10 Games in 5 Minutes Challenge – 500 Subscribers Special! Feat. Dali Popka | Nefarious Wes

10 Games in 5 Minutes Challenge – 500 Subscribers Special! Feat. Dali Popka | Nefarious Wes

Hey, what’s up? Wes here. Thanks a lot for tuning in. Now it seems like just yesterday I was making
a video to celebrate fifty subscribers and now here I am doing one for 500 subscribers. Thanks to everyone that has watched my videos
and has stuck by me to check out more of my nonsense. I really appreciate it, I’m really grateful. Now I’ve met a ton of great YouTubers and
other great people within the gaming community on this incredible run and it’s been pretty
freakin’ awesome! Now to celebrate this milestone I’m gonna
do something a little bit out of the box for me. And if you’ve seen my videos, then you know
that they tend to run a little bit long. So I’m gonna challenge myself—I’m gonna
challenge myself to cover ten games in five minutes. That’s right, you heard me. Ten games in five minutes. Now to help me time this challenge I’ve
actually enlisted the help of another good YouTuber friend, the Dali Popka to give me
a hand here. And if you haven’t checked out his stuff
yet, I highly recommend it. I’ll actually leave a link to his channel
in the description below. All right, I’m ready to go. So without further adieu, ladies and gentleman,
I bring you Mr. Dali Popka. Oh, hey Wes. Congrats on 500 subs. Yeah, I’m happy to help you out with your
little project. But you are gonna tell Pepsi to keep Crystal
Pepsi around full-time after this, right? Yeah, I’m gonna get right on that. On your mark, get set… Bad News Bears hit theaters back in 1976 and
it wasn’t until fourteen years later that the long-awaited video game adaptation arrived
to our living rooms in the form of Bad News Baseball. The game plays a lot like Atari’s RBI Baseball
but with the ability to jump and dive for balls which excludes the Major League Baseball
license. The game was developed by Tecmo, so naturally
includes any excuse for patented cut-scenes and voices. One of the more fun baseball games for the
NES–umpires are rabbits and if you get tired of playing as pimply-faced pre-pubescent boys,
you can also play as… pre-teen girls. Um yeah, we’ll leave it at that— Men in grass skirts! Whew, that’ll get those impure thoughts
out of your head! New Adventure Island came out for the TurboGrafx
in 1992, shortly after its Super Nintendo incarnation, and resembles the original more
than either of its two previous sequels. Master Higgins returns once again in a true
spiritual-successor of Adventure Island, with similar challenging gameplay, new bosses and
a fantastic soundtrack. If you enjoy the first Adventure Island like
I do, and miss the old-school style that was abandoned in favor of its sequels, then this
game is for you! Difficult, fun and addicting, New Adventure
Island is a MUST PLAY for fans of the series. Do you enjoy reboots of classic arcade games
that add absolutely nothing to the franchise other than a black eye and leaves a rotten
taste in your mouth? Then Q*bert Rebooted is just the game for
you. Cheap-looking graphics, a forgettable soundtrack
and controls that you’d mutilate your family over??? Mmm mmm, sounds like a winner! With lackluster play-modes and poor replay
value, Q*bert once again lays an egg in terms of a sequel, and the most redeemable feature
in the game is the ability to play the original. Oh, Q*bert–when will they ever get you right? Space Harrier II was released by Sega as a
Genesis launch title back in ’89 and is a sequel to the arcade original. As the Space Harrier, you fly through twelve
daunting stages of this challenging rail shooter, taking on hordes of alien baddies and bosses
over a checkerboard landscape. The fast-paced nature of the game keeps you
on your reflexes, shooting and avoiding anything that moves towards you and is uncannily similar
to and reminds me of The 3-D Battles of World Runner. Before Square was blessing the video game
market with the likes of Final Fantasy, Square brought us—this. But 3D World Runner is actually quite an advanced
game for its time and place back in 1987. It’s a rail-shooter/platformer hybrid, combining
jumping along with power-ups to collect in a futuristic, space adventure, borrowing elements
from the aforementioned Space harrier, and even Super Mario Bros, only you want to avoid
mushrooms here. The first two stages aren’t too difficult
before the games just opens up to unrelenting brutality! But really, this game isn’t too bad. The soundtrack was even composed by Nobuo
Uematsu. But the biggest draw could very well be the
3D option. Yeah, 3D in ’87, bitches! A gimmick often employed by Square, such as
Rad Racer! A simple racing game developed by Square also
in ’87, Rad racer was published by Nintendo and boasted some of the last “black box”
art for the system. Rad Racer offered bare-bones, simplistic racing
with the choice of two cars, spanning an assortment of tracks in which to compete. While thirty years ago the game offered some
hours of non-stop racing fun, by today’s standards, Rad Racer is painfully subpar,
and provides less driving action than Princess Di’s paparazzi car-chase. SNK was known for dabbing in the “Military
Action” genre, and Prisoners of War was no exception. Released in arcades at the height of beat-em-up
popularity in 1988, POW offers challenging two-player simultaneous play. A more familiar and superior NES port was
also released, but the arcade version was one of SNK’s first games to climb out of
the mediocrity hole; displaying hard-hitting sound effects complimented with exceptional
visuals, building a foundation for future franchises such as the Metal Slug series. While POW definitely is not the best beat-em-up
out there, its solid, that’s for sure, and showed at the time that SNK was a force to
be reckoned with. Also released to arcades in 1988, NARC was
designed by Eugene Jarvis, the same mad-man behind arcade hits such as Robotron 2084 and
Smash TV. The war on drugs was “full on” in the
late ‘80s, so it was only fitting that a video game would be created to capture the
very essence of one of America’s most successful fights to date. “I’ll blast this junkie to smithereenies
to save his life!” “Whoa, 420, bro.” More like 187, bitch! “Wanna fuck that hole in your arm with a
needle? Try this instead!” Of course arresting these unlawful curs produces
more points, but what’s the fun in that? Lookin’ for some good ‘ol fashioned rootin’,
tootin’ and lots of shootin’? Well look no further than Mad Dog II, The
Quest for Curly’s Gold—er, I mean The Lost Gold. Silly me. It’s the sequel to the very first live-action
laserdisc video game, Mad Dog McCree. It’s up to your gunslinging skills to stop
a gang of ruthless varmints, and on the way you’ll employ the likes of helpful allies
to stop this group of gun-toting low-lives. It’s basically Hogan’s Alley for hicks. Yee haw! And the game boasts of some real top-tier
acting talent, I’ll tell you what, and lookers— ooh la la. And of course what would be a good western
game without some good ‘ol fashioned racism? Ah, remember the “shoot first, ask questions
later” mantra of police forces throughout the ‘90s? Well, Konami made an arcade rail-shooter game
of it, and here we’re gonna take a look at the watered-down SNES version. The home versions included a huge, phallic-replacement
of a gun called, The Enforcer, which naturally no longer works on HD TVs. Thankfully, the D-pad can also be utilized
in gunning down street punks, Chinamen and pale-faced airplane hijackers. The game is a lot of fun at first, but starts
to get monotonous fairly quickly. Lethal Enforcers has all of the sound effects
and music that we’ve come to adore from Konami, and even has the voice of the Blades
of Steel guy! And conforming to an early ‘90s trend, digitized
graphics were used to give Lethal Enforcers a more realistic quality to it. They should’ve just called the game: LA
’92. You went over, man. Dammit! Well, I think I still did pretty good, but
I’m gonna give it another shot sometime here in the future. Anyway, thanks a lot to the Dali Popka for
helping me out with this project and for providing his comedic genius. Thanks a lot, man! I really appreciate it. And thanks to everyone who’s watched this
video—and thanks to everyone who has shared my videos in the past, retweeted them, etc. I really do appreciate it. In fact, I have a list of people to thank,
too many to name off right now. I’m just gonna run a list at the end of
the video, so stick around for that. And I also want to thank YOU for watching
this video. Hope you come back to check out some more
of my stuff. I got all kinds of crazy shit planned out,
so look forward to that. Stay tuned! Until next time, I’ll catch you all later!

21 thoughts on “10 Games in 5 Minutes Challenge – 500 Subscribers Special! Feat. Dali Popka | Nefarious Wes”

  1. Congrats on the 500 subs! 🙂

    10 games in even 6 and a half minutes is quite the impressive feat! I miss going to arcades and playing those on rail shooters like Area 51. So much dang fun!

    And thanks for the special thanks 😀

  2. Congrats on the well deserved rank of 500 subs, dude! This was certainly an all over the place list, but it was very fun overall. Who did the voice for the southern guy on 9? Was that you?!

  3. Haha I knew you couldn't do it! Granted, I doubt I could either. Interesting and eclectic mix of games you chose. A few I've never even heard of.

    What was that NES, Space Harrier looking game called again? That looks interesting…

  4. I got the Konami Enforcers set for my Genesis. Enemies on the fringes of the screen sometimes are impossible to target though. Not sure if it's my TV or what. I commend you for trying to do 10 games in 5 minutes. And I don't blame you for going over 🙂 Super cool to see Popka here with you in a video! Just needed more Popka!

  5. Bad New Bassball? think i reviewed it better and i just reviewed the box art! you cant simply play as girls in that brah.. for realz though GG on the sammiches. heres too more! and gg on this video,,10 games in 5 id prob fail too. might be fun to try though.. or maybe 50 game in 5 mins..

  6. I remember playing so much 3D world runner I about lost my mind. Congrats on the subs. Glad I found your channel and vids, can't get enough of them. Keep it up!!

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