Best Flash Browser for iPad Compared

Best Flash Browser for iPad Compared

Apple is causing its customers a lot of pain
in the head. The most notorious is the lack of Flash support in iOS devices.
The users have to either remove themselves completely from Web videos and
Web games, or stick to crutches like special flash browsers. Now that Steve
Jobs is dead, as well as his “thoughts on flash”, there was a hope for the
light at the end of the tunnel. But this light was shutdown by Abode – the
maker of Flash. They ceased development of Flash in favour of HTML5, which
should replace Flash technology. However, content owners are reluctant to jump
on another technology and most of them don’t maintain a specific site
for Apple devices. I personally need Flash on my iPad to watch The Daily Show,
which doesn’t have an iPad app. They offer to purchase episodes on iTunes
instead, which is ridiculous, since they are available for free on their
site. That is actually an interesting point: by not including Flash to their devices,
Apple forces customers to purchase software to enable that compatibility,
and by not making a HTML5 site, content providers force their viewers
to purchase episodes of their shows. So, having no flash is profitable.
Anyway, the Flash-enabled browsers for iOS do not actually enable flash on
your device. What they do, is convert the content on their sites from flash
to Apple-friendly format and transfer it to your device. This has quite a
few major drawbacks: first, forget about privacy as the server owners know
what you are browsing; second, you need a permanent internet connection for
that to work; and the last but not the least, the quality is awful. iOS flash video is nothing compared to desktop
video on the same bandwidth. The quality is really bad and the frame rate
is very low. Keep that in mind. Still, lets compare the three most popular
Flash-enabled browsers on the Ipad. I’m using the 3d generation ipad which has
a fast 1.5 megabit internet connection over wi-fi.
Obviously, I can’t use The Daily Show as test video for copyright issues,
so instead I’ll show a dynamic video from my Youtube channel. You may
watch it on your desktop in HD just to get the idea how it should look
like. So the worst utility so far is the Photon
browser. You open a page, and then have to press the
lightning button so it will fetch the page through their servers. It has some serious sound issues, as in most cases the lips do not sync with the
speech, and sometimes the sound skips. The picture is very grainy even
on moderate quality settings. It is impossible to watch a talk show with
Photon browser. The next program is Skyfire browser. It is
probably the most famous one. Let’s have a look.
It actually has a somewhat better performance, but the usability is worse.
It pops up a little window prompting you to play the video.
When you click on it, it starts to prepare the content, which takes like
forever. Just sit back and wait. The quality is much better and there aren’t
much sound issues. But the video seems to come in chunks, which
is indicated by the bar at the top of the screen, so you can’t just click
on the desired location of the progress bar to start video from there.
It’s a major drawback. But video performance is better. The last program is Puffin browser.
It somewhat combines the look and feel of the first – the Photon browser
with the video quality of Skyfire. This is the best performance so far, and the
progress bar is there. However, it really does skip a lot of frames, which
is visible even in static shows like interviews. But so far, Puffin is the
best way to watch flash on iPad. The funny thing is, my trustee Nokia N900
has flash support built in since it’s release in 2009 and runs web video perfectly
smooth. Nice one, Apple.

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  1. In a couple of years or more, when html5 will replace flash, it will be irrelevant. You actually can use youtube in html5 right now, it's in the "try something new" section. My estimation is in about 5 years al sites will stop use flash. In the meantime, Apple suggests its customers to suck their dicks for the period.

  2. Flash is not supported on any iOS device. this is official apple position, and true apple fans should have no trouble accepting that.

  3. I think you should get used to Dolphin. It's the best native-flash browser on Android, and you're sure to dump ios some day))

  4. I hate these looooonnnnnggg drawn out video explaination. Short and to the point is way better I fell asleep three time trying to watch this.

  5. with that attitude, you'd better go watch a TV ad. They usually just say "buy our shit, it's the best" in less than 20 seconds, without actually explaining why their shit is nastier than almost identical competitor's.

  6. thanks for your comment. the chain was the only dynamic video on my channel at that time, so I had to use it. obviously I can't use movies or other people's work.

  7. Izzy ᴸᴬᴵᶠ

    It doesn't, since Apple officially does not support flash. Open Safari on your ipad/iphone, Google "flash test" and and go check the first link that appears. It should be Adobe flash test page, and Adobe is the developer of Flash.

  8. Izzy ᴸᴬᴵᶠ

    Well, Australian accent is no better, and at least I speak a foreign language. I wonder if you speak Russian or any other tongue of the people invading your continent at the moment.

  9. Izzy ᴸᴬᴵᶠ

    search for "flash android apk", download the apk from where it looks decent to you. put it on a sdcard, plug it in and in the system info area press on the icon.
    you may require to enable installations from sd card in settings

  10. search google for "archived flash player versions" on that adobe flash website go down to flash player for android and download one of them. just enable install of non market apps. dont worry adobe is legit. and it works perfect!

  11. i use both operating systems, IOS and android.
    both got some advantages, but the reason why i love android the most, is that i can use the original adobe flash version 11 that was created by adobe themself.
    it works perfectly with some free standard browsers you can download in the store (dolphin browser). with that browser you can display 98% of all webpages i have tried. they run very smooth and i can even watch nearly all video streams like its on your pc without being confronted with probs

  12. Dragon Lord Frost Scythe

    Because of the recent update of Puffin it is removed from the list.And sky fire is probably is in the lead.

  13. These app are not "Flash" browser their "Cloud" browser…as we all know these apps copy the video embed links an send them to a cloud base server an converts them to a format like .mp4 to be playable for you device .

    Not recommended to use your email or account info since it tunnel your log-in info to random proxy links to a server an anyone can run a keyloggers to record it for later use by a stranger! Example; I'm watch Netflix with my account on cloud browser app an the info travel a (my ip) to b (random server 1) and you do the but your IP different as well as it went into he tunnel server but if some how the server would crash we might end up with one another log information cause its remains inside the proxy sever client database since its not control or monitor by internet provider computer to tell are IP addresses to log-off or log-in…to point it out straight, you left the car running an it still using gas until you take out the key out! While the car running u have this an that running like scripts, auto Logs, .exe an so on like a radio, lights or ac.

  14. Wouldnt it be better to use vpn like splash? All I do is connect to 1 of the computer on my network and the quality is very good

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