Asphalt 9 – Godly Beasts – Chapter 2

Asphalt 9 – Godly Beasts – Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 SAN FRANCISCO And here we go, into the final lap… What do you think of him, Alex? He’s fast, all right… but reckless. With the finish line approaching
fast, Feuerrm’s in a tight spot… He’s completely blocked off. What a fool… Hmmm… Whoa! Where did that move come from?! That’s two birds, and real big stones! Hope everyone’s okay, ha ha! You either have amazing luck…
or incredible brilliance. Either way,
let’s see how far it can take you. GODLY BEASTS

96 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 – Godly Beasts – Chapter 2”

  1. Eitist Hyper Sleet0

    Godly beast means a super pay to win event, picture this let’s imagine Bugatti Chiron combined with Koenigsegg Jesko Special event and you get the GODLY BEASTS.

  2. Я уже пол месяца обнову жду а они комексы показывают залей те уже обнову

  3. GraczCourier's Gaming

    Would love to challenge Feuerrm, but with my challenging skills…?
    I'd wish the racing in Asphalt would be just as before, as a class starting cars. For now I gotta race for better future.

  4. Yeah here we go again this crash
    Was a danil kvyat's crashing to
    Vettel but there's a feuerrm's win
    Like a TORPEDO But there's a next
    Target : supersonic s.g xox

  5. Tbh I really hope that this is an expansion to the career along with a special event. But since it's gameloft it's probably not going to be the case.

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