24 Hour BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT ELEVATOR CHALLENGE! Working Elevator, Gaming Room & More!

24 Hour BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT ELEVATOR CHALLENGE! Working Elevator, Gaming Room & More!

hi guys we are heading up there it goes
guys Logan’s elevator is going down coming out alright there you go guys the
elevator stop the spoon is not clean enough to be in the billionaire box
board ladies and gentlemen of this company I
have brought you here today to this investors meeting that’s the CEO Papa
Jake to discuss one thing and one thing only flaming hot cheetos no that is that
is not what we are going to be discussing we are discussing box sports
also you told me to come here for lunch I didn’t know this was a meeting you see
our company over the many years has pushed the limits of box for technology
far into the skies some people call me the Bill Gates of pop sports others have
referred to me as Elon Musk of cardboard and I’ve called you here because you
have all invested millions of tape rolls into this company for us to produce
technology that will get us to the stars now when we started out as a small
company we built the world’s first box for floating box sports that was us
ladies and gentlemen today it’s just me what do you mean ladies and gentlemen
yes okay I realized it’s just you and me okay
but I’m the CEO of the company I got to dress like a super cool CEO all right
sorry I got I did not know the cane had that I was not intending on using that
hey Bob sports on water was us box sports and space was us box for clock
club was us buck sport car was us I’m about to introduce to you the next
generation of all sports the next era of this company now will take us farther
then no man has ever gone before ladies and gentlemen and Logan included I
present to you the world’s first box sport elevator that’s all we could come
up I could have done that there is gonna be some explosions and sounds but that’s
okay all right this is us unbox for there’s
clouds this rain we’re sad but with the technology I have invented I look
gravity in the eyes I said no more I said we are gonna go up
above the clouds to where the Sun is that’s me and that’s
lonely ladies and gentlemen the world’s first production of the box sport
elevator starts today this is where you were you clapping what’s going on
everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we
are pushing look what are you doing it white and white walk around in a VR
headset Logan this isn’t VR times everyone oh what’s up guys I was just in
VR land because what we were about to build today is much cooler than what is
inside gr guys today we are gonna be building the world’s first working box
fort elevator but not just that we’re also gonna be incorporating it into a
billionaire box for now you’re probably thinking Papa Jake you’re talking crazy
you’re going mad you’re going insane there’s no such thing as elevators and I
don’t really understand the concept of this elevator Jake oh yeah what’s this you just did a squat and I might have
been a squat but Logan you can’t explain this that’s right we live in up in the
future here in papa Jake’s box fort we well actually we discover these tables
and we found out that they move up and down with the click of a button so what
better use for them than to make our very first box for elevator guys some
cool ideas on how we can do this Logan thought it would be
to do like a billionaire for using them which I agree but the cool thing is guys
oh how can you go you don’t know I’m kind of scary hi oh it’s not this is not
where I want to be right now do not want to be under here when this thing Falls
so I have the idea that we use one of these to actually be an elevator that
goes up and then this one over here would already be set to the second
storey then the cool thing is guys to take the elevator down into a secret
underground bunker maybe like a secret underground gaming room super fired up
for the spell guys we’ve never done anything like this this is gonna be
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but Logan if we are going to be making the world’s first working box what
elevator we need to get our cardboard they’re on the elevators all right now
all we need is some tape and we can start building this thing well Jake has been working on the
elevators this place is starting to look like a real billionaire box for it about
VR goggles we got our xbox we got a little punching bag you know if you want
to get a little workout in all-around super cozy place that will connect into
this elevator shaft we just connected to this elevator and guys check this out
and just like that we have our two elevators connected let’s go check it
out here’s the front entrance of our billionaire box work yo guys check it
out this is the main entrance to the billionaire box for it now as you guys
can see this is currently the kitchen look what I did here got some nice bowls
cutlery lookin what is this what what do you mean Jake it’s a spoon the spoon is
not clean enough to be in the billionaire box for it well we have
everything we need – one spoon but we do have this little fancy light here in the
middle we also got another section over here where you got some of our food as
well as water I sort some food in here so in case we get hungry during the
night you know we could come all the way back in here probably Jake what do you
mean during the night same 24 hours Logan this is a 24 hour billionaire box
40 you never said this was a 24 hour challenge every billionaire box for it’s
a 24 hour challenge because it’s a comfiest places to sleep all right I
guess we’re doing a 24 hour challenge now what we haven’t done yet guys is we
have not actually used the elevators to get to the other section of the fort so
that is completely sealed off now which means not only is it super top secret
but the only way to get to it is through the elevators which means it’s also
super secure if you’re done picking your food if you’re done enjoying your time
in the luxurious entranceway to our box where you know take a look out the
window enjoy some of the water then you go over here to your elevator you simply
the elevators door to the side we come on in we got our lights inside here and
of course like every elevator we got an emergency phone in case we needed yo
call them call emergency hello you have this Logan this phone isn’t plugged in
this is not an emergency phone well for show we have a phone so in case you know
you come in here it looks like it is a working elevator but of course the main
part of the elevator that actually is the most important part it going up and
down does work so as you guys can see we got a nice view of the outside of the
billionaire box for it but I want to go to the awesome secret gaming room so
what we gotta do close the door say goodbye to Logan and
now I’m gonna press our button so we go up to the second floor oh we’re moving
guys it’s kind of hard to see us moving but we are going up so sweet
alright we’re getting to the second floor as you can’t tell how high we are
it’s really weird like when it’s moving you can’t even feel like you’re moving
up until you look out and then you’re like oh we’re a lot higher all right
looks like the elevator has arrived at the second storey oh here we go we
simply slide the elevator door which accesses Logan’s elevator so let’s uh
walk across here it’s a little shaky it’s a little scary but so far so good
okay let’s get it logos elevated Logan the elevators perfectly safe and we’ll
send Logan’s elevator back down so he can get inside and come up here and
there it goes guys Logan’s elevator is going down how cool is that the audience suck it between the two
elevators I don’t think it’s the outside all right like I’m setting the elevator
down here come on in Oh what’s up then welcome to the top
floor dude this is crazy it’s like a three-story box for world
the third storey it’s it’s a little little shaky but you know that’s okay
and now I get to go down the elevator into the secret underground gaming room
which is probably our most secure and most top-secret gaming room we have ever
made well I guess to see you in the little bit Logan as I go down to the
game going down I guess we are pretty much as tall as a three-story box for it
with the luxury of not having to move up or down we just press a button and the
box where it literally takes us up or down of stores and the elevator is
coming back up it’s time for me to head down to the gaming room a little bit
rickety but all right into the other elevator all right and taking us
downstairs to the gaming room Xbox even got a light soon all right Jacob I don’t
think we need a lifesaver for this it’s also extremely top-secret and
secure the only way down here is inside a box for up an elevator into another
elevator and down into the basement what box for a what bill do you think is your
cool suit on this channel guys if you think this base is super awesome let’s
get 20,000 likes or more of these insane crazy billionaire box for it I think we
need to get ourselves some dinner so we can enjoy our 24 hours in here and if
this is billionaire box 4 that means we don’t need to eat MREs no dry eggs for
Jake today okay but this is a billionaire challenge which means we get
the highest quality of foods okay we need to go big we need to go grand I’m
talking bigger than the finest restaurants money can buy I say we get
McDonald’s Jake I can’t really focus with these lights changing all the time
but okay McDonald’s sounds good alright guys we are heading up to the third
storey so that we can go ahead and get ourselves some dinner also guys let us
know if you love these elevators should we use them more often in forts I mean
they are a little slow but it’s pretty cool to be able to go up to the second
story without actually having to use stairs or jump up ourselves but alright
we’re in the second storey here oh I got us our dinner check it out
delivered fresh to the box for it and now we can eat it in the safety of our
secret underground bunker alright let’s dig into our dinner
I am absolutely after a long night of building we got
our dinner we got bored so it’s time in billionaire fashion to enjoy something
that only billionaires enjoy McDonald’s hamburger Jake you’re eating your burger
upside down doesn’t make a buck they just eat the
burger like you’re supposed to eat the burger like this Logan never even
burgers with you again guys I don’t know what Jake was doing but it’s time to eat
my burger like a burger is properly supposed to be eaten we just finished up
our dinner we had some fun playing on the Xbox but I think it’s time to head
to bed we spent a ton of time working on this box for but we got some more fun
stuff to do in the morning and we could fuse the elevators a lot more so I’m a
cozy up here with mr. Sharkey and get some shut-eye
and our amazing billionaire box for a brand new damn box I turned the lights
on to wake up and now the lights are off alright guys well it is officially
morning time and we were able to sleep in our super cozy bunker which is
underground and only accessible through two elevators which i think is really
awesome I got a really good sleep here cuz I knew I was super safe especially
for raccoons know raccoons are getting in here but it is breakfast time which
means it’s time to use our elevators to go back to the main area of this box for
it and have ourselves some nice breakfast so since Logan isn’t awake I
get to go first I am NOT ready to wake up I need more sleep Jake
come on we are now inside the elevator Logan it’s only one person elevator so
I’m going to take it up through the second-story and grab ourselves some
breakfast elevator heading up here we go up to the second story i lo got turn the lights on there we go so we
are all good now to make our way down for breakfast come down so you can get
in the elevator stop it’s okay it’s okay you’re only really
high up and almost touching the ceiling all right I got an idea Logan’s a little
crazy but I know how you can get it in here you’re just gonna have to jump it’s
the only way if your elevator is broken two people can’t be in here at once Jean
we’re gonna have to do with openness so make your elevator stop we are very high
right now on essentially the third storey okay all
right look you get in get out working all right guys so the max capacity
elevators is supposed to be one person Logan is now getting it okay look you
made it into the elevator I’m gonna activate it’s going down hopefully it
doesn’t break well here we going oh it’s a little rocky all right almost there
and what was that I heard something explode I might that might have been the
oh she’s still going no no no underground all stop all right I’m
getting out of here all right all right guys it’s time for our
billionaire breakfast and what do billionaires eat they eat themselves
some nice cold cereal which is why I’ve prepared for us beautiful meal all right well this looks pretty good
Jake where’s the milk we got a billionaire box for but it doesn’t come
with the fridge if we brought milk in here would go bad we got water that’s
what billionaires right longer pure icy cold water with their cereal
I’m not come on it’s just like milk Logan it’s just not like water and
cereal isn’t gonna taste good that’s what we get Logan because we’re
billionaires we got like billionaires also speaking of which you don’t have a
spoon cause your spoons Jake how am I supposed to eat this like a billionaire
with Logan with his hands maybe I’ll sit this one out
all right guys well this wraps up our amazing billionaire box for not only is
it 2/3 stories but also including working elevators but guys before we
head out and before I forget we got an amazing squad member to give a shout-out
to today’s huge shoutout goes to my boy Ivan thank you so very much Ivan for
being a huge member of that squad if you guys see Ivan down below be sure to give
him a thumbs up as well as leave him a nice little comment and of course guys
if you want to join the squad it’s super easy go down below hit the subscribe
button hit that bow but it can’t comment a little thing I like to say school and
they’ll fish will be in the spot but guys this has been Pappa Jake and Logan
and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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