4 Dancers Freestyle Using YOUR Dance Move Ideas | Ft. Ryan Feng, Samantha Caudle, & Jay Chris Moore

4 Dancers Freestyle Using YOUR Dance Move Ideas | Ft. Ryan Feng, Samantha Caudle, & Jay Chris Moore

CLAY: We asked our subscribers on Facebook and YouTube to give our dancer friends random prompts. Each dancer will spin the wheel and freestyle using the prompt that they land on. There are no winners, just vibes.. This is: The STEEZY Freestyle Games! And without further ado, our amazing lineup of dancers are: Jay Chris Moore! Samantha Caudle! Ryan Feng! And the lowest tier dancer on this list.. Ow my knees.. Claydohboon. CLAY: Alright y’all, let’s uh.. ..rock-paper-scissors to who goes first.. Alright? Ready.. ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS Feng you go first. [laughing] FENG: That was such a setup. CLAY: Thanks! [Clay laughing] CLAY: What we got? What we got..? SAM: Wow.. I’m scared..!
JAY CHRIS: My God.. SAM: I’m actually– SAM: I’m actually like–
[Clay laughing] SAM: –like shaking.. FENG: Dude these–
SAM: Like sweating.. FENG: these freakin’ icons.. CLAY: What are they..? CLAY: Alright, peel it off!
FENG: Oh my God.. CLAY: What is it..? FENG: Chasing your dog.. CLAY: Chasing your dog?? FENG: but your crush is watching, so you gotta act cool.. [Clay laughing]
SAM: WOOOOO!! FENG: Alright.. [slaps chest for hype] [“Don’t Start” by Dua Lipa plays] EVERYONE: Whoaaa!! JAY CHRIS: Whoaa..! [disbelief] EVERYONE: OHHHH..! SAM: Ayyee! SAM: Stop kicking him..! SAM: Why were you kicking him..?!
[laughing] CLAY: Kicking dogs aren’t..! FENG: Honestly I didn’t know how to end that so I kicked the dog.. CLAY: Noooo! JAY CHRIS: Someone should get the dog.. CLAY: Jay you wanna go? Let’s get it! [cheering] CLAY: Alright.. SAM: I’m STILL scared.. JAY CHRIS: It doesn’t hurt if you don’t look at it.. JAY CHRIS: It’s like a shot.. CLAY: Oh my gosh I can’t believe it’s
that one specificallyyy..! EVERYONE: Wooww!! JAY CHRIS: Dance like I just stepped on a Lego.. FENG: Aww that’s good! EVERYONE: WOO!! JAY CHRIS: Oh man.. [“From Here” by Louis The Child plays] FENG: Oh! Whoa! EVERYONE: Woohoohoohoo! SAM: Ohh is he building Legos..? CLAY: He’s building it.. CLAY: Wooooh!!! FENG: I think he broke his ankle on the Lego.. CLAY: Niiice! CLAY: WOOO!! CLAY: I didn’t know he– I didn’t know he could do that! CLAY: Woo! CLAY: Watch out, the Lego’s still there! Watch out the– don’t hit it!! [sigh of relief] CLAY: Okay.. CLAY: That’s good. We’re good, we’re good. It’s chill, it’s not a big deal! No it’s fine, we’re good we’re good! CLAY: Ayyeee!! That closure..! [applause] SAM: I felt satisfied.. CLAY: I felt the story rise and fall..! CLAY: Alright, Sam-Antha.. Antha of Sam..
[Sam air punching] CLAY: Let’s get it.. CLAY: Oh that was delicate..! That’s a nice little dainty one..! SAM: I’m scay’rd! CLAY: You scay’rd! SAM: I’m so scay’rd.. CLAY: Oh noooo..!! JAY CHRIS: What you got?!
CLAY: Oop! JAY CHRIS: What you got?? CLAY & SAM: OooOooohHHh.. FENG: Oh you got the cuffs?? SAM: Looks scaryyy..! FENG: You got the cuffs..?! CLAY: What are the cuffs? CLAY: What does it mean..? SAM: Alright, there’s some handcuffs.. [laughing]
CLAY: What..? SAM: You just got arrested but you’re still tryna groove.. CLAY: Oh..! FENG & JAY CHRIS: Ahhh! CLAY: I like it.. CLAY: That’s dope! [“Trouble (Funk Leblanc Remix)” by Jose James plays] CLAY: She escaped for a second..! EVERYONE: AYYHEHEYY! FENG: Ohh she escaped! [clapping] CLAY: Oh my gwash.. CLAY: Alright.. I’ll go.. SAM: Open category! CLAY: Open category.. Okay it’s– Someone off screen is yelling instructions at you but you can’t quite hear them.. [crickets] [“Last To Leave (ft. Caroline Ailin)” by Louis The Child plays] [indistinct yelling] JAY CHRIS: More shuffling! JAY CHRIS: Do an air flare! [indistinct yelling] [more indistinct yelling] [crying]
CLAY: I’m sorrryy I can’t hear you guyyyss!! [breathes] AHH!! [laughing]
Okay.. [Clay laughing] [everyone laughing] CLAY: We back.. [clapping & cheering] CLAY: Alright.. SAM: Round 2! CLAY: Feng-a-leng! FENG: Alright, redemption time.. [singing]
CLAY: Redeemption time! No animal prompts.. FENG: Upper and lower body dancing different dance styles.. JAY CHRIS: I wanna see this one! [“BOP” by DaBaby plays] JAY CHRIS: Awww! CLAY: WOO!! CLAY: Aughh!! CLAY: Yeahh!! SAM: WOOOOOOO!!! EVERYONE: AYYEEE!! [grabs imaginary dog] CLAY: Nooooo–! Okay okay… CLAY: NOOOOO!! [mimicking Clay]
FENG: NOooOooO! CLAY: That was crazy.. SAM: Fengy WOOOW! SAM: You said Krump and then you said NNGH! [politely]
CLAY: Could you get your shoes off of our couch..? SAM: Oh–! Sorry.. [Clay laughs] CLAY: Fun fact, the first choreography I– I properly learned from an instructor not in school.. is Jay Chris.. He’s basically my daddy.. [Jay Chris silent laughing] CLAY: Uh! uh! uh!
JAY CHRIS: Ohh! JAY CHRIS: Oh nope..
SAM: Ohhh.. Dancing alone with a feeling of “nah I’m shy though..” [laughing] FENG: Dude this one’s tight!! CLAY: You’re killing it– you’re gonna kill it though~! CLAY: You’re gonna do great..! [“Gangsta Boogaloos Theme” by The Sleepers RecordZ plays] CLAY: Ahhh man..! Okay..! FENG: There he is! Let’s go! CLAY & SAM: OoOooh! CLAY: Eeeew! CLAY: WAHHAHA! CLAY: Dang, I’ve never seen that! [laughing]
CLAY: Okay..! FENG: “I’m so shy!” FENG: Shyer! CLAY: AHHHHHHHAAAA! CLAY: Shyer.. CLAY & FENG: You shy..? CLAY: You did great! SAM: Awwwwh!
CLAY: D’awwwwww okay.. [clapping] CLAY: That was cute. SAM: Alright..! CLAY: [sighs] SAM: That was pretty good..! CLAY: Alright..
FENG: Oop! [Clay gasps] FENG: Oh you dead.. SAM: Ohh my gosh.. Zombie just emerging from the grave.. CLAY: Nice. [claps] SAM: So like me when I wake up.. CLAY: YAHH I knew it! [“Derezzed (Robotaki Remix)” by Daft Punk plays] EVERYONE: OHHHHH.. FENG: Eeeeyy! CLAY: Let’s get it! FENG: Let’s go Zombie Sam! CLAY: Ughh ugh! [inaudible] CLAY: AY, AY, AY SAM: I hate zombies! FENG: Drop it like it’s Tok~! FENG: Awwwww.. JAY CHRIS: Drop it like it’s velcro– maybe not..! JAY CHRIS: Spider! CLAY: Ohhhh!! CLAY: You’re a spider trying not to get squashed.. Wow.. [“Dance Monkey” by Tones And I plays] [laughing] JAY CHRIS: Ohh! EVERYONE: Ohh!! JAY CHRIS: Oh! He’s a big one..! [laughing & clapping] [inaudible cheering] FENG: Aw here he comes– Oh my God! SAM: AHHHH!!! FENG: Get it away from me!! [Clay laughing] CLAY: It’s for the dog..! CLAY: Thank you everyone so much for watching our very first episode of The Freestyle Games! (hosted by STEEZY) And make sure you hop on over and hit that subscribe button and kick that notification bell so you can stay updated on the latest and greatest of dance content! We’ll see you guys soon–! –and maybe see yourself.. in the next video.. Thanks y’all! CLAY & JAY CHRIS: [airhorn sounds]

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  1. first, i got a ponytail dance
    Now the spider dance, i love the spider dance..
    Singing: I am gonna do the spider dance
    My friends: We dont know her… <3<3

  2. Ahahahahahaha the spider one A++++ 😂 awesome seein dancers' creativity put to the test while havin fun with it~~

  3. Momo Hamilton#Ilovedance

    I love this, I love this, I love it…..dancers are so hip and cool, is there a better profession?

  4. This was absolutely AMAZING! it was funny, it was amazing dancing, it was inspiring to show how you can take inspiration from any props and dance to it. all around cant wait for the next episode and to try this with my dance buds!

  5. This video concept was inspired by events like Jack of All Trades, Freestyle Roulette, and Book of Styles 😊. MAKE SURE TO LOOK UP THOSE EVENTS and support our amazing dance community! Variations of this prompt-based dancing game have existed since forever… and we felt it would be really fun to bring it to y'all! Feel free to let us know if there are any aspects that you believe we could improve on for this new series 📈 🔥

  6. okay okay imma just put this out here

    you know that feeling where you just know you can't dance but you know you can chroegraph a whole dance just by listening to the whole song- but you just cant do the movements😂

    also this is so amazing I love it.

  7. Minyoongigeniusjjangjjangmanboongboong

    I was sitting down right about the same time as Clay was so i legit thought it was my knees…

  8. Heyy.. I have been using the Steezy app for a month now …the first month I payed with my PayPal and it went through and now am trying to pay with my Visa card cause am in Europe it's no going through I dont know why and I can't pay with the pay pal either it's not going through please help am really shy so I can't go to dance classes in my community I prefer the steezy app so help please

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