12 Creative and Professional Gimbal Moves To Up Your Video Game

12 Creative and Professional Gimbal Moves To Up Your Video Game

In today’s tip trick juice a video I’ll
go over 12 creative gimbal moves that will make your video production to a
higher level if you like my intro I’m actually giving away a free premium
intro template for off your Effects and Premiere Pro that is very similar to my
intro but just a touch shorter we’ll put a link in the description below so you
can go and check that out it’s entirely for free hey what’s up ladies and
gentlemen my name is ignace aleya and today we’re gonna check out
well if created demo moves we’ll start with the basic ones and end with a
combination of different moves the first move to use is the parallax move here
you can separate your subject from the background you can do this by having a
foreground element passing close to the camera such as walls white post bushes
just things that pass in front of your camera and have something in the
background as a focus element that way you create some kind of parallax effect
because both items actually move at a different speed and create a very
dynamic shot for the next shot this type of movement you can also create a slider
kind of motion effect using the lock function on your gimbal just like this
another basic move is to push in or pull out as you might have guessed by the
name you simply go closer or farther away from your subject you can compare
this type of movement to a dolly shot but if you don’t have a dolly or a
slider a gimbal is a perfect way to replace that kind of movement sometimes
even better because you’re not locked to a kind of track or to a specific kind of
motion and you don’t need to set up your dolly or your slider all the time you
just take your gimbal and do your shot the only thing here is that you really
are careful with the movements of your feet try to keep your body from moving
up and down and you can do this by using a special kind of filmmakers walk I
actually covered this walk in a previous video on the review of this gimbal which
you can check out with link in the description below
before we continue this video I would like to talk about Lane Carter they made
this video possible the gimbal used in this video is the fayette tech a 2000
which actually comes from liang carta line carla is a website for high-end and
professional filmmaking gear they have a bunch to offer so definitely check out
our website with a link in the description below the
next job is similar to the previous move but here you keep the camera close to
the ground and by doing so you can create a very dynamic looking shot of
the ground whizzing past the camera a wide-angle lens is recommended for this
type of shots because it makes it a lot more epic and you have a much bigger
field of view in the next movie reveal your subject by moving up from the
bottom to the top from a person stove’s to his head but you don’t want to tilt
the camera in this move then a next move is a combination of a pushin and a low
angle shock you can start by holding the camera close to the ground and then move
to ward your subject while at the same time tilting your camera up revealing
what’s in front of the camera you can create a very dramatic kind of shot
using this technique another one is while you tilt up the camera and the
ground up movement you tilt down the camera and a Skyfall movement so
basically the opposite movement of the ground up if you don’t have a jib or
crane then fear not you can easily recreate such movements by using your
gimbal and your whole body and even if you have a jib or crane it takes so much
space it takes a lot of time to set up and I just prefer doing it with my gumbo
you simply start by bending through your knees while holding your gimbal low to
the ground and slowly rise yourself up together with the gimbal until you can’t
go any higher it’s also possible to add some parallax effects by including a
foreground element in your shop also a nice way is to actually move a little
bit closer to your subject because a jib actually comes a little bit closer while
it’s tilting up and this really makes it very dynamic and more difficult movement
is the orbit movement here you essentially orbit around your subject
creating a special and dynamic shot it’s very comparable to a drone orbit shot
but on a drone you can actually do it automatically it’s computer oriented so
it will do a perfect half circle but here you have to do it manually you can
combine this shot using a ground up or if toe to head movement starting low to
the ground and then slowly start to rise your camera while also circling around
your subject to orbit your camera with the gimbal you need a couple of tries it
won’t be perfect from the first time it’s really hard to manually blew off a
perfect half circle at a perfect speed but it’s really worth trying out because
you can do a kind of three the movement around its subject the next
move depends on the capabilities of your gimbal you need to be able to control
the roll axis manually for this effect to work you can start by rolling the
camera to one roll direction and then slowly rotate it to the other direction
it’s best combined when you do a push in or pull out movement to add some dynamic
effect to the shot this is really cool to use in music videos or some kind of
dramatic kind of science-fiction movies it’s a really really fun style to work
with because you essentially rotate your canvas while moving closer to your
subject you see this a ton of times nowadays and music videos another basic
move here is simply track your subject either in front back or side it’s
important to maintain a steady level because otherwise you might notice the
up-and-down movement of your gimbal because the gimbal doesn’t actually
stabilize the up-and-down movement so exactly like I mentioned before you need
to work on your walking you don’t always have to move your gimbal yourself by
placing the gimbal on a stabilizer or a tripod you can easily create smooth pan
or tilt shots you can either use a joystick but if your gimbal has one such
as this one you can use their app with my app I can actually change the
movement and create a very interesting shot because if you’re working with a
tripod shot and you manually rotate your tripod either your movement isn’t
perfect because your tripod might not be able to smoothly create pan or tell
shots a lot of tripods actually stutter while you’re actually moving them so
this gimbal allows you to do perfect constant speed rotations and you can
also get a little bit more creative like you start on the bottom low and yet you
rotate to the right and slowly go up it’s a very smooth and very cinematic
shot if done correctly but again it’s very hard to recreate manually so that’s
where this gimbal comes in very handy also if you are a one-man band you can
use this technique you actually follow yourself while you pass through the
camera using your app you can hide the app by your side and do some practice or
even keep it in your pocket it’s really fun way to experiment with camera
movements if you’re all alone and nobody is there to film you you can actually
make the audience feel like you have a second man helping you up all right with
the next movement you can create some really interesting shots you can move
through windows through doors creating a kind of one-shot effect and as you can
see we combined two moves into one page and I know the camera settings weren’t
perfect but it was actually really hard to pull off because it was a very bright
day and the car shot was rather dark so we could have used artificial lights in
the car but as this was just a test for the
capabilities of this gimbal and no professional project we didn’t go
through all the hassle to create this we just wanted to show you the
possibilities of this gimbal and honestly it looks very cool we start
with a tracking shop followed by a pass-through shot through the car window
then there is another pass through followed by another tracking shot you
can see that there are some flaws but this was merely a demonstration of what
is possible so basically how we did this shot we need a three camera man and one
driver so we needed kind of a little crew to do this to pull off this effect
but if you’re very hardcore maybe you could have pulled off this effect with
only two people so first of all you have a cameraman filming the car coming
closer and then coming closer to the car window giving the gimbal to another
cameraman inside of the car hiding in the passenger seat we actually
lowered the seat so you wouldn’t be able to see him he takes over the camera film
Z driver until he stops then the driver opens up the door and the cameraman
actually pulls out the camera through the door and then someone else comes in
in this case it was me who is coming and taking that camera and then followed the
actor until he’s at his door I actually tried to hide behind the camera while I
was doing this shot and then come closer when the car was almost going to stop we
were actually pretty proud of this shot because we didn’t need much practice and
as I mentioned earlier some moves can be combined to create an interesting and
special shot they might require some practice at first but you should be able
to do most of them without too much effort one of my personal favorites is
the ground up orbit where you start close to the ground and slowly go up
while orbiting around your subject and folks you can use some time remapping to
really create a dynamic shot because sometimes a one shot movement takes a
little bit too long and you want your audience’s attention so there you can
just change it up a little bit by using some time remapping I actually have a
tutorial on that if you don’t know how to do that we’ll put a cart on this
video right here I think so too inclusion as you have seen there are a
lot of possibilities for gimbal moves and each of those individual moves can
be combined to create much more complex and dynamic looking shots more
importantly you’re free to choose which moves you want to use and combine the
possibilities are literally endless and above all smooth gimmel shots always
look very cool they give your videos a very professional look because one of
the biggest mistakes from starting cameraman is that they actually have too
much shake in their footage gimbal actually phases entirely on the table
now that you know all these moves try to implement these moves in your videos and
also try to think why you are using these movements because every single
movement actually tells a story more on that in my other video all right so I
hope you enjoyed this video if you did give this video a like also subscribe to
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have a bunch to offer for filmmakers and motion graphics artists and I hope to
see you guys in the next one good bye you

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