5 Things You Need To Know About Vast: The Mysterious Manor

5 Things You Need To Know About Vast: The Mysterious Manor

hi, everybody, I’m Antoinette and this is board
game Inquisition and we’re here to offer you insight and indeed information about
the board games you might want to have in your collection
so this is one of those rare games that had me sold from its title
so here’s five things I think you need to know about vast the mysterious manor.
Mysteries manors what’s not to love? Vast: the mysterious manor has you and
your friends playing a host of characters in a pretty creepy house. Each
role is unique has different abilities and their own victory condition. On your
turn you’ll activate your abilities to progress towards winning while trying to
interfere with each other’s plans at the same time. The game ends when someone has
completed their objective. Thing one what’s this game all about? Well Vast:
the mysterious manor seems to have less of a theme and more of a setting and it’s
definitely kind of this fun horror you know mild peril Addams Family vibes
and it’s one that I particularly enjoyed and was definitely drawn to. I couldn’t
help but also be reminded of kind of a murder mystery genre as you wander
around this Manor in the dark stumbling upon God knows what or who and not really
knowing what everyone else is up to. It definitely taps into all those kind
of feelings. Your characters that you play yeah you don’t know a lot about
them but there’s something about their abilities that gives you a good feel for
what kind of character they are or the type of things they might do so it
doesn’t leave them feeling disjointed from the game itself. If you’re looking
for a similar game to Vast well you have to compare it to Root because it’s from
the same company but for me I actually prefer this to Root and I think this is
because that in Root everyone is trying to get victory points to win the game
here everyone has got their own objectives and it just feels a little
bit more focused to me. Thing two mechanics
well the main mechanic here is the fact that everyone has their own unique
mechanics so each character does something different interacts
differently moves around the board in a different way etc and this is in all
honesty pretty fun and exciting. I had a lot of fun wanting to try out all the
different characters learn how they worked and if you don’t really like a particular
character well there’s more to choose from and I’m pretty sure you’ll find one
that will match your gameplay style. However because everybody is so
different you’re left with this problem that it feels like everybody’s playing
their own little game and it’s one that’s actually quite difficult to
explain. On a practical note it means that somebody needs to know how all of
the characters work to be able to explain them to the other players. I did
like that we all had our own thing to do but hated that you couldn’t choose which
group of characters to play with out of the box.
Overall this game has so much merit but I feel like the mechanics get in the way
of this fun setting we’ve been given. Thing Three: on the table. I’m not gonna lie
when we first set up Vast: The Mysterious Manor I wasn’t particularly impressed
by the board. However as you move around it and you discover new things you get
to add tiles and flip them over and that does add a lot of dimension to the
gameplay. Setup is really straightforward I love that each character sheets or
card has got your set of requirements written on it so that helps speed up the
process. The interesting thing here is that the game ends whenever somebody
hits their victory condition so it’s really up to you meaning this can
definitely be a lengthier game I’d want to be setting aside some time to play it.
The rulebook is definitely good but not the most helpful and I think this is just
because each character is so unique. And you have to go rooting to the rulebook to
find you know the specific terms that are relative to only your character. I
don’t think that’s a necessarily easy feat. Basically in summary this is the
kind of game that you want to play a lot of to get a lot out of. Thing Four: look
and feel. Well it’s pretty obvious to me how much care and attention to detail
has been put into Vast: The Mysterious Manor everything in this box feels very deluxe
and very high quality. I’m a huge fan of the artwork I think it’s so fun and
whimsical and fits with this theme incredibly well. My favourite component is
probably the player boards they are these huge chunky pieces of cardboard and they
make playing the game so much easier. And of course we can’t not talk about
the miniatures which are made in these crazy psychedelic colors and are
beautifully rendered. There’s something about this game that can’t help but
appeals to my inner child Think 5 is this game any good? Well Vast: The
Mysterious Manor really does have a lot going for it. It’s really fun to play
your own unique character and have your own goal and way to win that’s different
from everybody else’s. It’s also nice to see your character progress as you make
steps towards your endgame condition. But not only that the character you play as
are really interesting and fun so you can be like a spider, a Paladin, a warlock,
a set of skeletons each with their own very cool names or even play as the
manor itself. And all of these are kind of exciting and you’re going to want to
try them all out and play with all of them. But this is where the problem is.
Teaching this game is extremely hard because everyone’s character is so
different and this type of game play does not lend itself well to introducing it
to a new player. You kind of need to be familiar with what you are doing or
everyone needs to be on kind of the same skill level. Of course when you get your
character board it explains how you play your character but not fully enough that
you don’t need to go and read the rulebook, meaning everybody who plays
this game at the table really needs to read the rulebook to fully understand
how to play and that for me is incredibly problematic. And after all
that the game kicks you in the teeth. See when I open the box first and I looked
at all the really cool characters I decided I wanted to play the manor. Like
how cool is that you could play as the actual building move stuff on the board
you know mess with your opponent’s? Sounded right up my alley!
The problem is that you can only play with particular characters if you have
particular player counts. So two players which is what I normally play
you only have access to three characters in the entire game. So that’s the paladin
and the spider and though and the skeleton, and of course somebody always
has to play the spider. Meaning that the only way I could play with the manor was
if I had more friends to play with. I think that’s such a kick in the teeth. I
was so excited to play this game and then you can’t access the one you want.
Like what’s the point in saying that this is good for two players when you
can’t play with everything in the box? Vast: The Mysterious Manor is a really
exciting and really really fun game. However I’m never going to be able to
play it the way I’d like to and I think that’s particularly unfair. Do I think
you should have Vast: The Mysterious Manor in your collection?
Well if you’re already familiar with Root and have a group that enjoys
playing it well then this is definitely a step up from Root in my estimation.
Otherwise this is a really fun haunted house game but you’re gonna want to have
a number of people available to play with you to be able to actually get
value out of the box. You’ve been watching board game Inquisition. To hear
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below. Or if you have any comments or queries you’d like to make about Vast:
the mysterious manor why not ask I’ll actually answer you. And until next time
I’ll be here playing games, asking questions and of course perusing my
collection, take care everybody!

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  1. Tabletop Games Blog

    Thank you for the video. It's good to know that player count does affect who you can play with. That's actually a very important piece of information that should be clear to people before they decide to buy the game. However, overall Vast sounds like my kind of game. A couple of my friends have played it and enjoyed and even said that I would probably like it. So maybe I'll get to play it one day.

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