Battlefield V Announces Free Map Packs! – Hot Take Game News

Battlefield V Announces Free Map Packs! – Hot Take Game News

a fresh hot trailer just dropped of battlefield 5 the game looks pretty decent enough but there’s something hidden within the announcement that’s gonna be very very important going forward let’s talk about this [Music] so the battlefield 5 trailer has been pretty cool I think in engine footage that’s being shown off I don’t think it’s exactly gameplay because it looks a little bit too fluid and pretty much way too action-packed for any battlefield game they look exactly like that but that really doesn’t matter too much to me I’ve liked the battlefield games in the past and although I don’t think they really revealed enough information about this game for us to be truly excited about it one thing that kind of surprised me was that there wasn’t gonna be a battle royale mode everyone else seems to be doing that so it’s kind of funny to see the battlefield isn’t regardless though none of that matters what does matter is the announcement that battlefield 5 is not going to have any paid map packs folks we finally did it we won all these stupid companies making mat packs left and right that you had to spend hundreds of dollars on is finished because with battlefield 5 officially not as supporting any kind of paid map packs they’re done you see what Call of Duty when they announced it that was kind of a big deal but when battlefield announced it that means that everyone has to follow suit now that doesn’t mean you’re not gonna have to pay for everything because they’re definitely gonna have paid cosmetic features and stuff like that maybe you want your character to have a really nice looking hat or something you’re still gonna have to drop down a dollar but regardless having those map packs free is more important than anything else because anytime I played a game of battlefield with any of my friends we always ended up not being able to play together if somebody got a map pack that the other ones didn’t this always pissed me off and now we’re in a really great position where battlefield is gonna have that issue anymore now personally I think they were heavily inspired by splatoon too and titanfall too because those games offered matte packs for free which i think is the way everyone should be doing it I never really want to go out and buy a video game and have to buy matte packs afterwards and so anytime you see a copy of battlefield 5 on store shelves there’s gonna be no reason to make a special edition version of it that includes all the paid DLC because there isn’t any paid DLC unless they include like shirts hats you know crap like that side of that though I’m very excited about this even if the game ends up not being very good seeing Call of Duty and Battlefield and all these other games offer free Mac packs means a great piece of gaming’s going to be happening for the future for everyone that buys these games because they no longer have to waste their money on things that should have been free in the first place

11 thoughts on “Battlefield V Announces Free Map Packs! – Hot Take Game News”

  1. After the sacred cow barbecue that was Battlefront II, I simply have no interest in any future games from either DICE or EA.

  2. Well Splatoon 2 has pretty much doubled its map count and greatly expanded its weapon selection since launch ¯_(ツ)_/¯. Getting free updates and content is always nice!

  3. I miss the days of level editors meaning you didn't have to worry about map packs, and I really miss Battlefield mods. I keep hoping for a new Battlefield Pirates.
    I think maybe Rockstar showing GTA Online being so "successful" with all the free content is inspiring other developers to do the same, but that is then worrying because GTA Online is funded by Shark Cards giving earlier access to more powerful weapons and vehicles which mostly leads to griefing.

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