Arcade & Claw Machine Wins (New Spongebob Coin Pusher Gary Card) Game Room Fun

Arcade and claw machine wins including the new Gary Spongebob coin pusher card! Robbins by his Lakes got him no he didn’t all right so we’re back at
the bowling alley check it out the quagga shoes is what
they got going on today I got their squishy thing like way up
high out stacked up to the brim for the purple medic room I don’t know if I
recorded the last couple wins we’re gonna get that on the next turn we
got a pink macaroon in a ice cream cone I don’t know if I record it or not
because when I looked at the camera wasn’t recording everything actually it’s gonna hit that one thing but maybe
it’ll still get it see okay now it’s an open we go get it no problem grab it
purple macaroon squishy enough like to merchant evening we have
like 50 of those sodium knock some of these in now that was kind of a up knock
one in grab it I got the macaron another purple and a
bone-marrow kitties purple macaroon squish these claw machine you want this
green macaroon right here and Samantha’s right on top of us even close to good
the purple one got in the way okay now it’s sitting in a good spot the turtle
is still kind of in the way but let’s see there we go all right now we’re gonna go for the
dolphin which is right there it’s just a method gonna grab it I think
you got around the doughnut too much stuff you got it nice dolphin let’s see
about this turtle it’s like great almost right where the claw goes to by itself
rarely had to move it at all and should grab it oh come on
i jinxed myself dr. marchetti’s two and one I don’t think you’ve ever
got a 2 and 1 on the squishiest tumor kiddies I think yep
those little Mercury’s big panda right they actually get it all right oh it’s a
mermaid well so we got the Panda now we exposed the mermaid right there
pretty good I don’t think we’ve gotten the mermaid
before they got in the inside the package huh yeah when the turtle I was
trying to get before all right got my turtle then I couldn’t get for some
reason let’s snap the box just a little bit maybe get it those upside down good spot I think all right let’s see did this perm a squishy I don’t think you went over Fargo you
got to get you chucked it in the corner good all right maybe
no no it’s alright oh well who killed the mermaid there’s much I
ever told sue that might not be big enough all right should drop it right in the chute if I
grab it right that drop it we should go right in no gotta get on the other side
so grab the legs go back a little bit because we want it to call forward you
don’t have to fall back to the cats that’s better
drop them in got them perfect all right I’ll take a couple turns on this machine
there’s not really anything good in here but we’re gonna take a couple turns
anyways you probably get that us a bear right there if you want to do there’s some cool stuff in here but
maybe I’ll get Robin you get behind that harm all right don’t get behind them hit
the hole the other clock pull his arm all right you’re gonna run out time but
you sorry get that bear may be out of luck for his
but you might get his head no okay we’ll see if we can get behind him first
doc pulling his arm okay might be I’ll just get behind his arm and get in then okay
that’s perfect right there right it doesn’t get stuck on the Cape which
should grab him might get stuck on the Cape though I think I’ll get it
Oh No all right we can get him the Cape might be okay it should be between his
legs close by his legs got him no we didn’t tell our head parent
oh come on yeah use another turn because this stupid dragon always stops up from
getting in thing is our nemesis all right should try to get something else
push him in the New York Rangers fellow under it
let’s see it as strong got to grab ya leave it’ll knock the Robin and Mike is
stuck to you it’s stuck in this if we did the Taggart there come on alright
that’s arriving they come out the hook see I got New York Rangers hockey player
hello let’s just finish this guy off there he
goes all right we got Robin I don’t waste a turn but so we got Batman
earlier at golden crown that we got Robin right all right and then we also
got oh the Rangers fellow toadstool and then a bunch of squishy one two three
four twelve squishies at the bowling alley all right head out we got three of us video see if she can
get out of the corner surround it better
it’s gonna fall up it’ll be in a better spot
we finish this yellow fish off I don’t think at the back tail too much that tail too much again nope they got
messy nothing really good trip I got the yellow one I’ll scatter deep blue on it you have
all different colors see if we get down on the corner
rock back I don’t think you got enough of it got another pink one yeah try to get the
blue one out of the corner that might move it and definitely moved it a little
bit move it a little bit more all right
there you go now you can get it I think all right we got this one in the playing
field I think now finish this thing uh yeah it’s
definitely a gettable spotter got the tail too much I think no maybe
that got off of it no I could see it falling but the last minute it fell now let it stop rocking on you might get
good grip see falling again already got it okay you
got a minute okay let’s go give it to mommy
all right got another purple one pink and purple okay give him to mommy
there’s some new spongebob cards and apply pressure there’s a new Gary we’re
gonna try to get it we’ve got all except for Sandy which is right there by the
hedge I don’t know buddy third under just all
these other cars which where is about the fallen that’s food with the plankton
all right you have this turn switch with Samantha if you got the squid we’re
going to get that one and a token sell you top you got it you
got it I think the dairy fell through Jerry’s a snail nice you got the new
Gary Hart night great on the floor plankton
Gary lobster girl you

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