$100 Budget Gaming PC – Plays Fortnite! – June 2018

$100 Budget Gaming PC - Plays Fortnite! - June 2018

49 thoughts on “$100 Budget Gaming PC – Plays Fortnite! – June 2018”

  1. 4:57 just a reminder to y'all that this guy has a $100 PC built with used parts and i'm here with my GTX 960 2GB running CSGO on 40 FPS

  2. I'm kinda of a gamer and computer nerd myself but there's this one thing Im not sure about:
    I had an old GPU from 2010, a GT 335M (yes it's a laptop) I usually get around 28 FPS overclocked to 575Mhz core clock on Black Squad ( a quite not demanding game, on low settings ) then on one lucky day, I got curious because I was getting around 120 fps on low settings. I then change to ultra and I got a stable 35 FPS. My GPU was not hot at all and is running at 99% load @ 585Mhz core. Mystery

  3. Well i bought a "defective" gaming PC for 5 euros at the thrift store with a GTX 750ti i7 2600 and 8gb ripjaws ddr3, only had to put in a HDD that i had lying around and boom a 5 euros gaming PC
    The "defective" part was having no hard drive

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