After The Flash Deep Six Title Screen

After The Flash Deep Six Title Screen

[Music starts] [Screen unblurs] [Music starts getting intense] [Music gets intense] [Music gets pants-shitting intense] [Music ending] END.EXE

26 thoughts on “After The Flash Deep Six Title Screen”

  1. Hey, ChadTheCreator here. The song is called 'The Awakening', it's a part of the soundtrack of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

  2. Oh god, the old ATF I remember playing the first game back when it came out.
    And might I say shit it's changed.

  3. I figured it out, this intro represents the REDs attacking a MEB convoy, like in the game, at some points the radio guy says "there was another attack on a MEB convoy" there you have it

  4. I've always thought this was the best type of song for this game. It really gives you a sense of the hopelessness yet opportunities within the world of After the Flash. But at the same time it gives you that surreal feel of the ATF world and how it is. I've always thought that if this became a fullproof freeroaming videogame with story and characters, THIS would be the song played in the introduction.

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