5 Great FREE Mobile Games! — App All Knight

5 Great FREE Mobile Games! — App All Knight

Hey I’m Jake and get ready to apple knight. Pretty bad pun. Pretty bad pun. Speaking of knight, let’s look into your Soul Knight. A rogue-like shoot em up that has you navigating through randomly-generated dungeons, blasting away enemies and dodging their attacks with an array of weapons and your trusty cat. And when I say an array of weapons, there are over 121 to procure during the game. Some are very useful. Others, not so much. You can carry two at a time but be warned. Weapons that aren’t starting ones or melee ones use your character’s energy instead of traditional ammunition. Once you run out of energy, you run out of bullets. Fortunately there are a ton baddies to beat which will give you more of that sweet, sweet blue stuff, And also one of your character’s powers is duel-wielding weapons. If you die, you start a new game but the longer you last the more coins and gems you collect which can be used to buy health or energy potions from merchants along with weapons or to hire mercenaries to fight along side you. There are different character classes that can be unlocked with the gems and the gems can be used to upgrade your character or buffs as they’re called in the game. So buff. But instead of shooting our way out of a square area let’s use our minds in Alcazar Puzzle. Alcazar is a logic puzzle game that on its surface seems pretty simple. I mean the instructions are enter from one door exit from another and cross every square exactly once. Okay not too bad but as you make your way through over 43 puzzles that are included you’ll realize how quickly they become pretty darn difficult. My general experience was draw a line that seems correct, realize it isn’t, backtrack and delete line. Then stare at screen for an extended period of time while drawing an invisible line above the screen with my finger. Once figuring out the level, you move on to the next page of the puzzle book. So let’s rip that page out and fold it into Papery Planes. An endless runner that has you controlling, yep, a paper plane. Each level is procedurally-generated so you’ll never so you’ll never experience the same thing twice. The controls are simple. Move the plane left or right to avoid obstacles and collect coins. The more coins you collect the more you can upgrade the magnet timer to attract more coins. They can also be used to unlock four different paper planes. The game has a really lovely visual style, transitions from day to night, and has a very peaceful soundtrack. *sigh* So relaxing. No explosions, no alien invasions, no Guns of Mercy. Guns of Mercy finds you in the not too distant future where the surface of our world has been destroyed by an alien invasion so you live underground. But the aliens are starting to make it through. You begin on the first level of the underground world and make your way down after obliterating a set number of attackers It might look like you just blast away endlessly, which you do But you have to be strategic with where you blow the enemies away because they drop coins and gems that disappear after not too long. Also they drop awesome powerups like fuel which can be used to pilot a giant mech of destruction. You can then use the gems you collected to upgrade your character and weapons. A nice touch is that when you die you start at level one again. But have hopefully enhanced your arsenals so getting back down to where you died is a breeze. And you’ll definitely need it when encountering the frequent boss battles. Oh and the game has a pretty dope score as well. Now that we’ve defeated the aliens let’s rebuild our civilization with Bit City. Personally I’ve always been a sucker for city simulators which Bit City is, kind of. It’s more of a clicker game but that is totally not a bad thing. When I say clicker game it is because you click a lot. Click on a plot of land. Click to build on said plot. Click to upgrade the structure, Click to collect cash. Click to collect cash and gain currency from cars, etc. You start with a small city and move up to larger and larger ones when you hit the population requirements. The nice thing is every time you move up to a bigger city you still collect some revenue from the old ones. There are three different types of zoning: residential, business, and service. The more you build of one type the less demand there is for it and the less revenue you will make. The point of the game is generating revenue. Each time you upgrade a building the more money you get. And the structures are random so if you see one you like you can lock it but still level it up. Besides building you can add cars to your city which bring in that sweet, sweet cash. But also give you much larger bonuses and in game currency. There are also tons of upgrades like increasing the percentage of property taxes, lowering the time needed to build, automatically leveling up buildings, and generating more money from vehicles. As you progress your city can start having things like planes and boats. But keep in mind the larger your city the more money needed because each time you build on a plot, all the other plots get more expensive. Especially the large ones. Links to all the apps can be found in the description below and if you want more App All Knight in your life, there is a playlist right here. I’m wearing a lab coat for no particular reason. But I’m gonna go check on my city and as always, thanks for watching.

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  1. really appreciate AAK. Searching through the app-store is most of the time depressing, but every new episode of AAK i found at least one new game to give it a try 🙂

  2. I have two more amazing apps to check out!

    The first is a text-based game where you talk with a character named Wesley and help him make decisions to guide him along his journey. Every choice you make influences the story in some way. It's a super engaging and exciting story that is seriously mind-boggling.

    The other app is an AI that generates completely random quotes. It has over 5 billion possible quotes, that can be generated. It generates inspiring, motivational, funny, and even straight up strange quotes. It entertains, and I can't get enough of it.

    Here are the links to the two apps:
    First: https://appsto.re/us/2a1cgb.i
    Second: https://appsto.re/us/Kb3xhb.i

  3. Personally I find Stellar Fox to be a cute and fun little free puzzle game. Simple concept of drawing lines to roll a celestial fox to a goal while collecting stars.

  4. What's with all these people going off about Soul Knight supposedly being a rip-off of Enter the Gungeon??
    It's a roguelike game, that's literally like saying Battlefield is a rip-off of CoD purely because you saw that they were both FPS game.

  5. Please make more of these videos. I love it when they show up on my feed, and never have enough games. Thanks for making great videos

  6. This is a game my friend made its pritty good and fun https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dynamiczero.themoonawaitsfree

  7. You'll love this game:
    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.bonsters.ooppo
    App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id989936969

  8. I'm most likely the only person who was actually annoyed by the teeeeeeny tiiiiiiny fact that in the first app you can select/buy other pets other than your trusty cat.

  9. New fast paced game – looking for feedback for updates:

  10. Huh this seems Like a video people make and their channel has 1k subs but this is official so I will watch it

    Sees soul knight THIS MUST BE TO GOOD TO BE TRUE

  11. I like these DONG videos but I no longer check out any apps you recommend, they all have a habit of being "free" up until a certain point. I don't mind paying for apps, but this business of calling an app free with in app purchases, then those purchases are for the rest of the game, well I refuse to support those types of games.

  12. Trust me, I dont lie

    Can people stop saying that soul knight is a enter the dungeon ripoff!
    Soulknight and enter the dungeon are two very diffrent games, soulknight was maybe inspired by enter the dungeon but it is 100% not a ripoff or copy😐

  13. I am a Hong Kong developer.

    This game is made by me =]

    Do you have the interest to try?

    Below is the link


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