Arcade 1Up Flash News Update – Black Friday Pac Man News!

Arcade 1Up Flash News Update – Black Friday Pac Man News!

good morning good evening good whenever
you’re watching this I just want to let you guys know I did receive my review
units from Arcade 1up special thanks to those guys for sending those out to me
I’ve got the Street Fighter – arcade cabinet as well as the rampage cabinet
right behind me I’m gonna be working very hard this week to put out a quality
review for you guys you can be on the lookout for it probably this weekend
because I’m going to spend a lot of time going through the ins and outs both of
these machines to make sure I check all the boxes now if you’re new to this
channel be sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you get
notified just as soon as I post that update

51 thoughts on “Arcade 1Up Flash News Update – Black Friday Pac Man News!”

  1. The whole being able to order the Pac-man cabinet online for Black Friday instead of having to go to Walmart would be awesome news with one huge glaring problem with that. We've already seen the lengths Walmart is willing to go to make sure they have plenty of stock in the stores, prioritizing that even over pre-orders. I'm sure they're already concocting an excuse why the order online will mysteriously have a technical problem so customers will have to go into the stores to get them.

  2. Of all the channels that received demo units, no one deserved them more than you! Great job keeping us informed on this product since day one! Looking forward to many more videos to come!

  3. Falcon Arcade Gaming

    Just ordered a pi for the centipede machine ima try to put a joystick in there too and have a mame cab for centipede and milipede but also like donkey kong and galaga. Im really excited to see more videos from you man! Its been awhile! Im subscribed on two different acounts hahaha.

  4. DOn't know why people are making a big deal about Pacman. I guess if you don't have a pi3 cabinet, it is a big deal even though pacman has been in smaller cab.

  5. Hell yeah man! that's great news! I was just at walfart an hour ago and bought 2 risers for my Street Fighter and Midway cabinets. They had a whole display up that I will post pics for on my instagram @bdeadmoon The Atari deluxe will be at my doorstep in 8 hours. I got a great look at the Galaga machine,but the instore demo only. It was covered by some plastic riser all over the control panel so you couldn't play it. It looked pretty sharp though.

  6. cool deal! looking forward to the review, and good to know the pac-man cabs will also be available online! (still wish it had included ms. pac-man and/or galaga but what can you do? ah well)

  7. Much love toy & because of you I knew about this machine. I decided not to buy until the konami machine drops tmnt, Simpson's & X-Men

  8. Here is my update my friend: Still no word from Arcade 1up on fixing my machine they gave me a case number and now nothing , no email and no return call either , not very happy considering the short warranty and the game did not work right out of the box.

  9. You can Actually pre-order the Pac-man 1/4 scale arcade cabinet at gamestop it's just listed under disguise by another company name release date Black friday/ Dec 1 lol one or the other I guess but it's at $179.99…. also note it's not under Arcade one up it's under a different name "Rubber Road limited" WTF check it out!!!

    Also 1/4 when the ones we have now are labeled as 3/4 is kind of weird

  10. COOLTOY, I got super lucky and went to my walmart last night(10/15/18) after work and they put all 4 Arcade 1up cabs on the shelf and I bought them all!!!😁 can't wait to put them together when I get home!! Also I'm stoked you finally got your cabs as well, awesome video my friend!!

  11. I'll be sure to turn in to your Review although ETA Prime already blew the Arcade 1up news out of the water with his Ras-Pi Mod and how to guide.

  12. Any news when Arcade1up galaga coming back on Walmart webite or in the store ? Today was release day and did find any in my areas Walmart in South Florida .

  13. got my deluxe today — put that baby on casters with $15 worth of stuff from home depot. Msg me if u would like pics. After doing it, i would never want one without them. Fortunately the riser is built ideally for adding them
    with a simple $4corner brace. Love it.

  14. Went to a Walmart in Torrance, CA to see if they had any available to buy or demo. Nada. They said some specialized display setter upper is coming Thursday to set them up, and they can't release them until then. All that delay, and still they can't get someone there in time to set things up?? Probably for the best, though. If they had the Galaga available, I probably would've impulse bought it.

  15. On and Argos and Very, It says you get ghost and goblins strider and final fight on the street fighter 2 model.

  16. So all the retailers including Wal-mart, FYE etc are saying the release has been pushed back yet again to the 23rd. Can anyone confirm?

  17. great channel, thanks for all the news! Can't wait to get the Rampage cabinet! Best selection of games for me… but having an Asteroid arcade is tempting too… now Pacman damn!!! Hope I can find these in Canada soon!

  18. I got mines Hot out of the back room at the strongsville ohio walmart and placed it on layaway with the stand. I grabbed the Street fighter one and my plan is to pimp it with a retro pi. A guy did and street fighter alpha 3 looks Killer on the cabinet

  19. I put together my 12 in 1 deluxe last night. I really enjoy it. It definitely mimics the real arcade well. Some of the replica arcade machines especially with asteroids do not sound right. The spinner can improve, but it's OK. I have not added the riser yet. I kind of like sitting and playing. Kids will like it too.

  20. Does anyone know yet if this will have a 4-way arcade stick and not a generic 8-way? Because Pac-Man can't REALLY be played with an 8-way stick.

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