Adam Ruins Everything – Behind the Myth that Video Games Cause Violence | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Behind the Myth that Video Games Cause Violence | truTV

‘Sup, fam?! It’s Reaper666
streaming for you live from the reap den. Today we’re going
old school with a classic! “Gut Cruncher III:
Blood-pocalypse Rising.” Henry, it’s time
for lunch. Dad?! Get out! Wait.
What is this? Are you playing
violent video games again? You’re gonna wind up
on the 6:00 news. (Adam)
Don’t worry, Dad. The idea that video games
cause violent crime is a total myth. That is disgusting. They’re trying
to brainwash you into thinking that
video games are safe. (Adam)
Nope. You’re the one
who’s been brainwashed. For as long as video games
have existed, they’ve sent
American parents into a frenzy of fear. In 1976, the National
Safety Council panicked over
the arcade game “Death Race,” calling these tame
little pixels, “Sick, sick, sick.” Actually! And in the ’90s, politicians
had a full-scale freak-out about a little game called
“Mortal Kombat.” Democratic Senator
Joe Lieberman claimed it taught kids to, quote, “Enjoy inflicting the most
gruesome forms of cruelty.” But despite these
repeated parades of pearl clutch and panic, there is still
no actual evidence linking video games
to violent crime. I don’t know. I’m still not
convinced. (Adam)
Well, let’s look
at the facts. As video game sales
in America have spiked, violent crime has actually
gone down. And other countries
where games are popular have even lower
rates of violent crime. (speaking Japanese) (Adam)
And despite
the lazy media narrative connecting mass shootings
to video games, multiple studies,
including an analysis by the Secret Service, have found that
school shooters actually consume significantly
lower amounts of violent media and video games
than their peers. So you’re saying
video games don’t have any effect
on our kids at all? Not even that
game “Fork Knife,” where you kill people
with pickaxes? It’s called
“Fortnite,” Dad! (sighing) A pickax
is a harvesting tool. (Adam)
Well, some studies do show that violent video games
can cause a temporary increase in aggressive thoughts
and behavior. But those studies
are pretty flimsy. Because they didn’t measure
anything the average person would actually
consider aggression. One study just measured
whether or not people who played
video games were more likely to feed their opponents
hot sauce. Hey! And even if these studies
had tested real-world acts of aggression, the change in behavior
they measured was tiny. Just 2% on average. Other studies have shown
a similar effect in racing games
and even real-life sports. Dad does rage out whenever I beat
him at ping-pong. That’s ’cause you
play dirty, Henry! Oh… Uh, I see it now. Guys, meet video game
researcher and level-30
demon slayer, Dr. Patrick Markey. ‘Sup, Reaper666? Hope you don’t mind,
I already defeated that final boss. Blaming video games
for real-world violence really took off after
the Columbine shooting, and it was an understandable
mistake, because we all
desperately wanted some reason why someone
would commit such a horrific
act of violence. But today we know video games actually
aren’t what’s to blame. And yet politicians across
the political spectrum still scapegoat video games. As recently as the 2018
Parkland tragedy, the president
of the United States was saying things like… And reporters parrot this
lazy narrative right back. After the Newtown
school shooting, it was widely reported that
the gunman played video games. But what they left out was
that his favorite game, the one he’d play
up to ten hours a day, was “Dance Dance Revolution.” The fact is,
it’s just easier to blame video games than to tackle
societal problems that actually
impact rates of violence. Things like educational
and employment disparities, stigma against seeking
mental health treatment, and, especially in the case
of shootings, access to guns. (Adam)
Instead, we’re wasting time and tax dollars on even
more research to try to prove a link between violence
and video games that just doesn’t exist. That’s right. I’m a video game researcher, and even I think
this is a waste of time. And that’s why I’m taking
a break to beat the next level. Oh, man,
it’s underwater! See you, guys. The truth is, scapegoating
and banning violent video games
doesn’t protect kids; it just distracts us from
figuring out what we
really need to do to keep people safe. Ah, you’re right. Henry, you can play
that gut game, with supervision. (sighing)
Okay, Dad. You just gotta narrate
everything for the stream. Mm-hmm. Let’s see what
we got. (gasping) Did you just shove
that gun up his… (gasping)
Oh, God!

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – Behind the Myth that Video Games Cause Violence | truTV”

  1. עדו סוקולובסקי

    If Video games had any influence on people then the boys who played Packman in the 80's would spend the 90's in dark rooms, listening to monotonous music and eating little yellow pills

  2. I grew up on DK country & frogger(for the playstation) and would still imitate Milenas throat ripping move on a deserving victim like a child abuser

  3. Andrew Burgess-Linden

    I disagree with this Video, Not because I think Video Games are Violent.

    But Because I Don't believe for a Second Ernie was able to Reproduce.

  4. I think this myth came due to a mass shooter who played Doom? They blamed doom for this and since then, the view of politicians has remained the same.

  5. Children that don't understand what is REALLY happening, Us Boomers won't play the sick games because we have the wisdom to know the REAL effect to the little heads of mush. Very sad. The really intelligent children are getting early college education, not playing video games. Possibly spoiled, mentally weaker children who are very easily manipulated by the video game companies for MONEY. Wake up before it is too late Kiddies.

  6. I play war thunder alot, and although it makes me furious and angry, i wouldnt ever take the rage out on others. And when im not angry at it analyzing the situation im in to determine the best way out

  7. If video games make you violent then why isn’t my brother an Olympic master because he gotten all the gold medals in Mario and Sonic at the Olympics games. 2010 and 2012!

  8. I feel like if schools were just friendlier places that did their jobs by preventing bullying of any children by students or other admins that would stop the fear of shootings in schools. Other public places, you would have to teach people not to be racists, sexist or the other sorts, but that can’t be enforced by law, because Freedom of Speech and State Laws, so if you’re anything but white, you (and all your generations of kids after you) better stay on your toes cause things aren’t gonna change in Our Great “United” Nation

  9. a revolution…that`s whatchoo need…seriously in what country the students are broke even before they graduate?!don`t let me start on guns and health care…REVOLUTION

  10. The only reason my Mom and dad banned us from fortnite is because my family's main fortnite player would Scream when he lost and wake my Mom up

  11. Yea I played 0.000000001 milliseconds of Mario party and Now I am dropping nukes on every capital of every nation, Microstate, Terrorist cell and US state.

  12. Doctor W. Richthofen

    What if video games cause violence.
    But instead of guns, It's more psychedelic and peaceful
    Like Slime rancher, or Mine-craft.

  13. The Japanese have virtually (no pun intended) no guns, and a culture of non-violence (excluding the Yakuza and overblown-by-movies-samurai-wars and WW II, of course). It is only recently that isolated incidents of violence in Japan have spiked, but, more likely, it's due to their being reported more frequently, thanks to our universal, gotta-know-it-now, society (I believe that planetary violence is due to global warming and the destruction of the environment that has combined to suck out the oxygen from the planet, turning borderline sociopaths into full-time psychopaths; but, that's just me). So, the statement in the vid that Japanese violence is down, despite video games, is pretty much nebulous.

  14. So uh anybody thinking of squashing and mutilating your friends with colorful blocks with russian music playing in the background?

    Or maybe you can summon the paranormal and take drugs to eat them?

  15. Simple answer: It doesn't.

    People just want to throw the blame on video games, instead of looking into the lives of that person, like: bullies, home, family, animals, area, schools.

    If they actually took the time to review these things, they wouldn't be so butthurt over it.


  17. But guns cause violence… idiots. You say guns cause violence but games dont. How about they both dont. And there are violent people who happen to play games and happen to chose to use a gun to commit crimes. Blaming guns and games on violent behavior is like blaming blue Jean's or green jackets. Just because people have them doesn't make them violent. Wake the hell up sheep. Looking at you adam

  18. Man gets angry at friend over sports

    i bet this was the video games

    Man:Wait what… i got angry over sports

    still video games

  19. The only critic that I'd make for that argument is that of course Japan would have less gun related deaths, because there isn't such an easy access, or ownership to guns.

  20. Government : ViDEo gAMeS cUAse VioLENce
    Therapist: Uses Violent Video Games like Call OF Duty to help Veterans with PTSD as therapy

  21. From my experience video games do the opposite. For example Minecraft taught me how to manage my anger. Now if a creeper blows up my house I'm like it's okay I can always rebuild it.

  22. Politicians, The NRA and Trump: Video games cause violence!
    Also Politicians, The NRA and Trump: *promote easier access to guns than alcohol*

  23. So the actual fact , of the federal government, making a video game to kill people has no bearing in your argument. Most people do not want to kill other people, but being able to kill people and VI, made it easier

  24. Video games don’t cause violence. They just glamorized it, desensitize kids to it, romanticize it,,,,,,,etc etc etc. One part of the puzzle does not mean it doesn’t count in the big picture,

  25. 1:40 it also mainly because japan has a extremely rigid procedure for acquiring a gun license and banned almost all the weapon , for example I live in Canada and there’s more than 12 millions gun owner and we’re 37 millions , Japan has 377 000 gun owner and they’re 127 millions , the culture play a important part also

  26. Hey Adam just want to bring this up as some bonus knowlage, there were some studies that not only shows there was little to no connections of video games causing people to be violent
    But there were studies that also shows that people who regularly play video games are able to have better puzzle solving skills, easier social connection skills, faster reaction speed, and more hand-eye coordination skills compaired to those that don't play video games. How's that for fun facts for ya?

  27. Saying video games cause violence is like saying "this game has a pickaxe in it this means my child will want to go to work on the mines."

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