Apex Legends – System Override Collection Event Trailer

Apex Legends – System Override Collection Event Trailer

Come get some. Move it or die! Triple take here. Triple take here. I may win this thing today.
Keep rooting for me. Here I go killing again. Great! Yeehaw! Revenant is here! Oh no! Don’t beat yourself up. Leave that to me. Evo shield here. Going to phase. May the gods bless you. Scan the area. I fall only when the gods will it. The day is mine. Life is meant to die. You can run. You can hide. But you can’t escape yourself. I just do the job. This isn’t a costume. It’s a uniform. It’s who I am. And you will respect it. Don’t matter who you are
back in the world. You’re in my house now.

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  1. User by the name of Brigitta_wins and tp_czl or something is teaming with another user to get the 4k damage badge

  2. Who is the last scene person?
    BTW the name of this music "Jericho" is the name of leaked legend…

    So, next legend is…😱

  3. 匚ㄖ几ㄒ尺卂匚ㄒ_乙ㄖ爪乃丨乇

    Would be fun if this game would stop crashing at this point it’s gotta be something with my account but devs prefer more money than helping playerbase

  4. POWERful GAMEs RU


  5. Grace Janiszewski

    Make octane hit box very small
    Pls and make it unmasked The legends because I always Play as a octane and I always die as him

  6. This has nothing to do with the event but PLEASE ADD CORSS-SAVE SO I CAN PLAY PC AND HAVE ALL OF MY LEGENDS AND SKINS

  7. You guy should make a finisher were two player finish line knocked player like EX: Bangalore pops smoke than Bloodhound stabs the knocked player with he's knife

  8. Can you fix the run on console its extremely glitchy and makes me lose a lot of kills , loot and it has cost me a few games all because I can’t run I change my buttons but it’s not different

  9. World Of Tanks Gamer 7

    0:50 from grey to blue +25 shield, from blue to purple, +50 shield, from purple to red, +25 shield, so isnt it best value to go from blue to purple?

  10. Pro Ninja Alpha Lazer Gunning Machine

    Announcer: Warning! Red Octane is in the Base.
    Blu Path: A Red Octane is in Base?! [Grabs PK and rushes down stairs] Hut-Hut-Hut-Hut-Hut! We need to protect the Loot Ticks!
    Blu Mirage: [trying to open loot tick room door] Hey, a little help here?!
    Blu Path: Stand back, friend! [presses numbers into the door lock] Uhm 1-1-1 uhm… 1!
    Blu Mirage: Lets go, lets Go!
    Blu Gibby: INCOMING!
    All:[Yelling whilst breaking through door]
    Blu Mirage: Hey, they're still here!
    Blu Gibby: Alright then
    Blu Octane:[Arrives carrying a dead Blu Bloodhound with Red Octane's knife in His back] Caballeros…….
    I see the Loot ticks are safe?
    Blu Path: Safe and sound.
    Blu Mirage: Yeah, they are!
    Blu Octane: Tell me, did anyone happen to kill a Red Octane on the way here? No? Then we still have a problem. [Drops Blu BH's body on the table]
    Blu Path: And a knife.
    Blu Mirage: Ooh-hoo-hoo, big problem! [Plays with Red Octane's Balisong] I've killed plenty of Octanes. They're dime-a-dozen speedy scumbags, like you! [flips knife, cuts himself] Ow! No offense.
    Blu Octane: [Casually closes knife with impressive skill, and hands it back to Blu Mirage] If you managed to kill them, I assure you they were not like me. And nothing – nothing! like the man loose inside this building!
    Blu Mirage: What are you, president of his fan club? [Blu Path chuckles]
    Blu Octane: No… that would be your Madre! [Reveals several incriminating photos of the Red Octane embracing/making love to a middle-aged woman, presumably Blu Mirage's mother]
    Blu Mirage: What the–? [stammering; shocked]
    Blu Octane: Indeed. And now he's here to f**k us! So listen up, compadre, or pornography starring your madre will be the second worse thing that happens to you today. [Blu Mirage shakes his fist at Blu Octane, while Blu Gibby shows Blu Path one particular photo with a smirk]
    Blu Path: Oh my! [Leers at photo in confusion]
    Blu Mirage: Gimme That! [Snatches pictures]
    Blu Octane: This Octane has already breached our defenses.
    [Red Octane running through the Blu base, approaching Blu Crypto and his Drone. Red Octane arc stars Blu Crypto's Drone.
    Blu Crypto: My Drone was destroyed! [Blu Crypto drops chip and attempts to draw his P2020. Blu Crypto is not fast enough, and is Headshotted by Red Octane. The Blu Crypto now dead, falls through the door, and Red Octane leans out and shoots his Wingman at off-screen target.]
    Blu Octane: You see what he has done to our amigos. [Gestures at the Blu BH body]
    [Red Octane is shown sneaking up behind Blu BH and stabs BH in the Back, Falls off-screen]
    Blu Octane: And worst of all, he could be anyone of us!
    The Red Octane is shown, battling the Blu Lifeline.
    Blu Lifeline: Out, Out! [Swings at the Red Octane with her Electrified Drum sticks]
    Red Octane: [Effortlessly blocks the attack. His body shimmers and he takes on the fake Blu Lifeline.]
    Blu Lifeline: No…
    Red Octane: [strikes the real Blu Lifeline in the neck, and her headphones fly into the air, fake Blu Lifeline catches them to complete disguise.]
    Blu Octane: He could be in this very room! He could be you! He could be Me! He could even b- [his head is blown off by Blu Pathfinder's Peacekeeper]
    Blu Mirage: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
    Blu Gibby: Augh!
    Blu Path: What? It was obvious [loads PK] He's the Red Octane! watch, he'll turn Red any second now. [Taps Blu Octane's foot with barrel of his PK] Any second now… See? Red! No, wait, wait that's blood.
    Blu Gibby: So we still got a problem Brutha
    [Blu Mirage behind them opens Balisong with impressive skill, and transforms into the Red Octane.]
    Blu Path: Big problem. Alright friends, who's ready to go find this Octane?
    Red Octane: Right behind you.
    [Stabs Blu Path and Gibby off-screen]
    Red Octane: [with cart filled with Blu Loot Ticks, picks up a photo of Blu Mirage's Mother and smiles fondly] Ah, mi bellisima flor.
    [Red Octane walks off-screen]

  11. Pathfinder: “Oh boy, here I go killing again.”

    I must get this Rick and Morty referencing quip for in-game. How much money do I have to throw at the screen to make this happen?

  12. "This isn't a costume, it's a uniform. It's who I am. And you will respect it."
    Not really sure why, but that line hits hard.

  13. I am grateful for this I always love me my limited time events 🙂 But on a side note, Apex should do a limited time event that brings back all the limited time event skins for legends. I know everyone has that one or two skins that they regretted not buying when they had the chance.

  14. Kristopher Phillips

    Anybody notice the continuous scan buff that it looks like Bloodhound is getting with a range boost? Here's hoping both Bloodhound and Mirage get their abilities buffed like its been teased.

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