Annoying Orange Let’s Play Call Of Duty Ghosts with Grandpa Lemon

Annoying Orange Let’s Play Call Of Duty Ghosts with Grandpa Lemon

-Hey there, fruit lovers. You asked for it, so here it is! Today I’m playing
Call of Duty: Ghosts against Grandpa Lemon!
-[snoring] Oh! Did I win something?
-You sure did! You won a defeat!
[laughs] Let’s play! -Aw man, this is one of
those video game games everyone’s talking about,
isn’t it? Just don’t expect me
to be very good at– wait. Hold on a second.
Is this a war game? Hey, I was in a war once. -Sounds like you’re “ramping” up
for a war story, Grandpa Lemon. [laughs]
-Sure am. I got war stories for days. -Just focus on the game,
old man, or you’re gonna get BURNED.
[laughs] -Aah! Where is…
Wha…what’s happening? -Boom-shakalakalakalaka!
-Oh, boy. I think I just died. Oh, dear. You know, I’m gonna go out
on a limb here and say this is vastly different
from being in an actual war. What button digs a foxhole? [bomb beeps, explodes]
-Yea-ha! -Oh boy, looks like
I’m pretty bad at this, huh? Once I get the hang
of this, you better– oh, there you are! I see you, you little bugger!
-Ooh! Eat it! -Looks like you got me.
But that was great. I remember one time in the war,
we were holed up in a trench four clicks west of
this enemy encampment– -[groans]
Are you still talking? Hey, Grandpa Lemon!
I’m “scoping” you out! [laughs] ♪ Reloadin’, loadin’,
loadin’, loadin’, what? ♪ ♪ Keep reloadin’, loadin’,
loadin’, loadin’, what? ♪ ♪ Keep reloadin’, loadin’,
loadin’, loadin,’ come on ♪ [laughs] [gunfire]
Ooh! Huh. This game’s getting
a little lopsided. [laughs] -You wish.
I’m getting the hang of it. Now I’m coming
for you right now. Wait… never mind. I think I just walked
into my own grenade. [sighs]
At any rate, where was I? Oh, right, the grasshoppers. So these grasshopper guys
were honoring. One of them came at me
while I was sleepin’. See,
I slept a lot in those days– and I woke up thinking it was one of my buddies
playin’ a joke on– Oh, I see you! Oh, I see you!
[gunfire] -Aw, you got me! I let you do that on purpose
’cause I felt bad for you. -I did it! [chuckles]
I killed you! -You better watch out now,
Gramps. I’m comin’ with grenades! I’m like grenade Santa Claus.
Everybody gets a grenade here! That distant crane
gets a grenade! That building gets a grenade! The– aw, man. You’re
gettin’ kinda good at this. -I’m pretending
you’re a caterpillar. Strangely enough,
I find that it helps. That’s it. Come to Grandpa. [gunfire]
Ah! Just missed you! [gunfire]
-Killed you! [gunfire]
Killed you again! [laughs] This is easy as pie–
lemon meringue pie. [laughs] [gunfire] -Aw, come on! Take it
easy on a senior citizen. Here we go.
I’m gonna try to snipe you. -Don’t announce that
you’re gonna snipe me. It defeats the whole purpose.
-Oh yeah, good point. What I meant to say was,
I’m NOT going to snipe you now. -Too late!
[laughs] [gunfire] [laughs]
Taste bullets! What? Uh-oh. I’m hurt! -In real life or the game?
-In the game. -Oh, that’s too bad. Because
at this point in the game, I wish you actual
real-life physical harm. -Wow. Grandpa Lemon’s
really getting into this. [laughs]
-No kidding. These video game
games are addicting. -♪ Jumpin’ off balconies
like it ain’t no thing ♪ ♪ Shootin’ Grandpa Lemon
close to a train ♪ [laughs] Whoa, you fell funny.
[laughs] -There you are.
You can run but you can’t hide. [chuckles]
Whoo! That felt good. I really needed that.
-Yeah. Too bad the game’s
basically over. [laughs] [gunfire]
Whaa! Whoo-hoo!!! Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory!
Victory! Victory! -Yeah, yeah.
I’ll get you next time. Let me know
if you ever want to have a foxhole-digging competition.
I’ll whup you at that. Now, how do I sign out of here? I don’t understand
this game at all. -That was fun. If you want to see me
totally destroy anyone else in particular,
tell me in the comments! Victory! Victory! Victory!
Victory! Victory! Victory! Victory!
[laughs] Captioned by [laughs]

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  1. Fight pair aren’t you never fired a pair before I think you fight Marshmello and grapefruit and grandpa wanna make what you need to get a pair and passion your girlfriend ha ha ha ha

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