❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Outcast: Second Contact

❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Outcast: Second Contact

Hello and welcome to Low Budget Gaming
and welcome to a free game today’s free game is Outcast Second Contact this
is free directly from Humble this is however not a steam key this is a DRM
free version and this is available directly from Humble so all you need to
do is login to your humble account click on get the game and the game will be
added to your library and then you have to go into your humble account into the
library and download it directly from there so at least with this one we
should not run out of keys because Humble is giving this directly also this
is a fairly new game this came out last year this is a remake of an old game
from 1999 and this is considered one of the first open-world games I’m quite
excited for this one because I really wanted this one and so far the cheapest
this has gone is about ₹700 $11 or something so it is actually
quite a expensive game let’s say so yeah check it out
definitely worth getting it’s free for the next two days until the 24th so yeah
make sure to get it and the download site is 5.9 GB I’m downloading it right
now I’ll just have a look install it and see how it goes but yeah I’m really
happy about this very interesting game and yeah definitely grab it as soon as
you can thank you for watching see you in the next one

29 thoughts on “❌ (ENDED) FREE Game – Outcast: Second Contact”

  1. Once again you never miss on free game… Thanks for giving us so many free games 😀 Hats-off to your hardwork for uploading so many videos daily and today ..

  2. thanks bro for your videos , can i have any epensive game on steam this is my steam id aliread24609 any game an fps esport any one can help me

  3. thanks again, I can comment this every single time you post a video , cause you do a lot of hard work and you deserve more subscribers!

  4. Damn I was kinda off youtube for a little bit and I kept watching your vids and now I just noticed you have 8.2K SUBSCRIBERS! I discovered your channel like a year ago and you had something like 1.5K! Congrats you are doing a really good job with your channel, it's growing slowly but surely! Keep it up ! Good video as always and thanks for all these free games and good content.

  5. i have already bought like around 20 games and still have dishonored collection, Tokyo Xanadu ex + and DLCs, Far Cry 3 Deluxe, Metro Redux Bundle in my cart which I can't afford atm

  6. The redemption deadline is November 29th, 2018 at 10:00 AM Pacific. You have 5 days left!

    Immediately after 10AM Pacific on November 29th, the download will magically vanish as if it were just a figment of your imagination, leaving this cryptic message behind in its wake.


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