10 Upcoming Switch Exclusives of 2020 | whatoplay

10 Upcoming Switch Exclusives of 2020 | whatoplay

1. Ninjala
You can almost tell this is a game destined for the Switch. Looking like a mix of recent
IP successes, Splatoon and Arms, Ninjala has that Nintendo charm coursing through its veins.
After creating the hit Puzzle & Dragons, and producing Dissidia Final Fantasy, GungHo’s
recent venture will bring us an array of spunky new characters, all battling for a place in
the high-flying arena. Ninjala basically revolves around bubblegum
beat ups, with your crafted weapons and powers relying on the size of your bubble gum bubble.
It was first announced in 2018, but after the demos and the first explosive round of
fan arts, it did get a bit quiet. But, it made enough of an impression that we’ve
never forgotten it since. With just a delay to give it more of the polish
it deserves, it looks like it’s right back on track for a release sometime this Spring. 2. Sports Story
Sportier counterpart to Rune Factory’s farm life and dungeons, this new IP is all about
sports, except when it isn’t. Developed by Sidebar Games, it’s one of many indie games
that Nintendo will showcase on the Switch and it feels like a much follow up to their
previous hit, Golf Story. Variety forms the central part of Sport Story’s
genetic makeup, as you make a feat of strength and agility out of every aspect of not-so-everyday
life. Suited in a shirt and vest combo, go on many adventures–knightly and otherwise–around
a world that’s filled with a mishmash of balls, fields, courts, and castles. Plus, it’s got that retro flair too, making
any old GameBoy or Golf Story fan, feel right at home in this new, sporty world. It’s set to release Mid 2020. 3. Rune Factory 5
After years of waiting, we’re finally getting a brand new entry to the popular role-playing
game. Straight from the very same Marvelous Entertainment,
this series first premiered with the subtitle A Fantasy Harvest Moon, and that’s exactly
what we got: a simulation game with the same balance of farm life and romance, but with
the added thrill of crafting and action-packed dungeon exploring. With just a teaser for Rune Factory 5, we’re
not exactly sure what we’re gonna get in this new version. Based on previous releases, we’re
most likely gonna get quality of life improvements, new activities, and obviously, a whole new
set of characters to romance. But, while we’re all waiting, at least we’ll
have the special edition of Rune Factory 4 out in stores soon. Rune Factory 5 is set to release sometime
in 2020. 4. Bravely Default II
It doesn’t look like Square Enix can count to three either. Despite what their title
clearly says, this is actually the third entry to the Bravely Default series, following the
release of Bravely Second: End Layer in 2015. This upcoming sequel will be a completely
different game, presenting brand new heroes in a brand new story and a whole new world
too. What will remain the same, though, is the play of light and dark in a world ruled
by crystals. Join their four heroes and take on the quest in search of the four crystals. Returning with the series is REVO who will
bring life to the universe with another one of their awesome soundtracks. Considering
the reviews of Octopath Traveler, we can probably trust Team Asano to do justice to this new
JRPG installment as well. It’s coming out sometime this year. 5. No More Heroes III
Sure, it was fun to roam around from videogame world to videogame world in Travis Strikes
Again, but a fresh main installment for the No More Heroes franchise is bound to be a
lot more exciting for fans of Grasshopper Manufacture founder Suda51’s signature hack
and slash action. After more than ten years of waiting, No More
Heroes can finally count to three and it promises to bigger and bloodier than ever before. With
Suda gathering inspiration from the rise of comic book movies like Avengers, his goal
is to reproduce that massive scale action in his own series. For the third installment, we’ll get to see
how an alien with an unusually quaint origin story uses his newfound adult powers to rule
over the Earth, and his old friend with it. Suda has always been at the cutting edge and
the expectations are definitely high. No release window yet, but it’s set to release in 2020 6. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition
While some people could argue that this is just a simple remaster when it comes to one
of the greatest RPGs on the Nintendo consoles, there’s no such thing as simple. Xenoblade
Chronicles, one of the top games on the 3DS and the Wii, is in itself a big deal. And
now that it’s headed to one of Nintendo’s hottest consoles yet, it’s definitely a big
deal. With its sequel already paving the way on
the Switch, this definitive edition of the expansive RPG experience will make a for a
happy reunion for new and old fans alike. There’s already been a remaster on the 3DS,
but we’ll see it like never before with the Switch’s powerful new hardware. The game will
be reborn with improved graphics that will breath new life to Shulk’s quest around a
lush world. No release window yet but we know it’s coming
sometime in 2020. 7. Metroid Prime 4
When you’ve waited for about a decade for a new title, any franchise fan will take scraps
just to scratch that itch. But luckily for fans of the Metroid series, Nintendo isn’t
about to let them down any time soon. This upcoming title will be the first main entry
to the series since “Other M” in 2010, and with the announcement of Metroid Prime 4 in
2017, the fanbase was buzzing with excitement, hoping for another look at Samus Aran’s galactic
adventures. For a big game, it’s not without its share
of development troubles. We didn’t hear much of it since its announcement, and in 2019,
Nintendo announced that it was basically starting from scratch. That might mean more delays
for the anticipated title, but it’s reassuring that Nintendo is doing its best to deliver
the best possible product. That might possible too with Super Lucky’s Tale and Crysis 3 designers
on-board. No release date yet. 8. Bayonetta 3
The first Bayonetta game might have had its run across the consoles, but this one’s about
to make the non-Switch crowd drool in envy. It’s the witching hour on the hybrid console
once more as the angel-killing femme fatale returns for a third installment. Bayonetta 3’s Switch exclusivity might be
a sore disappointment for some–it’s good news for the companies and their fans. Formed
through the collaboration of SEGA and Nintendo, Platinum Games is sticking by the folks that
made all of this possible. We first heard of it way back in 2017, and
the full trailer in 2018 made everything official. Two years later, there doesn’t seem to be
many updates on the game, and creator Hideki Kamiya is well aware that people are starting
to get worried. But, in recent interviews, he assures all fans that things are going
well for the Platinum Games production. For now, no release date yet. 9. Panzer Dragoon II Zwei
With a world of fantasy, shooting, and dragons, it’s not hard to imagine how Panzer Dragoon
got so successful way back in its SEGA Saturn days. Thanks to Polish publisher Forever Entertainment,
we’re getting back to back releases of the first two titles. The first, which is also slated for Steam
may not be exclusive, but its beautiful trailer shows off what the team is capable of and
what we can expect from the second game soon. The details on Zwei are still pretty scarce
so far. However, it does seem like it’s gunning for a Switch exclusive debut. Just like Panzer Dragoon, Zwei on the Switch
will definitely sport refreshed graphics that will enhance our experience of the already
gorgeous original and that’s enough to keep our eyes peeled for more updates. 10. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
2 For our 2020 list, this might be a bit of
a stretch. However, it’s hard to imagine anyone who isn’t looking forward to this title releasing
as soon as possible. What with the outstanding success of the Switch’s system-selling launch
title, getting an even more expansive experience of what already feels like a perfect RPG is
gonna be a treat. Still in its early development phase, we still
don’t know much about this sequel. But their last teaser trailer was a masterclass in hype-building
with its music and imagery, and shows us we might be returning to the very same Hyrule
to fight a creepy, reanimated Ganon. It does feel like Legend of Zelda’s narratives
is diving into darker territory, and we’re definitely here for it. Hopefully, it comes
with more temples. No release date yet.

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  3. Clarification on Bravely Default 2 since many didn’t understand it:

    Bravely Default 2 is in the same vein as Final Fantasy II. Bravely Second is like a sequel to the first Bravely Default, like how Final Fantasy X-2 is a sequel to Final Fantasy X. That’s how you need to view the series.

  4. Pretty weak besides Bayonetta 3 and Animal Crossing. BOTW2 doesn't even come out in 2020 or maybe not even 2021. So people now buying a Switch for new titles will be disappointed and people wanting to play Nintendo games with a good console will be disappointed as well.

  5. Sloppy video. BOTW 2, Metroid for example, there has been absolutely no indication from nintendo that they're coming out this year. Metroid especially is definitely not coming this year since they literally restarted development with a new studio (retro) just last year.

    What's the point of being a gaming info channel when you cannot even get the obvious right? Ugh

  6. Damn, rune factory 5, this is the perfect time for me to buy switch, thanks for the video, and can you make a video for another platform exclusive soo i can decide which one i have to save for, thank you

  7. Don't understand why Metriod Prime 4 keeps getting on these lists? They literally restarted development late Summer so I'm not sure why people think this game is going to come out this year unless they want a rushed game. Also 'Bay' Bayonetta. I'm never this guy but its better to get corrected here than in public.

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