Armored Warfare – Griffin 120mm Commander’s View

Armored Warfare – Griffin 120mm Commander’s View

Commanders! The Griffin 120mm is a Tier 8 Premium Light Tank that is coming soon to Armored Warfare. This 2016 high-tech concept for American rapid deployment forces was developed by General Dynamics to replace the Stryker. Griffin combines the excellent mobility of its AJAX chassis with the firepower of an Abrams Main Battle Tank in the form of its 120mm XM360 smoothbore cannon firing advanced new shell types. Fast, sleek and maneuverable, the Griffin is the embodiment of the rapid response battlefield supremacy concept. The Griffin 120mm will be available as a level reward reward during the upcoming Last Patriot Battle Path. See you on the battlefield, Commanders!

13 thoughts on “Armored Warfare – Griffin 120mm Commander’s View”

  1. Im moving targets7 on Xbox one you need fix your sistem to play bacause im stay 10 minutes! Waiting for play one time and later again 10 or Moreno minutes what a fuck?! I see the people on the server come and play and me? What a fuck?!

  2. El juego dice que es free to play pero mentira, mentiraaaaa, primero si pagas por poco te dan la posibilidad de ganar nomas automáticamente, segundo si no sos premium olvidate que vas a jugar, vas a entrar en el servidor y vas a ver como todos en la cola de espera entran a jugar pero vos si sos pobre y no pagas olvidate por lo menos 10 minutos esperando o más hasta 17 he estado es una mierda este sistema por que no mejor venden el juego y listo, pero no mientan!!!

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