10-Year-Old Pretends To Be Gunman In ‘School Shooter’ Game With Cousins

10-Year-Old Pretends To Be Gunman In ‘School Shooter’ Game With Cousins

100 thoughts on “10-Year-Old Pretends To Be Gunman In ‘School Shooter’ Game With Cousins”

  1. My brother is literally like this to me oh man. Especially wanting to hurt me- he once stabbed his friend in the hand with a knife. It’s terrifying.

  2. Put him in boxing let someone beat up on him I beat his attitude will change he needs a extracurricular activity all of this bad behavior is happening in the house remove him from the house put him in some sort of program to take his time and energy

  3. What a horrible kid and fat too. He belongs in a facility for the remainder of his life.,maybe even put to death if he doesn’t change after turning 21

  4. I kno a family like this son is also name Kevin, is 26 and is 100s times worse. In and out of jail and it's never his fault… or that's what he says. (Mostly for kid in endangerment and assault)

  5. Kudos to the ad agency for advertising the importance of birth control and contraception subliminally through Doctor Phill 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏

  6. People are too obsessed with treating humans as this sacred species. Humans are just like animals, and sometimes they just aren't right.

    If he can't be helped by professional neurologist then I suggest that…

  7. Sure you are worried. That's why you set your 12 year old to be bullied for the rest of his life. That will definitely help.

  8. This kid appears to me as a pretty likely candidate of suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, why is that not even mentioned as a possibility?
    Not saying that it 100% is but his behaviour and anamnesis def justifies at the very least looking into it as a potential explanation.

  9. First: no mention of this boys father
    Second: he’s obviously trying to get his mothers attention and show her he’s a tough guy because that’s what he thinks he has to do
    Third: she needs to
    Smack him out so he knows whose boss

    I don’t know why some people breed

  10. The kid is just being a kid woah he played a shooting game w his friends YALL ARE GONNA TURN HIM INTO A SCHOOL SHOOTER BC YALL ARE TREATING HIM LIKE ONE

  11. This is how my older brothers used to play, they are completely fine now. (We didn't play school shooter game, we just played our own games.)

  12. Much of this has to do with LAX 'parenting'….

    Ppl 'used to' put TIME & EFFORT in raising kids, as it 'was' a real chore…but now folks kinda just WATCH their kids grow, buy stuff and take them places and just EXPECT everything to 'just' fall into place 'just because'😱

    It's like most pet owners, only want to do a 'little' "training" of their animals but not actually enough WORK but expect better results and are 'frustrated' that ish doesn't just happen with minimal effort.

    The problem is sometimes you get 'somewhat' lucky and animals/people pick up on 'basically' what to do and at least how to act like "most" others but you also open up the opportunity to get wildly different results.

  13. I feel like a lot of this kids problem comes from being aloud to have temper tantrums and nothing being done about them before they turned violent and crazy

  14. I’m confused why are they pretending this kid shouldn’t be institutionalize … he’s gonna harm someone sooner or later.

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