hey guys welcome back to my channel this
video I wanted to do since like 2016 but I haven’t done it I mean I don’t think I
have but that is gonna be the fun phone games video all these links will be
down below for iPhone and Android in case you you know what what have you and
none of these are sponsored it’s just that I just want I want to put them
there for your benefit so I’m not sponsored nor will I gain money from you
clicking the links is just for your benefit so um go go down there and
you’ll find links to these apps without further ado I’m gonna leggo so the
first app that I wanted to share with you guys is Jelly Splash now I found
this maybe late 2015 for my I found this late 2015
I think through an ad so and I think it’s just the cutest app ever it’s kind of
like you play it the same way as Best Fiends
but they’re little they’re like little jelly things and they’re really cute I
am on level 102 so if you play these games comment what level you are on it’s a slime guard level so now for this level I gotta remove all the slime guards [Whispers] Awesome thank you so what you do is you see how
there’s like a lot of green ones it’s like you can just connect them like so there is another game that I play called
Bakery Story now I have mentioned this in like both the what’s on my phone
videos which I can link them all down below but um which this is a storm 8
game so if you have a storm8 ID then gonna add me my ID is just tiffanylouann
so if you want to you can go add me there’s my my bakery and pretty much you
just can run your own bakery which is pretty cool um another game is Trivia
Crack Kingdoms um if you play the GMM trivia I dare you to challenge me
because like I couldn’t beat you but it’s gonna play me I would so love it if
you would play me my name on there is just at at tiffanylouann16 um so go and
add me and play me so pick classic or just play with someone random can I get
play now and then like instead of a wheel like on
Trivia Crack they give you like these little things you can open so like you
click one we have question mark play ok and in episode 795 who asked which desert is
the messiest hey I got right and then you just keep going and stuff so yeah
we’ll play another one How many kids does Link have? three another
game that I want to show you it’s called Tiles Hop it’s kind of like um there’s
this one game I forget what it’s called but it’s kind of you you play it like
that so you just tap the platform’s like this and then I think the final game I think
that I want to show you it’s called Beat Racer I’ve been playing this
since maybe at least 2017 it like a glowing game it’s it’s pretty
pretty awesome okay then you just like swipe and you
collect the beats which are like a little coin things and you swipe up to avoid
those obstacles and you can do that and then you swipe down to kinda like attack
the attacker but you have to be in line with them

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  1. Is your phone compatible with your camera? Also, how many seconds does it take you to say each?
    1- triple tarantula
    2- astronomical statistics
    Are these words ok??????????????????

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