15 Upcoming Games for April 2020 (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One) | whatoplay

15 Upcoming Games for April 2020 (PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One) | whatoplay

1. Resident Evil 3 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One CAPCOM knows the remake formula works and
they’re about to bring back their most revered classic to life. This full-blown remake takes
Jill Valentine and her cat and mouse chase with video game’s iconic monster, The Nemesis. Resident Evil 3 serves as a prequel to Resident
Evil 2, taking place hours before Claire and Leon’s journey. It still shares the same
over the shoulder shooter with deep survival-horror elements. Every bullet counts and every encounter
is a risk. In addition to RE’s success, CAPCOM also
included a multiplayer mode called Resident Evil Resistance as a separate mode. Players
will enjoy building their own torture chamber or become the very victims of a madman’s
game. Both are coming this 3rd of April, 2020 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 2. Disaster Report 4 Plus: Summer Memories
on PS4, PC, and Switch There’s not a lot of Disaster games on the
market. Granzella’s action-adventure game focuses on real-life calamities. Disaster Report isn’t your standard videogame,
there are no boss fights to encounter, enemies to defeat or powerful weapons to obtain. It’s
simply a mini-puzzle journey where you, as a player, find ways to help over 60 characters
escape in this earthquake-struck city. In a way, it’s a game that teaches most
players the proper procedures during dangerous earthquakes. Coming this April 7 for the PlayStation
4, PC, and the Switch. 3. Final Fantasy VII: Remake
CAPCOM and Square Enix will take over the month of April. Cloud and his friends are
shedding off their polygonal bodies and are jumping into next-gen visuals in this ambitious
Remake. Like Resident Evil 3 Remake, VII is also rebuilt
from the ground up featuring new features that the original couldn’t even compare.
Focusing more on the action-adventure perspective, players no longer engage in turn-based battles
as the game shifts to real-time combat. Switch between characters on the fly and stop
the greedy Shinra from destroying the planet. It’s only but Part One of VII’s ultimate
adventure, but there are more surprises in store here that we can’t wait to uncover.
Coming this April 10 as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive. 4. Space Engineers
If you’re itching for some tinkering then Keen Software House’s sandbox sci-fi game
is the right kind of tool for the job. Everything in this game is explorable, destructible
and buildable. Like Kerbal Space Program, it’s your sanctuary of technological feats.
Build space stations, planetary outposts, and travel to the vastness of the galaxy using
your basic architectural knowledge. Go solo or grab friends and pick between its Survival
or Creative mode. Its PC version is already out on Steam for
quite some time now, but its Xbox One release is coming this April 11, 2020. 5. Someday You’ll Return on PC, PlayStation
4, and Xbox One This Psychological Horror game from the creators
of J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars will elevate the walking simulator genre with its slew
of unique mechanics. The story involves a father looking for his missing
daughter .
Instead of the usual going from point A to point B by purely walking, players will navigate
around a vast Bohemian forest full of secrets. Interact around its myriad of activities such
as crafting and wall climbing. Although it doesn’t really bring anything new to the
table, the Karmic system adds a variety to the story, creating consequences for the choices
the player makes. It’s set to release this April 14 for the PC, PS4, and X1. 6. Nerved
This first-person psychological horror game from Ator Neba is very much like any other
horror stories out there. You Play as a Paranormal Investigator searching for clues in a large,
eerie forest. If you’re familiar with Slenderman or Outlast,
you’ll know the more you explore its decrepit zones, the world gets increasingly demented
with more eyes staring back at you in every dark corner. Its fragmented story becomes
clear the longer you play the game, just don’t let its chilling audio get to your nerves.
Coming this 15 of April on the PC. 7. Artificer
After crash landing on a mysterious and hostile planet, a team of space explorers tries their
best to survive the alien environment. Sounds familiar? If it reminds you of the hit mobile
game Crashlands, then they’re pretty much the same, except this one from Psilocybe mixes
science and magic into one sandbox adventure. Learn the alien secrets of this unpredictable
planet and unlock the power of the arcane. Use these magical abilities to defend yourself
from the planet’s extraterrestrial threats. It’s a whole new world for you to exploit
and explore. Coming this April 16 for the PC. 8. Hellpoint on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One,
and Switch Enter a derelict spaceship in this action-RPG
from Cradle Games. Take on the role of a Warrior capable of decimating a horde of Lovecraftian
monsters that terrorize the ship. It borrows inspiration from notable action-RPGs like
Darksiders where players can equip powerful weapons with unique properties. Aside from its action-oriented plot, the interconnected
nature of the ship makes room for exploration. Giving players a Metroidvania-like experience
as they look for secrets and face deadly bosses. A local couch co-op is also available if playing
alone seems like a chore. It comes out this 16th of April for the PC, PS4, X1, and Switch. 9. Predator: Hunting Grounds on PC and PlayStation
4 This upcoming game based on the Predator movie
isn’t exactly making the best impressions right now. Especially not with graphics that
seem a little too outdated for the console. On the other hand, it still offers an exciting
double look at being both vulnerable human hunters and the Predator himself. Developer
Ilfonic is already well-known for creating the asymmetrical co-op game, Friday the 13th. Now they’re making use of their expertise
in creating the same experience with the Predator license. It’s time to get hunt or get hunted
as the game comes out this April 24 for the PC and PS4. 10. Trials Of Mana on PC, PlayStation 4, and
Switch Aside from Final Fantasy VII Remake, one of
the major surprises of Square Enix’s presentation was the return of the fan-favorite JRPG. A
fresh new look to the third entry of the Mana series, this remake is made for both old and
new players. Players will be delighted to know that they
will be returning to the magical land filled with darkness, light and a huge mystical tree.
The changes are obvious and players can experience a different kind of Trials of Mana, but with
the same story. It’s coming out this April 24 for the PC, PS4, and Switch. 11. Gears Tactics
The Coalition has finally come up with the idea of transforming their critically-acclaimed
cover-shooter into a Tactics game. Much like the original series, it’s a fast-paced shooter
with added turn-based mechanics. This will take up a lot of your time as you devise strategies
to take down the Locust Horde efficiently. It’s as if XCOM has met its match. Recruit a ragtag group of soldiers and customize
their arsenal for some heavy firepower against your enemies and huge bosses. Microsoft has
taken a huge leap for this franchise, and let’s hope this new title will please Gears
fans, especially with its Triple-A price tag. Coming this 28 of April for the PC. 12. SnowRunner on PC, PS4, and Xbox One
It’s time we let go of the good ol’ countryside and into the frozen tundras in this brand
new truck simulator game from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive. SnowRunner is
all about plowing that rough patch of snow and mud with a variety of machines to choose
from. There are over 15 sandbox maps to explore,
each with their own unique terrains. Overcome its extreme hazards by selecting from a huge
roster of heavy-duty vehicles from manufacturers like Pacific, Navistar, and a whole lot more.
It’s set to release this April 28 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 13. Sakura Wars
The sixth in the mainline entries, Project Sakura Wars plays like a soft reboot for the
franchise. It’s a mix of many different genres rolled into one. Art, action, visual novel,
and dating sim, enjoy Project Sakura’s rich storyline as you woo their cast of characters
designed by Bleach artist Tite Kubo himself. Take a step into a fictionalized Tasho period
and join the Imperial Combat Revue as they fight demons and compete in a tournament of
the world’s combatants. It’s finally coming out this April 28 as a PlayStation 4 Exclusive. 14. Moving Out on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch
From Team17, the publishers of acclaimed casual games like Overcooked and My Time At Portia,
comes another physics-based game that’ll test your stress management as a team. Moving
Out is Overcooked without the cooking. Which means the time-pressure is still there. Step into the shoes of furniture movers and
fulfill your contracts by helping your clients move out in the fastest way possible. But
of course, this game wouldn’t be fun without friends. Local Co-op brings more chaos to
the table with up to four players to team up and scream at each other. It’s coming
out this 28th of April for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Switch. 15. Minecraft Dungeons on PC, PS4, Xbox One,
and Switch Mojang’s voxel-based universe continues
to evolve. This brand new Minecraft title isn’t all about boxes and cubes anymore,
it’s an action-adventure that takes its inspiration from notable dungeon-crawling
RPGs like Diablo and Divinity. Personalize your character and ready yourself
as you dive into a treacherous dungeon filled with monsters you’ve come to expect and
more in a Minecraft game. Gather some buddies online and work together
as you stop the evil Arch-Illager. The base-building feature may be gone, but the endless supply
of Minecraft fun still lives on. It’s coming sometime this April 2020 for the PC, PlayStation
4, X1, and Switch.

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  1. resident evil 3 do końca roku na pewno zagram,disaster report 4 syf , FF7r pocięta gra nie mam ciśnienia, space engineer nie interesuje mnie, hellpoint podobne do darksouls, sakura wars wygląda ciekawie,

  2. Well… Only resident evil 3 remake and ff7 remake are the selling point of april. The rest, normally i would say "wait for sale" but we'll see.


    Done playing Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo and I'm still waiting for Resident Evil 3's Demo 💪

    My Savings 😭 It all vanished 😭

  4. Predator looked sweet, don’t know what the random graphics bash was about considering it looks much better than half these games visually.

  5. I know it ain't coming out this year.. I need somewhere to comment for them to see

    PLEASE make u make the New Batman game, please put the Batman Begins theme in it! that music is a masterpiece. and I can sing along to it! singing it in real life while running down the street is making everyone looking at me crazy

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