🔉10 Weirdest Phobias Your Might Have 😅 Fun Quiz With Answers

🔉10 Weirdest Phobias Your Might Have 😅 Fun Quiz With Answers

Hey, wassup? My roommate just jumped out of
the bathroom like a frightened cat. Guess what? He saw a spider. Yeah, he’s a total
arachnophobe! It’s a common problem, actually. But do you wanna know about even more bizzare
and even unbelievable phobias? Like peanut butter, or Vin Diesel phobia, or something
that can make you be scared of your brand-new Iphone 11Pro. If so, check out this short
quiz and find out if you or your friends have any of these rare phobias! Let’s go! False! Sounds right, but, you know how these
long words can be deceiving! Hypnophobia is basically the fear of sleep. I would say the
scariest part of it is going to bed. A person with sleep disorders may feel anxiety even
when they think about sleeping! Imagine someone sweating and crying each time he has to go
to bed…His heart-racing and his stomach doubling up…Anything worse than that? In fact, this means the fear of… cheese.
Yup, you heard me right! There’re lots of people who can’t be anywhere near even a
small piece of cheese. They can’t even enjoy a slice of pizza or some lasagna…or a piece
of cheesecake. Poor fellas! Btw, I can’t smell that blue cheese without a bit of, well
you know…coming up my throat… Am I turophobic too? This is true and it’s got to be one of the
saddest things ever! I mean can you even imagine what these people feel? These guys with philophobia
avoid becoming emotionally connected with people because it makes him or her completely
terrified. It’s easy to explain. What they’re really afraid of is being hurt or betrayed.
They don’t want to lose their independence and become vulnerable. But isn’t that worth
all those emotions love can give you? Sounds like a joke… but it’s true. I mean
it’s cool to be scared watching a zombie movie when you’re home alone (with a little
thunderstorm outside the window…). But these people freak out because of zombie cosplay
and makeup, weird stiff walks and all this kind of stuff. You may wonder where this weird
word came from. It comes from the Greek “Kine” which means “to move”, and the Latin “mort”
which means dead…you know, like mortuary? Combined together, it means… the “Walking
dead”! Think about it the next time you bingewatch this iconic show True! Another common phobia, right? I don’t
know about you, guys, but I DO feel really uncomfortable when I unintentionally leave
my phone at home. I mean…I can’t pay, or text my friends, or tell the time at least.
And imagine what my mom would do if I didn’t answer her call for like about 4 hours, apocalypse! True and soooo weird! They can’t even look
at bald people. So, if you have this one, then bye-bye Fast & Furious, Varys, X-men,
all because of…you-know-what. Actually, these poor guys aren’t only afraid of seeing
bald people, but of becoming bald themselves. Well, I can understand that! Mmm, technically it’s the phobia of small,
closely-packed holes. Are you surprised by the fact it DOES have something to do with
Iphones? Specifically the 11 Pro. So what’s there to freak out about, except the price
tag? It’s all about the way the three camera holes look. If a person’s trypophobic, those
ominously gleaming dark holes can cause anxiety and even panic attacks! Phew, at least it
can save them some money! That’s true! How does it work? Is it like
‘What’s that? A fancily arranged table? Oh no, I’m off!’ Actually, this phobia
isn’t about eating but dinner conversations. Like, you think people would blame or criticize
you for something. Whoever suffers from deipnophobia feels trapped when he has to talk to people
mealtime. This person tends to eat and spend time most of their time alone. Not a good
thing at all! False! It’s actually the phobia of peanut
butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. You might be like ‘come on, what kind of
weirdo would be afraid of that smooth creamy peanut butter, mmm?’ In fact, this phobia
can probably come from a fear of choking or a peanut allergy. Like if a person had one
traumatic choking experience, he or she may avoid eating peanut butter at all. You know, just to be safe Wrong! This is about a fear I personally feel quite often. Probably not only me? Kakorrhaphiophobia All of us feel pressure from our
parents, teachers, friends, bosses whatever. Some people just can’t even start doing
anything at all. It makes them panic, just thinking of failing. Ew, that’s aweful! Wanna know my little secret? Parrots freak
me right out! Just hate those nasty little demons, uh… So, which phobia do you have? comments

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  1. I have peladophobia xd idk why it just rlly scares me bc for some reason when im near them i think they have some kind of disease and that ill get it

  2. I've got hypnophobia, philophobia, kinemortophobia, nomophobia and kakorraphiophobia. I'm afraid of raising hand at the lesson, even when I know answer, because I'm afraid that someone will laugh about my answer. … How many phobias I have!!!😔

  3. I have hemophobia and musophobia. It's so hard if you have phobia. It's too hard to help a friend or family if they are wounded if u have this kind of phobia. 😕😕😕😕

  4. me:hey do you love music?
    my friend with peladophobia:
    me:the search seth everman
    my friend with peladophobia: "searchs" wtf ajjanajak

  5. I have a phobia.When I am about to watch 7 sec riddles videos,I'm scared if the videos would be made of weird cat voice….That's my phobia.Thanks.😉

  6. Roblox's Insane Gamer

    I got all of these right because I watch be AMAZED alot so I am very smart at your riddles thank you for the change.

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