Aron’s Skate Toons: FLASH

Aron’s Skate Toons: FLASH

My first Flash animations looked exactly like
GIFs, but I started to get the hang of it. I realized that I only had to draw the background
once, which was a game changer. My backgrounds got more and more complex, and I started to
do scrolling too. I experimented with that before, but Flash made it so much easier.
I could also experiment with different camera angles, where the skater is actually on top
of the background. I went with a bright red so the skater would stand out. Looking back,
I’m not sure that was the best choice. I also started to pull sound effects in. I had Tony
Hawk 3 on PC back then, and I found the folder with all the sounds and pulled them out to
use. This next one is based on a real guy, Nate
Sherwood, and this is a real line he did. He bailed the last trick when he filmed it,
so I made this as kind of an inside joke, like he would have made it if he took more
of his pills. Next are a couple of freestyle lines. Interestingly,
I actually filmed the last part of this one, the railwhip to heelflip thing, in one of
my Flatland Fifteen videos. I completely forgot that I ever animated it. On another note, you’ll see my name pop up
here and there in the clips, usually as the graphic on the deck. People were starting
to steal my work, so this was my way to sign it. It was still possible to get a Flash decompiler
and make edits, but I wasn’t going to make it too easy. One of my other ideas was to draw a skatepark
and then figure out lines to do. I only ever got these two. I think the idea came from
the Tony Hawk series on Game Boy Advance. It gives you a fixed view like this and lets
you skate around in 3D. After that, I started to try doing a cartoon
skater instead of a stick figure. It is a ton of work. Next up is a game I made as a project in high
school. It’s pretty simple. Four flip tricks, four grinds, and two obstacles. You can see
everything the game has to offer in a minute or two. And it can get glitchy. But I animated
a custom bail if you did any flip trick too late. So there was a ton of frame by frame
animation, even for such a simple game. After a while, the game kicks you out and told you
to go skate. Then I thought – I need to try 3D. This
is my first and last attempt at that. It’s insane. I’ve got tons of respect for people
who can actually do this well. I’m not one of them. Then, years later, at my advertising job,
we were trying to save a big client, so I made them this. This wasn’t based on a real
campaign, it was more about showing off how good we were. The longer you play, the more
frequent and numerous the cones get. Eventually there will barely be any room to land and
you’ll inevitably fail. At that point, it launches the ad. I thought it was a good idea,
and we pitched it to a few different places, but nobody went for it. Well that’s all I’ve got to show for now.
Thanks for watching.

14 thoughts on “Aron’s Skate Toons: FLASH”

  1. oh nice but fr i really like your videos there really good quality and helped me learn my hardflips and tres keep up the good work your videos are helping people like me also what is your opinion about scooters i dont like them wbu

  2. I love it thank u so much brother. i am honored bro. thanks 4 the props and the post. this is rad. hope all is well in your world.

  3. I remember all of your animations! I used to search the web for skate animations when I was about 10. I became obsessed with pivot animation

  4. yo, i love your analysis of all the skating games, and I love animating skateboarding myself. I'd love for you to check out my channel sometime. I've got a lot of 3d skating animations

  5. hey rad tad i need to make a flash animation project and i need help making a skateboarding flash animation could you give me some tricks or send me a tutorial thanks

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