Behind the Scenes: Cover Room

Behind the Scenes: Cover Room

-What I love
about cover room is that, now this is gonna
sound strange, but, is that there are restrictions. Is that it all happens in the
same room. The size of that room doesn’t
change. It all happens within the
confines of those four walls, which I think sometimes can fuel
additional creativity. -And if you come over here,
we’re gonna see… -The most fun part for me
is definitely the challenge of that room. I mean, it’s a 8×10 room that’s
painted a very specific color. And so to change it
in a way that makes it different enough for each artist
is really challenging, but I sort of love
coming up with some way to make it differ net
than the last one. [ Indistinct chatter ] Did a lot of research, particularly on Leon’s music
videos, which are so beautiful. They all look like
these vintage postcards. And so I thought we should maybe
bring an element of that into the room if we could. And so that’s why we chose that
kind of vintage-y wallpaper and these very, like sort of
washed-out postcard artwork in the background,
just to kind of give it some sort of vintage-y feel. How do you take that room
and turn it into something
completely different? -Shooting in that room all the
time has really forced us to come up with unique
solutions for each cover room. For me, these tings are like,
performances, they’re just musical perfomances,
and we’re capturing them. So, all you can try and do
is make sure that you’re getting out of the
way of everything and just letting the artists and
the song speak for themselves. We care deeply about the music
and we care deeply about how things
are represented. And we just want to serve the
artist and the song. Just so you know I have —
this camera’s rotating the whole time,
we also have one sort of trained on you
the whole time. -I love
seeing these artists operate in a really intimate space. People are always trying to
make musical perfomances bigger and more of a spectacle,
but there’s something so cool about a one-person ticket. It’s like a venue where they’re
playing to an audience of one. -All right, we are rolling.
Quiet please. -Having a chance to sit,
listen to a song, and just daydream about
what the possibilities are is possibly the best thing
that’s ever happened to me. We’re just so fortunate to be
able to make these. Anyone who watches it,
I hope, feels that there’s a lot of love
and care put into these things, because there is. We spend a lot of time working
on them. Because we really love them. There’s no two ways about it,
we really do. Everyone’s good, right?
-Let’s go. -I love you. Thank you so much.
-Thank you. -That was really good. -Great, cutting.
Check the gate.

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  1. a little hot sax fallon

    I LOVE how much hard work and detail everyone put into the cover room series, and I didn't realize they have such a small room to do everything in.. they all work so hard in every aspect of the show! I love the cover room series, great job everyone

  2. I truly love these new musical elements introduced by Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, and the entire Tonight Show Team. Thank you all!

  3. The people behind the scenes are underestimated and underappreciated, you go cover room people! You a very appreciated by me!

  4. I'm sad that you're removing old Cover Room shows like the August Greene appearance. This is really disappointing as a fan.

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