crystal and the lid
it has not metal but thermal paste. With liquid cooling,
it just spoils the looks and the temp is way lower
than on the processor itself. I just wanted to scalp my CPU. Just clean it up a bit. Hyper took long to answer.
Tbh, it may have been the only reason. I started calling around
including their former employees. They guys here didn’t want
to upgrade someone else’s PC. This is not even about business or politics.
It’s more like about art. And if there is the logo
of the company that put together the PC, it’s not too nice to get in there.
They offered to make me a new one. So, here is the story
behind this computer. And so, the guy made me
a new computer. It has a crazy large volume
of operative memory, Those who know me know
I believe less is more. I believe I don’t need more than 16
with the software I use. I haven’t seen a time
when I needed more. For Premier and other
memory-sucking software, 32 is fine. Why would I need 64? Dunno. This is the only too-much moment.
Although it does look great. And the rest – I gave a lead-in
on what I needed, and Yura will spill the beans on how it’s been done. First, the looks. I remember
when we brought you the PC in Coolermaster C700P you were stunned. You are not too emotional
but you were happy. It does look good. It is massive,
it has glass, it has metal. And the lighting is not too much.
– Yep. This is C700P Black Edition. Apart from the color, the panels
and these horns here painted matte black, the whole guts – the inner panel,
the in and out terminals are slightly different – this is the same chassis, restyled but it is left in the T700P case
from the outside. The lid comes off just like that
and the outputs are on the upside, again. The cooling is slightly different. The airflow is different.
The hot air always comes out thru the top. And now the air comes out
not thru the front like in the previous one The air comes in here
and goes out on the top. Comes in here, too. As for the guts,
apart from the CPU – at first, Alex wanted 9920x – but at that moment the 10 series
was already announced. No. Initially I wanted mine scalped, I mean, the 7900x
works perfectly fine for me. I just didn’t like the temperature.
It had a limited overclocking. I couldn’t speed it up
over 4200 @4 GHz. When the new one was started,
yes, I said 9920x. I chose it cuz the core count
to clock rate ratio is really great there. People love – especially Apples
love to speculate it – the more cores the better. Like, 18 cores cost 500k. You want 32 cores?
Another 1 mil. Stock up those whore cores, no biggie. I chose 9920x, but Yura suggested
a more modern option. Yes. A newer one.
– Let’s show the box since it’s here. 1020x. This is the box version
of this CPU. See how lively this is?
This ain’t no OEM, guys. How is the box different?
– Longer warranty. Same 2066 here
and the motherboard… Yes, the motherboard is
Asus Rampage VI Extreme Omega. This is a flagship solution
for both Asus and the market in general. They have great cooling,
great feed lines, and the operative memory. This is really cool. Let’s say for those who don’t know their PC
and for those who do know it. For those who don’t, it looks great
and has a bunch of color and stuff settings Plus, it has a tiny screen indicating
real-time CPU temperature not the motherboard’s! You can set this one. It can show
whatever you want – GIFs, inscriptions. Cool. You set it in Windows, right? You can use Windows or sync it up
with the lights and stuff in the Asus Aura app. Or the new Armoury Crate app that updates
and does everything to the Asus infrastructure. You know people with money
who don’t know anything about PC, they say, ‘Give me the best thing.’
Is this the best motherboard? This is the best one
for this particular socket. You can really have fun
with the packaging. The motherboard is there initially.
And now look at the box itself. It feels good to take stuff out of it. For instance, here. I showed Alex,
in regard to installing M2 discs. This is really great.
– Yes, it’s like an adapter from M2 to PCI Express for disc SSD M2
plus a radiator. How many SSDs go here?
– 3 fill-size M2. Without speed cuts. But it is objectively more expensive.
There are cheaper solutions on this base. And the overclocking possibilities
are higher, huh? It has a huge surplus
in feed chain speedup it has an amazing sound card.
As great as it gets. A great in-built rate controller. If we take out extreme speeding
which I think alex won’t do this is a really great motherboard.
The greatest on the market. Operative memory. I’ve always been
most skeptical about this part. It doesn’t really affect anything
when you play or render. I haven’t seen it in my tests anyway. It does in benchmarks. You run it fast
and your benchmarks are all, like, you’re awesome, you have a great percentage,
you’re almost the fastest in the world. With games – nothing.
And rendering, too. And the quantity is what I’ve always trolled.
But you gotta admit it looks crazy awesome. Why HyperX, what is HyperX?
And what is tis frequency? This is HyperX Fury, RGB.
New memory, released last year. The frequency is 3466 MHz The lighting is pretty. Really pretty. And the key thing is, it is on Unix chips meaning it’s stable, quick,
and you can speed it up even further. It can go up to 3600 MHz just like that. I personally don’t need that much.
This is the only too-much thing for me. I really don’t need that much memory
and that high a frequency. I guess I don’t. Maybe I do.
Maybe this is what Vegas has been waiting for. One very weird piece of software.
Many consider it the worst editor but I… I mean, when you’ve edited
over 1000 videos in the same editor I think it’s impossible to teach yourself a new one. You’re just lazy. As for the disc subsystem,
we installed a 2 Terabyte Samsung 970 EVOPlus. This is your main Disc C
for 2 TB, like you asked. A great SSD. A fast one.
Probably the fastest SSD sold in Russia now. And not that costly. You wanted to trade two SSDs
for one that would be faster. Yes. In there, we have a 12-TV WD Gold. I warned Alex that the disc is quite noisy
and it vibrates cuz of the and the number of discs. It doesn’t get on your nerves, works fast.
We checked, it’s faster than analogs. I think you could compare it
to the simplest SSDs. My disc shopping was simple.
I googled the quickest discs. The quickest was WD Gold On UserBenchmark,
it takes the 1st place. Same with Samsung SSD M2
but I only checked the claims. Tbh, I didn’t check UserBenchmark for it but it has the highest claimed clock rate
on the market. And tests support that. I watched some tests. It was crazy.
IT gave ut some 3500 @ 3300 MHz, I think. Plus, the volume – 2 TB. Many quick discs
don’t have that volume. Actually, if you don’t edit video
or store large volumes of data, one 1 TB disc like that
would be enough for you. It will be the fastest disc on the market. This 1 TB would more than suffice
for a few games, Windows and something else. And you pay for it less –
give this a thorough thought – less! than for a crappy 2015 SSD,
a regular hard disc, from a MacBook Pro I can’t wrap my brain around it. This thing – the 1 TB version –
the fastest on the market, costs 16-18k rub. The same amount you need to pay extra
to get a MacBook Pro with 256 GB instead of 128. Cunning bastards, huh?
Tim Cook is a freaking business genius. To give out 128 slowest Gigabytes
for the price of the fastest Terabyte. That is art. Say he’s a motherf*cker.
– He’s a motherf*cker… Let’s get to the most powerful
and expensive in this PC. Yes, right. It’s the video card
Asus ROG Strix 2080 TI OC White. This is the limited edition
of the legendary Strix, Asus’s all-time fav. This is the max boosted card on the market. I checked, it was the fastest. And Alex id the first owner in the country. No way! I didn’t know that.
– It arrived here before the NY. Because of the suppliers’ holidays
and hiatuses, it was lying there, waiting for its owner. It’s white.
– Not just white. It’s faster than 28 CTI. It’s Asus’s fastest.
– One instead of the previous two. You’d say this looks cheaper.
The last two looked richer. That’s true. They did look richer
but why in the heck do I need that econd boiler? I mean, for some people,
those 10-15 FPS are crucial or if you know how to run rendering
on two cards at once. And now we’re reaching its cooling. The cooling’s been altered.
There’s a liquid block here. We installed a water block by Bykski. Why that one? Cuz we wanted
to keep the backlaid. The Asus is nice,
white, with the lighting. The water block doesn’t hinder functions.
The temp is around the same with other blocks. I am just forewarning the questions
to Alex on Instagram and YouTube. It’s a good one. Cools well, Cools the feed supply chains
cools the video card’s memory, it’s all good. That was some fortune-telling!
Even I don’t have those questions. They will be, tho. The CPU’s water block is not Bykski,
not a Barrow but an EKWB, the best one. I’d say it’s black-and-white
but it is a bit greyish. Polished metal, black-and-white solution. When we discussed the style,
I said, make as many black and white details as it gets. I don’t see any other details.
Might be some grey, but you can’t tell. The PC is all black-and-white,
and the liquid. Now we’re here. Transparent acrylic tubes. The liquid inside is EK, too.
White opaque. The black tubes are not some painted
or steel or copper tubes. These are German carbon tubes
for liquid cooling, AlphaCool. Natural carbon, really dependable.
They withstand high temperatures. And, well, they are stylish.
And for many our clients – Alex included – using carbon
does not entail a price raise. Underneath, we got a decorative panel.
Yura suggested we let it go I asked to keep it. If we remove it,
you’ll be able to see the power supply unit. It’s one for 850 W. Short on money, you’d say –
trading 1200 W to 850 W. Nope. We figured, why waste it?
Why install a more powerful PSU if the 2080 TI plus the CPU we have there won’t consume more than 500-600 W? This one still has the gold certificate. It’s dependable, quiet
and efficient. Let’s draw some conclusions.
The brands. What changed. My last two PCs were put together
in two different places. Motherboard: went from Asus to Asus.
Video card: from Asus to Asus. RAM: HyperX to Hyperx. PSU: Cooler Master to Cooler Master. The case: Cooler Master to Cooler Master. Basically, we only changed
the hard drive from Seagate to Western Digital And the SSD. The PC is pretty much it, I guess?
Now let’s go check out the club you worked on. We helped with the PCs –
assembled them. The design was done by the guys.
We just helped them finish it up. The club is really nice.
– Yura says it’s a nice place. I’m intrigued. This was the review of this PC. And my impressions
you’ll see a bit later when I come home and install it.
I think I might install my sound card. There is an in-built in this
Asus motherboard, an awesome one, they say. The question is about headphones.
Mine are studio, 300 Ohm. If it can handle that power,
I might even retire my sound card. And my sound card is… Asus, too. They’ll say, they asked you
to promote Asus. Yura here is taking us
to the computer club named “.EXE”. For which you, well,
put together the computers, right? We’ll see the MAN-MADE work in action. Check this out, we go in
and everyone has blue screens. And smoking. And the liquid leaked out. Do you get nightmares like that? I think everyone
who puts together PCs gets it. And here is the computer club.
Hello. This is Yegor, the club owner.
He’ll give us a short tour now. This here we made a nice lounge zone
for people who do not play games could come and have fun
with their better halves. This here we took
a 25 ft shipping container, cut it hired a graffiti artist. I won’s say his name
but you could call him the Russian Banksy. We got these hand-made canvases. We were trying to follow a single style,
to make it something like Asian Cyberpunk. So this is not completely game-style. So, we came up with all this. This was all painted by the same artist. And we got this round low table
so that you can play board games, etc. This, guys, is a computer club.
You market as such, right? This is no hookah place.
Oh, this is a cyber-lounge. There are PCs in all these zones. Excuse us, it’s gonna be a bit dark. But that is what the lounge part is about, right?
The darker the cozier. Streetfighter! No way! This is an arcade zone here. This is a professional foosball.
They run world championships on these. We managed to get one. And this is our recent addition –
an arcade machine. You can choose from over 3000 games starting with the old school stuff
like Nega, Sega, PlayStation 1 etc. No coin slot?
– Nope. It is for free. My God, I feel freakishly nostalgic right now. These little thingies…
– This is a streamer zone. Streamer zone?
– Yes. We have this nice lady here. Definitely streamer. The guys made us this machine.
This thing came in recently. Two screens – one for the game chat,
the other one – to keep you focused on the game. The last room. We got
a bit of Hentai on the wall. Perfectly acceptable, tho. Tomorrow, there’s a team coming,
I think they’re from MSU. They have a whole bunch of disciplines.
They want to train here. These PCs are a bit more powerful, The bigger difference is the screens,
the diagonal is 27″. So, they can sit here, the five of them,
play without anyone bothering them. This is the team space.
– Cool! All PCs are MAN-MADE, right?
– Yep. Mine is MAN-MADE, too, now.
God, I feel even cooler now that I see a place with your work
being presented in such a cool manner. Yegor, what is this?
– This is our special holder. This is a solution to facilitate — Our idea was to make everyone feel comfortable
whether they like hookahs or board games. You know what this reminds me of? Wall-E. Have you seen it?
– Yeah, I have. Put a burger here
and a coke here. And it’ll be smoke here,
eat here, drink here. And you can live like that. You can sit here, smoke and play
and no one would bother you None of our competitors have this.
No one smokes hookah in front of their PC. This is what it looks like in the light.
Not as cozy but even more badass. Whoa. This wall
was not this scary in the dark. This is a chillout zone, right?
To get some rest from PCs. This is a PlayStation here. Why we came here was to see
what assembly guys do. That’s an FAQ. They do not only build computers
for private buyers but for places like this,
as well as various expos, events, championships. This is a really big industry right now, and PCs – not only workplace,
but gaming PCs, too should be built by professionals.
Just what MAN-MADE does. I’m promoting you real discreet
while you are chatting there. I’ll stay here to work. We grabbed a bite, went to the computer club.
Now we’re back at MAN-MADE. Time for conclusions. This couldn’t be more perfect.
I loved the guys’ attitude here, their office This really is homely. Dunno maybe it’s not like that IRL,
and when I leave you’ll start a dictatorship like, clean up or no paycheck.
But it does look like you’re all friends. Thanks a lot to Yura
for hospitality and for helping me again with my PC. I shall recommend MAN-MADE
as both professionals and you can even see now
that you can trust them with a scale of a business. Such a huge project.
And it was really awesome. We’ll see how this computer lives. How it works. I will keep you posted anyway. If you have any questions,
make sure you leave your comments to me and ask Yura about this PC
and others. Ah, just subscribe to them. You know the drill. Subscribe to me too,
if you still haven’t. And… Bye everyone.
Live LOUD. OMFG! What the f*ck was that?
These waffle markings screw you up. I can’t get where I should go!
I took a wrong turn, and now I’m stuck. How do I quit this f*cking bus lane?
I’ve driven like 50k worth of fines here! Traffic camera ahead for 60 km/h (~40 mph)
– Oh f*ck you! In 800 meters,
take the left side of the road. Sup guys? Attention! Traffic camera in 400 m.
Speed limit – 50 km/h (30 mph). 50 km/h!!! It’s too late
to brake for me! Are you kidding me?
50? What am I supposed to walk? [SOON] It’s like, you know… It’s like you’re looking
right into the ass of Gucciman.

100 thoughts on “Как собрать ИДЕАЛЬНЫЙ ПК. Поездка в Москву к MAN-MADE. Жесть от Тима Кука.”

  1. Д. Энергетик

    то чувство, когда твоему ноутбуку 10 лет, он слегка напрягаясь тянет ворд, эксель и ютюбчик и больше нахничегоненадо

  2. Илья Бабиков

    Сука, смотришь видео в котором говорят о 64, 128 Гб оперативы. И вспомнил как радовался когда в 2012 купил комп с 4гб, играл в гта 5 потом. ( Уже лет 5 не пользуюсь ПК)

  3. Походу я постарел половину материала как будто на другом языке слушал!!))))

  4. Максим Бондаренко

    Давай Саня ! Ждём-с суммы бюджета пополнения казны )) но лучше пусть не дождемся потому что камеры сойдут с ума и ничего тебе не пришлют !!!

  5. идеальный пк не бывает в природе. все гомнище! Терминами громкими уши греете. один хрен через пол года это же самое в разы обесценится. пустая трата денег.Кстати клиентская фраза- дайте мне самое крутое-это джек пот для продавца. Теперь он знает что перед ним лошара с большим баблом и так как продавец живет с процентов он фтюхает максимально не нужное клиенту и не нужные услуги и всяческие гарантии Железо уже не то по качеству, Радеон конченые чипы, мало того радеон прикупило АМД у которой чипы еще хуже и теперь от этого сурогата ничего хорошего. Перегрев колосальный, тепло от кристала не успевает отводится в результате отвал кристала от подложки. Интел так же скурвился, все ближе к уроню радеона, процы по качеству интел брак откровеный гонят. Вы снимите ролик как это все дохнет и как вы не можете реанимировать, и говорите клиенту .. только замена за бабло. Найдите себе Мужскую работу, и живите честно! , так как компьютерный бизнес изначально построен на обмане


    Саша у тебя талант рассказывать про разные темы, если бы ты захотел занимался вышиванием крестиком, я уверен твой канал был таким же популярным как и сейчас. С каждым видео вдохновляешься маленькими мелочами которые хочется применить в работе) Надеюсь когда-нибудь мы увидимся) хотел бы фотку с тобой

  7. Всем пока живите громко.Это чё ЗА ХУ….Я Саня вернись. с запоя.Это Чё за канал

    LOUD SOUND. ну НА .Адин х.. й палец вы знаете куда.

  8. Вадим Коротенков

    Отличное видео! Приятно посмотреть на профессионалов своего дела! Компу – долгой жизни!)

  9. Колобок Колобок

    Первый комп майнингом вшатал и теперь второй решил прикупить))

  10. Никто Неизвестный

    да… валить 200+ мимо поста где 50))) они там свистки не проглотили?? на посту?

  11. Рома Мизгирев

    Сань ,не обижайся но нахер это заливать на основной канал?(лайв для чего тогда?)

  12. Пиздец, компьютерный клуб моей мечты из моего детства. Хотя хардкорные клубы конца 90-ых, начала 00-ых были по своему хороши и останутся в памяти навсегда. Сейчас видя такую красоту, не совсем понятно, как владелец собрался не то, чтобы заработать на нём, а хотя бы его окупать. В те годы понятно, компы стоили космических денег, у 99% населения не было денег на их покупку и все ходили в клубы. Сейчас компы есть у всех дома и целевая аудитория из школоты предпочтёт сидеть и материться на кого-либо дома. Ведь в клубе можно и опиздюлиться. Реализация клуба конечно на твёрдую пятёрку, но с большим опозданием. Тем не менее, успехов владельцу. Хорошо, что есть ещё люди, энтузиасты, готовые идти на огромный риск и делать такую красоту.

  13. Ну что за фейл с памятью? В такую сборку G.skill на B-die, какие хайперы?!🥴

  14. Недвижимость в Люберцах Люберецком районе

    Я что-то не понял, там же 8 плашек оперы, если 64:8=8. Тебе оперы поставили по 8 гигов. Зачем? Интересно было поставить по 16, тогда 4 осталось под апгрейд.

  15. Саня блок замени лучше пока не пыхнул, Be quote dark pro советую, очень проверенная серия, вышак, и люто тихий

  16. Вестник Пазнева

    Это норма, если после просмотра я не хочу новый ПК, а хочу Басика? ))

  17. еще бы ценник озвучил на этот ПК, или там такая сумма, что её запикивать надо?😀

  18. Антон Акшенцев

    Бля дай бог чтобы твой бп не спалил твой комп. Корпус за 25к, бп за 6? Почему не сисоник, супер флауер???

  19. Клуб не понравился от слова совсем! Всё темно, граффити вообще не по теме. А вот мастерская MAN-MADE есть что то интересное, но тоже не фонтан.

  20. Фууу, кошмар, Саша скатился до невозможного, сплошная реклама, дизлайк отписка…
    Если что это сарказм😂 обожаю loud sound, надеюсь в ближайшем будущем получится в Ростов приехать, обязательно заеду)

  21. белые-серые трубки, как канашка) и да SLI можно с доп софтом активировать

  22. Хабаровчанин

    Немного ошиблись, корпус был Corsair 780t а не 760,видео и комп очень крутое,тоже как и Александр,разочарован связке SLI,все новые игры обходили меня стороной,2080ti лучшее решение,только Asus не самый быстрый,я взял себе MSI 2080ti lightning , и асус не самые быстрые а одна из быстрых,есть евга и прочее,Asus много на рекламу тратит

  23. Так вот где производится забор! А все думал где же его производят. https://youtu.be/W0sKxLrXVe8?t=1063

  24. Все эти студии по сборке пк как правило неочем!Лучшая сборка это своя сборка!

  25. Максим Чистяков

    Все обалденно 👍 но непонятно про что вы говорите) лишь бы метель не вызвали своими шифровками))

  26. Егор Филимонов

    Тот момент, когда смотришь видос на ноуте 4 ядра, 4 гига, core i5 2.8, geforce 420 1gb…

  27. Респект у меня такая Материнская плата ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) )))) Только вот Саша ты собираешь прям жир топ, даж не знаю пол ляма за комп стоит ли того ???

  28. Алексей Нестеров

    Саша добрый день, в Казани я так понимаю нет больше магазина. А где ближайший?

  29. Мужик конечно веселый но так гонять это риск. Вспомни Пола Уокера и не гоняй так

  30. от создателей кухни сериалы

    можете добавить на сайте что бы можно было собрать аудиосистему или сабвуферы. что было бы от и до . для тех кто не шарит . я думаю так больше буду заказывать

  31. Николай Галкин

    Смотрю и понимаю что нихуя не понимаю. Какие-то знакомые слова проскакивают.

  32. Александр, доброго времени суток. Не знаю читаете вы или нет. Я бы хотел задать такой вопрос: Что вы думаете о недавно по моему вышедшей магнитоле, Kenwood KDC X5200BT ? Не могли бы вы снять обзор и дать свой коменнтарий. Стоит ли она своих денег, что оно представляет из себя среди магнитол типа 92 Альпа или других процессорных магнитол.
    Вы на мой взгляд единственный грамотно и понятно объясняющий человек в этой сфере. Спасибо заранее!)

  33. Руслан Филимонов

    Интересно было бы услышать окончательную сумму на железо и сборку

  34. Единственный вопрос к парням эт почему БП кулермастер а не сеасоник ?

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