4th Quarter Miracle vs the Eagles in Madden NFL 20 | K-CITY GAMING

4th Quarter Miracle vs the Eagles in Madden NFL 20 | K-CITY GAMING

what’s up everybody welcome to case two
the game in this is the next round of Madden and we are almost done with our
season our regular season we’re entering the playoffs right yeah why do you have
dog here what I know his name is gaming buddy Duke the gaming buddy can we have
a moment of silence for Jason Garrett all right that’s enough he’s already
been replaced with Mike McCarthy I don’t know if we can fire him here or do what
I don’t know what the the story is here but if we have fire and we may do that we are here come the Eagles and here
come the Cowboys warming up boxing Wentz warming up he gets hurt all the time he
gets hurt more than dad city we’re gonna finish off the Eagles then we’re gonna
finish off the Redskins it’s the 50 point challenge 50 points
100 point challenge that’s not possible yes it is possible legends what are you
talking about see that wall stunt up there we got five men on the front line
we’re gonna sit them all in why nobody wants nobody wants that see what you did
you didn’t take you serious you just bring yelling random stuff speaking speaking speaking well let’s be
serious about this good let’s be serious what’s my players name dead City dead
his last name city got it we got it to the 25 no problem to 20s here we go
first run by Elliot very nice oh man why don’t know I didn’t see you I
was looking for which it’s pretty hard to win in Philadelphia
all right person ten first and ten we’re gonna go here we go go long go long double-tapped and that happened inside
zone Elliott’s up the middle oh my goodness you had a big hole there you
had a big hole missed opportunity mister alright
feed him feed him people there you go feed it feed him the Eagle Twins just
knock them on his rear first down I just had to take it I had to take the first
down I always drug me down okay see that curls combo no more missions single back
we’re gonna go quick slants this is our specialty yes we’re gonna run that again they’re
not gonna expect it ready oh look at you so open Wow what happened again you Atticus oh you’re not open
you’re not open would you like to see replay yes okay yes we’re gonna see how
open you were because you said your brother right for that guy he’s just
waiting to but hello open it where am I going
he’s just waiting to intercept it no give me the ball
no he’s just sitting there you’re gonna look at wee wee wee wee wee wee be we
will you’re not even looking alright throw it thrown it run it
one more time it’s startin 8 we’re gonna run it one more time let’s see let’s see
how are you here we go are you go run yes we need to get your
height up so you can jump oh so close yeah ok 7 2 3 no problem over storm
brave was bringing him in oh that City mister had just laid down
by it he got caught yeah I kind of helped trapped his legs in his neck good
job buddy good job that City I’m going in with
Gregory and again all right we’re going nickel blitz yeah that’s it come on get
to him get to him people that’s good coverage because that was not our pass
rush we could not get to the quarterback there so he had nowhere to throw it so
we’re gonna return middle okay you know we did last time we adjusted the depth
chart yeah yeah we move Gallup into Cooper’s spot because we want to improve
him because we’re just a possibility that we’re not gonna be signing Amari
Cooper we’re gonna put them in for Cobb okay just to draw some people off of
Gallup okay play action slide
do your thing over there okay I’ll bring it Witten in Gallup okay to the left
okay okay he’s just standing there oh oh oh clobbered by the Eagles we got two
slants yeah Josh Lance or something after the sack I don’t think that we’re
gonna get far enough I’m gonna have to go that is amazing yeah you plant after
safety right there now they made me mad I don’t know what’s happening to our our
line but it’s breaking down our dark always went after the ball you went
after the ball get him get him get it here we go keep your cool what what’s
happening what in the world is going on just everything’s going wrong with this
game all right you ready what are we doing here it is okay ready slam third
and 16 we need this that is plain horrible art why does playing horrible
we’re playing normal we better play some strong defense or they’re gonna score
again yeah that’s right that’s what I’m talking about
loosen dad city up the middle yes that was amazing
that’s it he fixed it watch this I was also coming in dad did you see me and I
was right there being blown you better get out here you better get out here look at that elbow he threw BAM wow he
punched it he pushed the ball straight punch what I would be blocked so I
couldn’t get there so woozy error are we’re back and the coming if the office
can’t get it done the defense has to step up and do it lose this game scoop then you can bet
they’re preaching two hands on the ball here’s the kick yeah hold on to that
ball guys yeah Carson Wentz needs to get some hand receive is at 20 a good beer
hey we’re going to timeout because we don’t let them running it down was that
a good idea no I’m going to dance it again we just tied it up with tit sick
it’s a big doing hi it’s a miracle of miracles people the Philadelphia miracle
they get nine more seconds to give it up again give us the ball again now the
games gets fun yeah but it’s close though yeah I’m sure somebody’s getting
fired on their team today yeah they took a knee they’re scared of us they didn’t
want to make a mess all right here we go no no we’re just getting right into it
we’re skipping the halftime update today there we go wait still walking somebody we’re in
control now okay okay there you go yep whoa get going Eliot gonna try this
dick and dump oh my goodness that was not it was not good for the night
already more turnovers that’s what we need more turnovers we need to send
somebody in to stay Smith is going in no no no get off that
city captain goodness so we know that the news caplets coach is Mike McCarthy
everybody commented who they thought the guys should be coming if you think
that’s a good move or bad mood no we talked about this
no you said he’s got a first down they have fresh
set of downs now what’s that running back what’s that run it back let’s go
what is going on yes yes good news good news good news good news wiggle wiggle
do the wiggle wiggle we have to get this okay no they want it no why we want to
tie it up there’s no way we want is going risk 1.42 that’s what we want
right there now we’re tied up it’s a tie game all we got to do is make a stop
make another make another two is he supposed to be he’s not supposed
to be Blitzen go big boy go big boy you died I thought dad City was gonna do it
okay I thought I was gonna get a set but what happened was I put pressure on the
quarterback he had to make the throw and that’s why
we got the interception watch watch back see that he’s coming
halfback had to pick up the Blitz yes wonderful now we’re now we’re talking
all your blocks just step over yes celebrate okay so we are upset we need a
pressure pressure and prevent events keep the pressure up be aggressive we’re
running a 4-3 means we’ve got four guys up front in three linebackers nice this is working for support Greece
working for us all right oh they looked out they looked out because that’s
coming here sky cover skies were going total coverage get on somebody down low touch him
look I touched his body hear any scratching his head what just happened
cover cover cover same deal same deal
buh-buh-buh-buh where’s my guy where’s my guy
well there he is no no that first down you’re probably gonna run okay dude gap
shoot okay they’re within the tin my goodness up safety boots safety
blitz you would do safety blitz you’re gonna run it and we’re gonna stop oh all
right fumble safety blitz what’s that runner there you go good job
hey put the safety guns they’re gonna have to kick a field goal are they gonna
go for it they got to go for it I got just hit me in the bud what did you see
that go on oh he’s gonna be dropping back to pass everybody adjust what are they gonna do they’re gonna go
bigger okay you don’t give your defense a chance at all been a good game alright
so 31 31 into the season so we have enough time to get led become okay but
we’re not going to we’re gonna do quick sleep there we go finally made the
connection yes he also killed a little bit of time or justice oh he’s doing
them all we haven’t been able to connect that all night no we did there okay
buddy now it’s up the big defense again here
we go that all comes down to a minute 22 Oh big hit but he held on to the ball
Wow overload seemed stop him stop him stopping I think dad said he kicked some
money yes they called then we hit the head
that burn a timeout so when some company with some work to do after the sack oh
my goodness they’re going for two
I know it if we stop at all they’re tying Neutron tied up for the extra all
we have to do is hail we’re all we have to do is hell marry well we we scored in
one play last time with it’s possible we should have burned one time I tried
you’re burning more time no I know I try 38 38 30 seconds left you think we’re
going in overtime going into overtime we don’t know we gotta the Eagles fans
out there at least we’re having fun right yes we thought that last time keep
driving we have to get to that why what is that is that building range yes what do we do I think we should I think
we should halfback dive get it in field goal range just make it and then I’ll
call a timeout ok ready ready ready here we go
they’re not gonna be expecting this there you go it’s ok it’s ok
we’re gonna run one more ok we’re gonna run one more to the right don’t burn too
much off ok ok just run in and do your thing and then we’re gonna hit timeout
ready can I get stopped oh my goodness look at that look is that
run spinning a jookin twenty nine yards why don’t we were supposed to get down
we were supposed to get down we were gonna kick a field goal but then you
started going crazy over here I tried to get down I tried to get down I know he’s
way he’s jumping over Hiram’s pit yeah what caused me to keep going I
thought we were supposed to get down it’s a miracle what that was what’s that
what’s that spin the last second we want it alright everybody that’s it for this
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game over

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  1. When I was in madden 20 when I was in face of the franchise know I was in the Super Bowl against the Saints I want and I blanked them out

  2. Tips on Franchise Mode:
    1. When players hit 28 years old, the lose their overall points. The older they are, the faster they regress. So look for younger players when trading.

    2. dont offer ok players big contracts. In franchise, you have cap room. bigger the cap room, more money you can put into free agency. If you want to clear up cap room, cut payers if they dont play often and if there isnt a big penalty, like 1.2 million.

    3. Trade draft picks with teams that dont to so well in simulation for example, the vikings, the dolphins, or the giants.

  3. Yes I think you guys will make it to the super bowl toy guys are doing awesome you are my favorite you tubers in the whole world you guys are the best

  4. I’m jumping of a bridge because of this the eagles should have won cowboys are 💩 in real life so literally 44-38 that’s a joke

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