1,000,000 Subs Pokemon Meme Review

1,000,000 Subs Pokemon Meme Review

(clapping twice) – Pokemon. Meme. Review! ♪ Leave your entries ♪ ♪ in the subreddit Pokefans ♪ ♪ And I’ll watch submissions ♪ ♪ in the next
episode ASPITIPIAY ♪ – Greetings, Pokefans! Michael here, and
welcome to ASPITIPIAY. At some point in the
past I asked you, my ongoing monthly
YouTube series where I react to submissions on
my subreddit, R/MandJTV, linked in the description below. And since most of those
submissions are memes, the alternate name
for this series is Pokemon (clapping
twice) Meme Review. I don’t really have any
other intro stuff to say, so let’s go ahead and
dive into the memes. Here we are on R/MandJTV, and I’m not wearing
my gamer goggles. There we go. Must ensure that I can
see all of the memes in the proper
highest definition. Alright, so we’re gonna sort
by top in the last month. And before we get
started there are a few types of memes
that I hope to see. One, I wanna see a Metronome
Battle Federation memes, that has been so fun. If you are not watching
that on my second channel, make sure you do that. Metronome Draft
League, it’s crazy fun. Second, I want to
see memes about me hitting one
million subscribers. This is the first meme review since I hit a
million subscribers. I’m actually a big deal now,
so must be acknowledged. And three, I don’t have a third. I don’t know why I said
there were three things. So, the top post is Quilapple. Uh, I hate to break it to you
fam, but that is a Typhlosion. Quilava has two flame spots, one on his head,
one on his butt. This is on his neck. That is a Tyflapplesion. (laughs) That sounds like it’s a
Flapple, Typhlosion fusion. Anyways, very fun little
thing, but terrible title. We did it, there we go! Right away, okay, good. The acknowledgement of the one
million subscribers is there, everything is great. Rarest things in Pokemon, the
master ball, shiny Pokemon, shiny gigantamax
Pokemon, mirage island, Pikachu illustrator card,
joining a max raid battle. True, preach. What if starters fully evolved but stayed small and cute? Uh, this art has been around
since the dawn of the internet. Um, it’s been great
then, it’s great now, but I’ve seen it many a time. When your mom finally finishes talking to her
friend at the store. (laughs) Throwback. Congratulations on Jake Paul getting 5 million in six months, Michael getting one
million in 10 years. That kinda hurts a little bit.
(laughs) Like, I mean it’s nice, Obviously it’s intending to
be nice, but it’s like damn. Jake Paul got 5
million in 6 months. It took me 10 years to get one. What have I been doing wrong? (laughs) I know, I haven’t been
doing things wrong. Things are great,
I’m very happy. Leon Logic: Where are you? I f-ed up. How? I went to Hoenn not Hammerlocke. Just tell me you don’t love me. Actually in Hoenn. What the F? Help. (laughs) That’s great. I think I saw that on
twitter a few months ago and thought it was funny. What is happening
with that Swellow? That actually looks kinda sick, it’s like a super laser
blaster attachment, I think. That’s fun. Before we continue, I’d
like to thank our sponsor, Raid Shadow Legends. Everyone: You were
the chosen one. Okay, I think I can say this
now because it’s been a while, and honestly if they don’t ever want to sponsor me
again I’ll live, but in that last promo I
did for Raid Shadow Legends, on the last meme review,
I originally filmed it as, “On the topic of
memes, this video “is sponsored by
Raid Shadow Legends,” and they told me I
couldn’t do that. There was an attempt, okay guys. I tried to acknowledge that it
was a meme and they said no. So, blame them for that. Me: does super effective move. Hop: I diagnose you with smart. (laughs) Okay, that’s kinda funny. That is cool, yeah, I would
use that gloriously in battle. Is that a Gigantamax Primarina? Oh, singing on the mountain. That’s kinda fun, I like that. Castform has shiny for
all forms now, Michael. Yes! Oh, I remember now, okay. Remember earlier I was like,
oh, there’s three things that I wanna see memes about and I brain-farted on the third. The third was the new
shiny Castform forms for the different weather forms. Something they have not had, Castform hasn’t had it for years since it was
introduced, until now. I’m extremely excited about it because I love Castform,
it’s deserved this, and the shinies look great
especially the hail-form one, which is my channel colors,
can I get a hail yeah? I’m still waiting. I’m going to assume you
all did it in unison. The regional variants
of Professor Oak. Kantonian, Alolan, Galarian. Yeah, accurate. Me walking up the
stairs in public. Me walking up the
stairs at home. (laughing) Oh, that’s so true. I do that at, like my current
house doesn’t have stairs, but my previous
one did have stairs and I would still do it
regularly as an adult. You know, if you’re not
using all fours when going up the stairs at home, you’re
doing something wrong. We have you six to one. I like those odds. (laughing) That’s so true. Oh my gosh, great meme. We did it. We time traveled! But to what year? Let me ask that guy over there. Do you like diamond and pearl? Which one, the
original or the remake? We are in heaven. (laughing) Ah, so good. It shouldn’t be long,
they’re the next in line. I’d say within the
next 2 or 3 years. That’s very cute,
hydrate or die, a phrase that I’ve said
for many years, oops. Haven’t said it recently, but it appears someone
else thought of it, which is good because everyone
should hydrate or die. Alright, it’s finally
time to get my fat off the ground and start
doing some exercise for once. (grunting) (sighing) Phew, that was hard work. I need to lay off
those Oran berries. Now it’s time to stand up. (grunting) Yes, I finally did it
after all these years. Nothing can stop me now! Except becoming a road. (laughing) Me: Has no gun. Inteleon: Oh, but I do. Quick the Americans are asleep! Let’s post pictures
about free health care. Why is America bad? Making Snom as different
Disney characters until Michael gets 2
million snubs, snubs. (laughs) I was thinking about
Snom, so I said snubs. (laughing) I know snub is a word, like
a Oscar nomination snub, like for example, but just
in the context of Snom and sub, yes, I need
2 million snubs. I need 2 million Snom
subscribers, get to work. I feel like Kabu is like the
grandpa who can’t take photos, so he uses the same
one for everything. Yeah, that makes sense. What is this? Tom-boyish mermaid. Oh, wow that geo
dude is dead, oh. (laughing) Okay, that’s a great edit. I liked that. I know Coalossal is
a bit of a stretch. We need disguises. Perfect! Yeah, Coalossal is
the biggest stretch, but the other two work well. Insanity is doing the same
thing over and over again and expecting different results (laughing) Oh man, I love
‘Sword and Shield’, but one thing Sword and Shield
suck at is shiny hunting. The one method they
have have is broken, so all they really left with
is Masuda method, which sucks. (laughs) I hatched 1,500 eggs
of various Pokemon primarily Falinks in
Galarian, Darumaka, until finally getting a
shiny from Masuda method. It was in DD, thankfully
it was in Psychic Surge. I was helping bread
in DD for, my brother, Justin’s team for the
Metronome Battle Federation, and I got a shiny
in the process, but it was over
1,500 eggs later. So Masuda method just sucks. Using a Pokemon
because of its stats, using a Pokemon
because it looks sick. True, in a playthrough. In competitive, you will lose. Is time I won’t be
around to guide them. Look after them. That’s why I’m sending
you to do that for me. Yeah, okay. Can I pet it? Aww, so cute. What’s its name? Yes, yes, worship me more. (chuckling) That’s great. A Pokemon faints in
a max raid battle. It’s Martin’s Solrock. (laughs) Yeah! Oh this is, wow, the exact
same meme format twice. Eevee was the most
popular normal type. Miltank was runner up. What! According to what? According to what? This is the results of
Pokemon of the Year. We don’t those results yet at least at the time
of filming this. If we do, I’ve missed something, but to my knowledge the
Pokemon of the Year results aren’t going to be released
until like the 27th, which if you’re watching this
video on the day it came out, that was yesterday, but I’m
filming this on the 26th. So I refuse to trust this. Eternatus as a boss battle, Eternatus when you catch it. (laughing) Yeah. A Squirtle not
interrupting the intro. Bulbasaur, Raichu. (laughing) Yes, yes do it. Yes, then I can
come into the show! Two types of headaches:
migraine, hypertension, stress, when you false swipe a
wild Shiny Pokemon in hail. Oh, no. That reminds me, so I’ve started
playing a bit of Colosseum ’cause I wanna
transfer some Pokemon all the way from Colosseum
to Swords and Shield because that would
be really cool. I might make a video
about doing that, and I’m playing through
it and I’m reminded of just how brutal that game is because it is so difficult
to try and catch a Pokemon at the same time as
it is hurting itself. ‘Cause the only shadow move
in Colosseum is shadow rush, which does one
sixteenth max HP recoil every time it lands and
so that’s like, holy crap. Literally every Pokemon
you’re trying to catch has a recoil move, so you
can’t false swipe them. So that’s, aw man,
it’s a hard game. Snorlax, Pourlax,
Chorelax, Doorlax, Fourlax, what the F happened
to the Floorlax? (chuckling) I saw this in a gym. Huh, I wonder if that’s an
intentional reference to me! I’m going to choose
to decide that it is. What! A shiny Minccino in the
opening scene for… Is that possible,
or is that edited? No one is saying in the
comments that that’s hacked. Wow, if that’s
possible I’d have to do the research to see
if that’s possible. If it is, I didn’t know that. That’s crazy. Oh, well that’s fun. They’re blue shinies. Three of them are buds. Snorunt is not a bud,
but its triangular, therefore, it is just a beak. Me: Sees a cool meme. Also me: Sees that it says
upvote, so Mikey can see. Yeah, preach, that’s
an annoying title. Catching Reshiram in a
masterball ’cause it’s easier, catching Reshiram
in the premierball for the color coordination. Oo. Well, did they edit this
Reshiram to have red eyes? (laughing) Reshiram does not
normally have red eyes. It has red if it’s shiny. Well, I guess when it lights up, when it lights up the
turboblaze it turns red. Okay, yeah, so that’s fair. Not now, I’m busy. Oh, God. What are you even good for? I can walk. That’s true, Furret can walk. Oh, wow. (laughs) That’s great. So many Digletts. A shiny stop sign. (gasps) Catch it immediately. Five year old me when I go
up the stairs two at a time: My middle name is danger. I still do that to this day. I almost always go up
the stairs two at a time. Michael’s intro,
YouTube captions. (laughing) I do caption my videos. I get my videos
professionally captioned, but sometimes it takes a while for the site that I
use to finish them. So at least on the
main channel I try to have captions up when
the video goes live, but sometimes it’s
not always possible. It’s usually at least
within 24 hours of the video being posted I get professional
captions, which are correct. Stop using rock polish and
cosmic powder or draw 25. Martin: Yup. Screw you Martin. I will do a back flip if
Michael knows who this is. That’s from ‘JoJo’s
Bizarre Adventure’. I wanna say the
Pangoro is Jotaro, and I don’t know the
name of the avatar, or whatever it’s
called, is used. I’ve just seen enough memes. (laughs) Oh, you’re approaching me? I can’t beat the ish out
of you if don’t get closer. That kind of, that
scene, I’ve seen that, but I don’t watch ‘JoJo’s
Bizarre Adventure’. I tried to get into it, and
there was too much talking and not enough doing things. Pass each other in the hallway, “My God! “He’s getting even more bored. “He’s doing all this. “What is he thinking? “What is he analyzing?” For 5 more minutes, then
it comes to the other guy, “Hmm, he has no idea
what I’m plotting. “He’s thinking this
and I’m thinking that, “and there’s nothing
he can do to stop me.” (maniacal laughing) For 5 more minutes,
and it’s like, Jesus Christ just do the things. Steel fire electric. Yup, I’ve seen that meme
before, but it’s still true. You, the guy she tells
you not to worry about. Yeah, I have that
image saved in my phone in my reaction memes folder. It’s not really a reaction meme, but it needed to be preserved. How I see Castform, how
haters see Castform, how Australian
people see Castform, how galar people
see Castform, yeah, how Satan, Jesus, how competitive
players see Castform, that looks very accurate, how
people in the UK see Castform, how Mikey sees Castform. Mikey doesn’t have a C,
that’s Mickey, but also true. Snoopdog reveals only
person to out smoke him. (laughing) Oh, that’s brilliant. And welcome to the
newest episode of ask
pizza pie at some. Welcome to ask pizza
pie, everybody. You’re Charizard,
you’re Charizard, you’re Charizard, I’m Charizard. Are there any mother
Charizards I should know about? Yeah, MetalGreymon,
steel Charizard. Person: Points
out Diglett’s nose looks like a mouth
with one tooth, me. (laughing) That’s a well edited meme. That one’s great. When you realize
that Ash’s Pikachu was Gigantamax all the time. I think he meant
all along, yeah. I mean that’s not surprising. Me accidentally downvoting a
post instead of upvoting it. I have made an error. A very easily Fixable
error, like, downvote, switch to upvote, remove
the upvote, there you go. Who agrees? Yup, we can all acknowledge there are some
non-connected lines that don’t make the most sense. My Pokemon using a
move with recoil. I just hit myself in
the face doing that. (laughing) Stormtroopers are
just Eeveelutions, you can’t change my mind. Oh, wow! That’s great, wow. You really can find an
example of all of them. Well, not all of the types,
but a lot, most of them, more than there
are Eeveelutions. When you drew a meme, but
it doesn’t get any upvotes. I just wanted to impress people. Wow, you, wow, someone
drew the frame. Wow, that’s really good. You’ve succeeded in
impressing people, and got some upvotes
it seems as well. All right, here’s the time
traveling thing again. What was MandJTV’s last video? Oh, you mean the
owner of Game Freak? We’re in heaven. (laughing) Hate to break it to you guys, but owning game freak is
not my ultimate career goal. I just want to keep
creating fun content. I don’t need to run a
game developing company. I mean, I would have a
lot of creative control over the Pokemon franchise,
so maybe that is my dream. Do you know more about
me than I know about me? Dear God. The final boss at full health, the final boss
when you unlock him as a playable character. (chuckles) Speaking of Stakataka,
or as I like to call it, (high pitched voice) Stakataka, apparently it gets body press whenever it’s going to be added. People data mined Home and Stakataka’s
gonna get body press. If you don’t know,
body press is a move that uses the
Pokemon’s defense stat instead of there its stat. And Stakataka has 210,
I think, base defense. So, dear God. Gigantamax Cramorant. Wow, that’s great. Kudos to whoever drew that. I love that idea. Do you still eat food in 2020? No, I be photosynthesizing. Heck yeah. (laughs) Photosynthesis, photosynthesis. Marcremie seems very
interested in Marshadow, aw. Wow, the color coordination
on that pair is impressive. Upvote if you think
all of the starters should appear on Pokemon Talk. I mean, yeah, eventually. I’ve got plushies
for several of these. It just takes time. Oh, no! The garbage truck is here. I don’t know if you can hear it, but I can hear it clear as
day when it accelerates. It’s like (imitating truck). (barking like a dog) Oh little penguin,
you though you could be the best ice
type in the Galar? Aight ima head out. 2.1 meters, 1.7 meters. Wait, what? That doesn’t seem to be real. According to the internet
over seven feet tall. That result is fake. I think that’s photoshopped. Peppa Pig is not
actually 7 feet tall. Cute and adorable
boi, emo lizard. ♪ It’s not a phase mom ♪ James Bond Geico lizard, yeah. Every other starter,
Charizard support. Perfectly unbalanced as
all things should be. (chuckling) Oh, true. We out here gaming. Congrats on your shiny
Gigantamax Toxtricity. I got one of those as well. Super block got
one and invited me to the raid and I caught it. It’s not the best. It has technician, which
is not a great ability for Toxtricity,
but I still got it. Da, da. Aw his first word is
going to be daddy. Da, da F happened to the floor? (laughing) When you beat
someone in Pokemon, you’re ugly, you’re disgusting, I’m gonna kill you,
give me 200 dollars. Why is it Dr. Phil? Am I missing some context here? Porycroft. (laughing) That’s pretty good. Oh, got a shiny Luvdisc,
but had no pokeballs. Ugh, rip. Special instructions: send
your cutest delivery boy. It’s Yamper, hello. Leon, wait this
isn’t the restroom. This is Kicks, he’s
got crazy fire legs, and I’d literally
kill and die for him. This is Drizzle. He needs a lot of
emotional support, but he does his best and
I’m proud of him, aw. When was RedBull invented? 1984. Zapdos in 1983. RedBull gives you? Oh. Zapdos didn’t have wings
and then drank RedBull when it was invented
and then got wings. Okay, I have followed
the logic now. For a second I thought
this was saying that this Galarian
Zapdos inspired RedBull, which I was like wait, what? But, okay. When you see your meme under
the meme Michael is reacting, but Michael skipped your meme. Sorry fam, it happens sometimes. 50 subs, 50 Pokemon
talk episodes. That is not Bulbasaur that is
a different Bulbasaur plushy. A million subs, one
million Pokemon Talk. Oh gosh, that’s a great. I love that Photoshop though,
where the shell is the brain Studio switching. Bulbasaur I just
realized something. I don’t fully understand
that last one. (laughing) What a lovely compilation
of lovely faces. Second grade me when
the teacher says she needs a big, strong man
to help her carry the desk. Sonia explaining the
history of Galar, me mashing A to
skip the dialogue. (laughs) You hatch an IV bred Salandit,
it has a good nature, it has its hidden ability, it’s even shiny, it’s male. R-I-P. Me waiting for Pokemon
abilities explained part 5. Oh, wow. What a throwback. You’re gonna keep
waiting, I’m sorry. Those videos were a lot of work, and didn’t do
particularly well so… Oh, goodness. Oh God, people have
too much power. Surprised Chonkichu. There you go, that’s
what we like to see. I’d say my Shinx has good taste. Your Shinx does have good taste. You’re watching the
correct content. Upvoting so Mikey can see, upvoting because you
actually like the meme. Correct, no more upvotes
so Mikey can see posts. They’re dumb and I hate them. Corporate needs you to find the difference
between this picture. They’re the same picture. This jelly doughnut! (laughs). Oh man, I miss
the four kids dub. Oh this is just priceless, so a meme of Jubilee’s tweets. So I’ll read this ’cause
it’s a funny story. Last night Mikey and
I were laying in bed, and I thought he’d
fallen asleep. Suddenly he turns to me says, “Hey you wanna make out?” I’m like, “Okay,” and
I start kissing him. Turns out he’s
talking in his sleep and wakes up to me kissing him
with no idea what’s going on. That is a true story. That actually happened. I like wake up to
Jubilee kissing me, and apparently sleep talk
asked her if she wanted to. (laughing) So shout out to asleep
me, he’s a great wingman. (claps) Jolly good, Opal makes
me do the Fortnite dance and all the trainers shout,
“Jolly good, Whiteboy. “Jolly good!” (laughing) Why is that so funny? Now this is a cool
trainer card for me. I like the squad
on it, good work. Do you think cats
can see Pokemon? Oo, it’s fascinated. Can we be legendaries now? (laughing) Oh, that comic is great. I love fabulous Grookey. No on heals themselves
by wounding another. Giga drain fool, you’re on! Oh cool, Applin
variants, I like that. When you can read a
meme without the text (laughs) Some people would call me, wow, I just misremembered the quote. Oh, no Oh God! It’s, some people describe
me as incredibly talented. I knew it was
incredibly talented. I just blanked on
the first few words. A social experiment. Clearly a successful one. This many upvotes,
and it’s literally just a picture of a Snom. (laughs) All right, I like that one. That one’s pretty good. Don’t be intimidated Squidward. Try to imagine him
in his underwear. Oh no, he’s hot! That’s one of my favorite
scenes in all of SpongeBob, just what a well-written joke. Discount weather trio. Wait, why is
Groudon a Sandslash? Groudon’s like a
lizard, not a shrew. When Castform’s forms
finally get a shiny. ♪ It’s been 3,000 years. ♪ Are either of you good
at interrupting intros and being shocked about
changes in the floor? My time has come. (laughs) Wow, those do look like it. That’s great. Nintendo, Mikey, you go. Yes, can I get a hail yeah. Congrats on 1
million subs, Mikey. What a cool graphic. I appreciate that, thank you. Alright guys, that’s
gonna wrap it up for this episode of
Pokemon Meme Review. It was great one. I am disappointed I did not see any Metronome Battle
Federation memes. Make sure those are
there the next time. Thank you so much for watching, and an extra special
thanks to my patrons over on Patreon who are helping
support me and the channel independent of fluctuating
YouTube add revenue. If you want to help
support me in the same way the link is in the
description below. Also, if you want to check out
some more of my fun Pokemon content, like something
here on this channel or the Metronome
Battle Federation, Draft League for Metronome
Battles, it’s very fun. Go check that out. Yeah, click on those things. All right, that’s
all I have for now. So until next time, Pokefans,
gotta catch them all.

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  1. you know the ultra Necrozoma fight is super hard well first time i played i one shot crit it with foul play houndoom in the first turn it was amazing to see

  2. fun fact the reason remoraid doesnt make sense to evolve into octillery anymore is remoraid was supposed to look like a revolver and octillery was originally a full on tank octopus

  3. I saw that very same shiny stop sign I was in Hawaii and I was at this place that I was snorkeling and I found a few picurchins!

  4. CBlazerc [The Anime Channel]

    11:37 No they didn't in the terrible black and white anime team plasma mind controlled Reshiram

  5. No offense Michael but I have way better luck than you because I got my first shiny doing the msodo (I think that’s how you spell it) and a shiny caterpie on my second egg

  6. Everyone: Hail yeah
    Michael: I assume you did it all in unison
    5 seconds later – Me with my brain dead at 3 am in the morning: hell yeah
    5 minutes later – Me: ohhh it's a pun

  7. Michael: Jake Paul got 5M in 5 months. I got 1 in 10 years. What have I been doing wrong?

    Me: Well, you're not a douchebag bragging about things your subscribers don't have.

    Also congrats on the big milestone: the Castform shinies!

  8. Yep in black and white Professor junifer minccino in the intro and battle tutorial can be shiny in black 2 and white 2 professor junifers chinchino can't be shiny
    ( … Reply me if I spelled something wrong and reply me what I spelled wrong … ) [ If I spelled something wrong it's because it's been a while since I've heard all of the professors names … ]

  9. Jacob Golembiewski

    11:00 yes this is possible. it is the only pokemon shown by the professor to be able to be shiny. some other examples of this happening are wally can find a shiny ralts, and the poocheyena that attacks prof. birch can be shiny as well. In Black 2 and White 2 when prof. Juniper throws out a cinccino it was shiny locked to fix this problem

  10. 11:08 yes… it is possible. Juniper's minccino being shiny is one of the better known uncatchable shiny pokemon. right up there with the uncatchable shiny poochyena in the gen 3 catching tutorial

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