10 Secrets Revealed by “Pokemon of the Year”

10 Secrets Revealed by “Pokemon of the Year”

– Greetings Pokefans! Michael here, and
recently on Pokemon Day, we got the results of the
Pokemon of the Year poll. In case you missed
what that was, in the first half of
February for about a week, there was a poll run on Google where people could vote for the Pokemon of the Year. One Google account
could vote once each day for one Pokemon from
each generation. So a total of a
maximum of eight votes per google account,
once each day for the duration of the poll. Side note, Meltan and
Melmetal were lumped in with generation eight. It said Galar/unknown origin, and Meltan and Melmetal
apparently count
as unknown origin. But now we have the
results for this voting, and the top 10 Pokemon in order
from 10 to one are Gengar, Gardevoir, Rayquaza, Garchomp, Sylveon, Umbreon,
Charizard, Mimikyu, Lucario, and Greninja. These 10 are the most
popular Pokemon worldwide, according to this vote. But we were given
more information than just the top 10 finishers. If you go to Pokemon’s website, you’ll find that they
gave us the top 30 overall and the top 30 from each region, along with the exact amount
of votes each Pokemon got. While we don’t have any
information past the top 30 for each region, it’s still a ton of really
valuable information that can help us really
get an accurate idea of which Pokemon
are most beloved by the fandom as a whole. I decided to analyze all of
this data and information to find 10 insights
about Pokemon that the Pokemon of the
Year poll taught us. I did this by
creating a spreadsheet of all of the information with red indicating
a starter Pokemon, green for a fully-evolved
Pseudo-legendary, blue for Legendary Pokemon, with darker blue indicating
Mythical Pokemon. So don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel, and let’s get started
with the first insight. Number one, what is the best
starter evolutionary line? Side note, I should
mention right upfront that I’m going to use the terms best and worst interchangeably
with most popular and least popular. Best and worst are
just easier to say. Now we know that Greninja is not only the most
popular starter, but it’s the most
popular Pokemon. However, Froakie
is all the way down as the 30th most
popular Kalos Pokemon, and Frogadier didn’t
break the top 30. Noticing that got me curious. Which starter evolutionary
line is the most popular consistently for
all three members? And there’s actually
only three candidates, the Cyndaquil line,
the Treecko line, and the Fennekin line. These are the only
starter evolutionary lines where all three members made
it into their region’s top 30. First, the Cyndaquil line. Typhlosion got fourth in
Johto with about 35,000 votes, then Cyndaquil got
eighth with about 28,000, and Quilava got
25th with 10,000. For my personal favorite,
the Treecko line, Sceptile got fourth in Hoenn
with about 38,000 votes and is the only member
of these three lines that made it into
the top 30 overall. Then Grovyle got 24th
with 10,700 votes, and Treecko got 26th with 9,300. And finally the Fennekin line, which I cannot
believe is so popular. Fennekin got 14th in
Kalos with 13,500 votes, Delphox 17th with about 10,900, and Braixen took 18th with less than 100 votes
fewer than Delphox. Totalling the votes
for all these lines, the Fennekin line
came in last place of these three with
about 35,000 votes, then was the Treecko
line with about 60,000, and then was the Cyndaquil
line with over 73,000 votes. Therefore, the Cyndaquil
evolutionary line is the best starter
evolutionary line as a whole. By the way, I should mention, some people could consider
this ranking method unfair, because the
different generations got very different
amounts of total votes in their top 30. Kanto had over
700,000 total votes, whereas Unova only
had about 530,000. And the different
other generations ranged in between those. However, this doesn’t
really impact things, because if you take
the starters’ votes as a percentage of their
region’s total votes, the ranking is still the same. The Cyndaquil line is still
on top with about 11%, then Treecko in second
with about 8.6%, and then the Fennekin
line with 5.5%. The next insight is the
opposite of the first. That being number two, what is the worst starter
evolutionary line? The easiest way
to figure this out is to see which
evolutionary lines did not have a
single member make it into their region’s top 30. There ended up
being two of them, the Tepig line and
the Chespin line. Tepig, Pignite, Emboar, Chespin, Quilladin and Chesnaught
do not appear once on the entire spreadsheet. This makes them effectively tie for the worst starter
evolutionary line, since as I mentioned,
we don’t have any data past the top 30. So we don’t know their rankings. We just know they’re
the only lines that didn’t have a
single member make it into the top 30. I honestly think
this is kinda weird. Okay, Tepig I get. Emboar sucks, and it
gets a lot of hate. So therefore, that’s
going to spread to the rest of its
evolutionary line. But I was kinda
surprised by Chespin. Yeah, Quilladin is terrible, but I’ve always thought
Chespin was really cute and well-designed, and Chesnaught I’ve
always thought was fine. I guess I’m just surprised that not even Chespin
made it into the top 30. Maybe Greninja’s
resounding success really hurt the Chespin line. Speaking of Greninja, that’s
the focus of our next insight. Number three, the sheer
size of Greninja’s success. We already know that Greninja
is the most popular starter and the most popular
Pokemon of all of them. That has been made very clear. But what you may
not have realized is just how well it did, because it’s kind of absurd. Greninja garnered
over 140,000 votes. That is an enormous amount. It is almost 40,000 more
votes than second place, which was Lucario. Over 22%, so over 1/5
of all the votes cast in to the top 30 Kalos
Pokemon went to Greninja. Greninja got more votes than all of the top 30 Johto
starters got combined. This is also true for
the Sinnoh, Unova,
and Galar starters. I think a big reason for
Greninja’s huge success is its popularity in Japan. If you didn’t know, back in
2016 a similar poll was run where you voted for
your favorte Pokemon, but it was only run in Japan. And Greninja won
that poll as well. I think Greninja’s healthy
popularity here in America combined with its enormous
popularity in Japan is what caused it to get
so many frickin’ votes. But what about the
flip side of Greninja? Since we know Greninja’s the most popular
fully-evolved starter, I want to know the opposite. Number four, the worst
fully-evolved starter. Five of the eight generations had all three
fully-evolved starters make it into their
region’s top 30, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh,
Alola, and Galar. The regions that do not
are missing one each, Meganium from Johto, Emboar from Unova, and Chesnaught from Kalos. Therefore these three are the
worst fully-evolved starters. As I mentioned in number two, we don’t have data
past the top 30, so we can’t know how they rank compared to each other. But since they’re the only three that didn’t make it, these three are effectively
tied for the worst. Now let’s keep up this
alternating pattern of best or worst. So number five, what
is the best generation of starters overall? I had started thinking this, because while Greninja
was incredibly successful, Chesnaught didn’t make
it into the top 30. So is Kalos really the best
generation of starters, just because
Greninja did so well? There’s lots of ways
to calculate this, but I think the
best way to do it is the average. This will reward generations where all of the starters
performed reasonably well over generations where
one did really well and the other ones kinda sucked. First, I’ll do just the
fully-evolved starters. I total up the votes for all of that generation’s
fully-evolved starters, then divide it by three, This way, any
fully-evolved starters that didn’t make
it into the top 30 count as zero. After doing this, Kalos
has the highest average with over 50,000 votes despite Chesnaught not
even being in the top 30. Greninja really did crush this to an extreme scale. Okay so what if we do all
members of an evolutionary line? You total up the votes for
base form, middle form, and final form, then divide it by nine. Therefore still counting ones that didn’t make
the top 30 as zero. Doing this makes
Kanto the highest with an average of about 23,000, where Kalos has fallen to
second place with 20,000. Hoenn and Alola aren’t far
behind with about 19,300 each. Now while this could
be the final answer, Kanto is the best
generation of starters, it doesn’t take into
account the amount of votes each generation got. I covered this
earlier in the video, but it varies wildly. So I think to make
it a bit more fair, we should look at
the percentage, which is a pretty easy
calculation to do. You just take that region’s
average starter votes and divide that by that
region’s total votes. And doing so makes
things interesting. Doing so has made Alola
take first place with 3.23%. Followed by Kanto at 3.19%, then Kalos at 3.18%. A super tight race
for first place. The other generations
aren’t as close. So depending on the method
that you like the most, the region with
the best starters is either Kalos because
Greninja did so well, Kanto because they got
the most total votes, or Alola because they
got the best percentage of their region’s votes. Heck, an argument
could actually be made for Hoenn as well, because they had the most
number of starters make it into their region’s top 30. It was all three base forms, all three fully-evolved
forms, and Grovyle, thus totaling to seven. Every other region
had at most six. I’m sorry this answer
isn’t as cut and dry as a lot of the other ones, but as you can probably tell, this analysis was
the most complicated. All right, enough starter stuff, let’s move on to some
other interesting insights. The first of which
is number six, Mythical Pokemon outshined
Legendary Pokemon, and I should clarify immediately that I consider Mythical
Pokemon to be a subset of Legendary Pokemon, not a wholly different group. There were 21 Mythical
Pokemon involved in this poll. Zarude was not a part of it, because it was not announced
until the poll was released. And of those 21, 17 made it into their region’s top 30. That is over 80%, which is wildly impressive. They did well compared to non-mythical Legendary
Pokemon as well. Across all Legendary Pokemon, there are 84, and
Mythicals make up 21, which is exactly 25%. However, in the top
30 of each region, Mythicals made up 17 of
the 45 total Legendaries, which is over 37%. They just did really well compared to other Legendaries, and honestly, compared to
other groups as a whole. I think this is fascinating, because for me, I
don’t really care about most Mythical Pokemon, because in the games, you never really get
a chance to use them. You get handed it
in a Pokemon Center, toss it in your box and
probably never use it again. But I suppose their
prevalence and prominence in the movies really bumped
up their popularity a lot. On the same topic
of Mythical Pokemon, our next insight
is number seven, what are the worst
Mythical Pokemon? For a group that did so well, we should take a
look at its members that didn’t do too hot. The four Mythical Pokemon
that did not make it into their region’s top
30 and are therefore kind of a four-way tie between the worst Mythical
Pokemon are Phione, Manaphy, Volcanion,
and Magearna, which honestly makes
sense to me as a group. Phione and Manaphy
are the same thing, Magearna is metal Diancie, and Volcanion is
just one ugly dude. The next insight is
another worst of something. That being number eight,
the worst Pseudo-legend. Now overall, the
Pokemon did well. Every single fully-evolved
Pseudo-legend made it into their
region’s top 30. However, there was one that
severely underperformed compared to the others. The exceptional
three were Tyranitar, Garchomp, and Dragapult, each of which got over
55,000 votes each. The next tier down was
the 30-40,000 range, which included
Dragonite, Metagross, Hydreigon and Goodra. Below that was Salamence
with about 25,000, but to be fair it had to
split pseudo-voting points between itself and Metagross. And then there’s Kommo-o with
a bit under 13,000 votes, just slightly over half of the second-to-last
place Salamence. It got 17th in Alola, while
Salamence got 12th in Hoenn, and all the others got
into their region’s top 10. Kommo-o is the least popular
Pseudo-legend Pokemon of all of them. And to me, that makes sense, because it’s ugly. Next is number nine, the top 10 ranking was close. While Greninja, Lucario, Mimikyu, and Charizard blew
everyone out of the water, with fourth place Charizard having about a 27,000
vote difference between it and
fifth place Umbreon, the rest were close. Umbreon and Sylveon were
just over 1000 votes apart, so they easily could
have swapped places. Then there’s seventh
through 10th place, and all four of them were
less than 1700 votes apart. Seventh place
Garchomp got 61,887, while 10th place
Gengar got 60,214. Those two along with
Gardevoir and Rayquaza easily could have
been swapped around, but they were all
firmly in the top 10. The drop from 10th place Gengar to 11th place
Dragapult was 2,241, so that single-place
gap was larger than the three-place gap
from 10th to seventh place. And finally, we’ll end
things on a silly one. Number 10, Pokemon
fans like Halloween. Why do I say that? Well that’s because five of the eight generation’s
most popular Pokemon was a Dark or Ghost type. Umbreon won Johto, Chandelure won Unova, Greninja won Kalos, Mimikyu won Alola, and
Dragapult won Galar. And this applies to the
overall ranking as well. Of the top 30 Pokemon
from every region, 11 of them were
Ghost or Dark type, Greninja, Mimikyu,
Umbreon, Gengar, Dragapult, Tyranitar, Aegislash, Chandelure, Decidueye,
Zoroark and Hydreigon. I love this insight,
because it’s kinda crazy that just two types
made up over a third of the top 30 overall Pokemon. That’s pretty cool. The Pokemon fandom is spoopy. Thank you so much for watching and an extra special
thanks to my patrons over on Patreon, who are helping support
me in a way independent of fluctuating
YouTube ad revenue. If you wanna help support
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all I have for now. So until next time, Pokefans. Gotta catch them all.

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