Amazon’s 🗻NEW WORLD MMO DARK SIDE OF AETERNUM (Invasions, PVP Wars, Open World)

Amazon’s 🗻NEW WORLD MMO DARK SIDE OF AETERNUM (Invasions, PVP Wars, Open World)

And now we’ve arrived at the back to back
part. What’s going on everyone and welcome back
to another day in Aeternum. Recently we talked about the new faction system
of new world and from that we created a poll to get an idea of where everyone sat
with the current changes. I do have to say I ended up being fairly shocked
with the results, I had expected it to be around half and half between people being
and not being interested in the game currently. But it’s good to see people still willing
to give it a chance even after the fact. Actually I must say that I did also want to
compare it to a poll that I had seen in one of the previous articles, Massively OP had
written one regarding New World and at the bottom they too had a poll to vote within
their community, it seems that for their 1,408 votes that they
had about 36% stating they weren’t too interested before the change, but now they are. And both 12 and 15% saying they either are
going to wait for launch and or they are no longer interested. I feel like we’re
going to have ourselves a very very interesting launch and beta period. But today we’re here to talk more about the
Dark Side of Aeternum. We’ve talked about the PVP side of things
but we haven’t really spoken about a very important aspect that’s going to effect the
other side of Aeternum. And that’s the Horde. You see a little
while back when the media interviews were dropping, there ended up being a hidden one. An article written in french that contained
an interview featuring members of AGS like David Verfaillie, The Player Experience Lead,
along w/ Micheal Willette, a Senior Producer, and Richard Lawrence, the studio director. These 3 together dive into some very important
details on actually quite a few important aspects about New World as a whole. They first start off by introducing themselves
and going into a little bit of the backstory to
each of them, but almost immediately they jump right into some of the burning topics
of New World. And one of the first things they kick this
off with is the inspiration of the combat system of New World. One thing that kind of amused me about this
is that when I made my very first New World video back in 2018 regarding some big details
revealed to the public about the very first alpha phase, I had said then that the combat
of New World did remind me a lot of Dark Souls. But ever since then and mentioning it once
or twice here and there, I’ve tried to stay away from mentioning that game because when
others look at the game they see more along the lines of ESO, or Conan Exiles. Well it turns out that funnily enough,
the very first game they mention when it comes to the combat is in fact, Dark Souls. So it looks like we don’t have to debate that
specific part anymore, but they also do go on to say that along with Dark Souls, they
also did grab inspiration from a ton of RPG action, fighting games. Essentially they wanted to bring the feel
of an Action RPG to the MMO scene, and while doing it they wanted to take the full power
of the Lumberyard engine and expand on it to create a game that even they would have
fun playing. This is the part that really speaks to me
as well because if we do think of a game like Elder Scrolls Online for instance, it feels
like it really is a mesh between the RPG genre and MMO genre as a whole. It’s hard to explain but I would imagine it
feeling like if you took Dragon Age Inquisition or The Witcher
3 and moved them into MMO form. What would we see happen from this? Or more notably what if you took a game like
Dragon’s Dogma, which did have a lot of similarities to Dark Souls, and meshed it into the MMO
genre, it would become Dragon’s Dogma Online, which
actually was a real thing and I played a lot of it on the Japenese server by the way. It was a fantastic experience before it shut
down. But these games ultimately don’t feel the
same when you put them into the MMO form, they feel different in a sense where you still
feel like you’re playing a single-player RPG almost, but it’s just multiplied on a larger
scale and you can jump in with all your friends. It’s a lot of the reason why you can solo
your way up to a point for most of the content in
ESO. And that could very well have been on purpose. This game reminds me of what you would get
when you mesh Greedfall with the MMO genre and add in some sandbox elements. I feel like it’s going to serve it’s own purpose,
and I do think as well that the more and more I learn about it, the more I can see how
it will be different than the Lord of the Rings MMO that Amazon Game Studios is also
working on. That part we’ll talk about another day but
one thing is for sure, this is certainly a game that wont be for everybody. With sandboxes, they never are. But to jump back
into the article they then start to talk about the addition of new weapons, aka fighting
styles. This is something that they talk about later
on in this, but they do state that they will never stop working on the combat, and as we’ve
already seen, these weapons must have their own skill trees and I would personally
love to see one that gets close to the lengths of a game like Albion Online. They also talk about their choice to lower
down the territory wars to being 50v50 instead of a number like 100v100, and that mostly
comes down to them saying that those types of battles can become too chaotic from a player
standpoint and that it’s less related to them not having the technology to do it. And this is a part that I don’t ultimately
agree with, but I can see where they’re coming from. I think that you can have big big battles
that are filled with organized coordination, games like Eve Online and Albion are
big proof of that. I remember myself being a part of PVP squads
dedicated to using pikes and glaives in Albion back during it’s beta phases and launch, where
our job would be specifically dedicated to picking people off from the enemy zergs to
fling back into our army of players. And there would be many different groups in
fights just like that who would be able to strategize and effectively overpower the enemy,
even if they were outnumbered. When you have more people in the fight that
leaves bigger room for error which comes down to the group with the
better organization being the one that shines. Eve Online would have the same thing where
you’d see squads of people who specialized in interceptor class ships or stealth bombers. As for me, I always loved a little bit of
Gallente class ships under my belt. Myself and those drones got a long very, very
well. But one thing I can see from New World is
that if they do want to start out small, 50v50, and then work their way into bigger numbers
with different PVP based modes in the future, I could see that working quite well in the
larger scheme of things. They also
say that they do have game systems in place for groups of five players or even more, especially
with the flaws that open here and there. Which I do believe translates to the corrupted
breaches that have been talked about. Also speaking of party based content,
just today an article from Gamestar has also dropped about this, and in it they further
touch on the points of interest that we’ll be finding around the map. And how some of them will act as open world
dungeons. This was touched on during the PVP Blog they
put out where they say that dungeons wont be like we would traditionally expect. We wont get teleported into these types of
things but there will be bosses and areas to conquer that will feature instanced loot
and stronger opponents the deeper we get into them. Along with this we will also be coming across
world bosses but the great thing about the loot system from what we’ve seen
so far is where they mention the instanced loot. If the loot system isn’t done properly it
can actually be a huge problem for games in this genre, where players will dread through
hours and hours of content just to get incredibly disappointed at the end. For more recent examples we can look at titles
like Kingdom Under Fire 2 where we as the players would do raid content and endgame
on the PVE side for days and days on end just to try and beat the RNG chances of getting
higher tier troops and gear. I haven’t played it since then but this did
end up being a big turnoff to players that jumped into it despite the game itself having
some pretty decent combat and concepts in it. That’s why I’m glad at the very least that
Amazon decided to go with an instanced loot system instead. That way everyone can get their own loot and
has their own chances of getting items of higher rarity. Without having to trim down the party size
to mid-max their progression. Jumping past that they also talk about their
plans during the first 12 months of release along with the question – if we’ll be able
to change factions during the game. After the last blog we just got, a lot of
players had started to get curious about this. Well when
I told you that we would only have access to one character per server in the last video,
this is the article it came from. And on top of that, we will not be able to
switch factions so in terms of people flipping sides to attempt to spy or tip the odds in
another group’s favor, that type of thing wont be happening
a lot at all. For their plans themselves that type of thing
will dynamically change as time goes on, they will have priorities but those will most likely
change during the beta and past launch. And because of this
they do not want to lock themselves down into a pre-defined schedule of promises, and instead
want to be able to adapt according to the situations and needs of the players. But they will still be aiming for new content
added per month or even three months for the bigger stuff. Thanks to steam the release will also be global
and we will have servers located by region. But for the moment they will mainly be located
in just Europe and the U.S. For localization it will be in different languages
for the text side of the game but for the voice
acting, those parts will be rare to find as we journey throughout aeternum. I’m still holding out for Isabella becoming
a real thing by the way, I need to see her at the head of a horde of corrupted, and if
she ever offers me a place at her side, I just want you all to know
that I will not hesitate to betray the human race while in service to the dark queen. But anyway, the main part where things start
to get interesting is where they begin to talk about the horde mode and PVP war itself. Most of the mechanics we already know
about the war aside from when we do declare war, it’ll start a timer of a minimum of 24
hours in advance. So if we declare war at 1PM pacific standard
time, the real war itself might start at about 2PM the next day. The attack slot will last for one hour
and we get to determine that ourselves. But even though the translation part starts
to get a little dicey here, it seems that the governor of the defending company can
sort of choose when they are able to be attacked. I’m guessing they can choose their own
vulnerability window like my company can only be attacked between 4 and 6 pm sort of thing. They aren’t yet sure if they’re going to allow
a day of rest for the companies so that they aren’t getting attacked constantly but as
we’ve heard in the recent pvp blog, it doesn’t sound like it will be a constant thing with
the vulnerability system they have going on. And on top of that, just like we talked about
how these wars wont be a constant thing regardless… This is why. In the middle of this article they start talking
about the invasion mechanic. Stating that the way this system works is
that each territory is going to be vulnerable to getting attacked by the
corrupted. And there will be mechanics in place to eliminiate
the corruption from the area. Now once we take them out, over time the corruption
will start to reappear, first slightly, but more and more intensely over
time. This cycle takes place in a four day time
period approximately, and this is so players aren’t constantly having to deal with the
corrupted invasions every hour of every day. But the cool part about this is that the corruption
breaches and forts also tie into this. And if we don’t clear the corrupted breaches
on a regular basis, it will then make the invasion itself that much harder. They say that if our forts get invaded by
the corrupted and we don’t deal with them, it’ll then start making everything in the
area much more difficult to manage. And if we choose to ignore it, the corruption
will spread, which will result in us getting territory
based penalties, loss of levels for our constructed workbenches, our crafting levels, etc… Sometimes the corruption breaches that come
out of this can even block off reaching regions that players need to explore, and at that
point the player will have to call in help to clear them. This really makes me wonder if the corruption
breaches will also effect the gathering resources in the area. Maybe it takes them away until the breach
itself is dealt with. The most important part of this is that you
wont ever see corrupted invasions and 50v50 territory wars going on
for the same day. So funnily enough it sounds like as an attacking
company you could potentially use this as an advantage or this could be a disadvantage
to you. Because ultimately it sounds like you could
schedule an assault for the day after an invasion is done and if they had just had their settlement
downgraded in both defense and crafting wise, they may not have the strength left to repel
you. Or if this system could
be used as a way to delay invasions, maybe if you’re really eager to attack someone you
could essentially save them from losing to the corrupted for a day or two. This is the system I really really hope we
see during the beta and launch phase, there’s so much
potential here and it would be amazing to see how it evolves and effects the PVP wars
and day to day life in aternum. Keep in mind though that these invasions will
not be going on globally at all times between all the territories, so we might be able to
call in reinforcements from other territories or
they could in turn choose not to assist us if they belong to the enemy faction. Leaving us all to the mercy of the worst abominations
of the island and maybe even letting our fortresses get invaded so they can come
in afterwards to mop up the mess. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the
Dark side of Aeternum is going to come in. I imagine this is something they’re preparing
to talk more about in the upcoming dev blogs but I’m super glad we had a chance to get
at least some details about this in this recent blog. And with that folks, let me know your thoughts
are on this side of New World and if you think you can trust other people to stand with you
when the horde comes, or if they’ll leave you high and dry to their own devices. As always, thanks very
much for stopping by and I hope you all have a good night or day. And farewell.

47 thoughts on “Amazon’s 🗻NEW WORLD MMO DARK SIDE OF AETERNUM (Invasions, PVP Wars, Open World)”

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    This game gives off a lot of vibes but the lore around the island itself is giving me such a strong Pirates of the Caribbean vibe right now. If we ever get a naval system I'll need to seek
    out the nearest barber to expand my character's mustache to fit the theme.
    What do you all think about these early details about the invasions/how do you think it might be expanded or hope how it would be expanded during launch?

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  7. I honestly can't decide weather I want to focus on Sword and board or more of a ranger build! Do you know if there will be combat pets in the game?

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    for pve there is plenty other choices. go and kill mobs. why do you have to ask for PVE in MMORPG.
    let people who love pvp enjoy pvp. there is not so many good pvp mmo games out there while there is full of fucking pve

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    I'm not hyped by Amazon New World and even though I'm expecting to play it per minute while really hoping it is kinda good while Hyped for Ashes of creation hoping is the next big hit on the genre.

  12. Really liking where the game is headed! If you guys are in need of a strong and competitive Company, join us in Black Crusade and rule all of Aeternum!
    Apply to our website to become an Official Member:
    Join our official discord

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  16. I'm really sad about microtransactions being in the game from launch. I pre-ordered this as soon as it was announced but wasn't lucky enough for an alpha key. Microtransactions, even for cosmetics have no place in full-priced pay to play MMOs. I don't want to be locked out of limited edition content or cosmetics just because I don't have $50 to drop every month on various misc. I'm pretty OCD and a collector so games like this aren't good for my wallet.

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