BEST Flash Mobs of ALL TIME — BOAT 1

BEST Flash Mobs of ALL TIME — BOAT 1

If you haven’t seen the Hallelujah Flash Mob
yet, you’ve missed out. After one month, the video already has 26 million views. One girl
starts singing, people get confused, a guy joins in, and then BOOM, a host of secret
flash mob agents join in, and they handle it pretty well. But is the Hallelujah Flash Mob the best flash
mob of all time? From Michael Jackson to Latvian Folk dancing,
all aboard the BOAT. First up, my favorite. Improv Everywhere had
80 people dressed in blue shirts and khakis walk into Best Buy. The store’s employees
got so scared…yeah…they called the police. Improv everywhere is also famous for Frozen
Grand Central, where 200 people just plain-old stopped moving. They started moving eventually,
but if you’d rather split the difference, the same group also has 225 people move in
slow motion at Home Depot. Impressive, right? Well, here are 3,000 people freezing in Paris.
T-Mobile was behind this flash mob, one of the best recorded and documented ever. But who cares about cool angles and editing
when you can have a Lightsaber flash mob instead? This happened in Poland. Not much is going
on until a stand-off ensues, a finger-gun is pulled, everyone freaks out and starts
shooting, and people drop like flies. Not enough skin for you? Well, here’s an effort from Flip. It might
be all “over when the fat lady sings,” but it all starts when the fat boy in a Speedo
dances. If you wish these people would stop being
so vertical, I guess this Swedish dance troupe’s flash mob is more your style…A bunch of
people fall over Domino-style and then boogie while lying on their backs. Subtract the dancing and add a crazy guy with
a giant hammer and you’ve got this human Domino chain. But now, here’s a bus driver in Europe whose
transport company surprised him with a birthday flash mob. At first, a lone trumpeter makes
him go “Whaaa?” But then a woman starts singing to him, more people join in, and once he starts
to get it, he drives right into a surprise Bday party for himself. I leave you today with some romance. This guy organized an entire flash mob in
New York, so that when he proposed and she said “yes,” everyone would clap and then join
in with the dance explosion celebration. So, there you go. What’s the best flash mob
of all time? Let me know what you think below, and if you have an idea for a future flash
mob that you think would be even better, let me know what it would be, how it would work,
and why it would rule. And, as always guys, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “BEST Flash Mobs of ALL TIME — BOAT 1”

  1. Food Court Musical (Can I get a napkin please?) is what I call a real flash mob – not large but completely unexpected and the onlookers' expressions reflect that.

  2. I bet randomly freezing then one start singing then after most people start singing then they all clap hands and hug people!

  3. The best flash mob would be everyone shooting each other with fingers then someone pulling out an invisible mini gun and mowing everyone down like in Seether – Country Song.

  4. Will Person Weaboo#567

    In fifth grade i started a dance flash mob at walden west, i started dancing them people started joining in, soon everyone was dancing most memorable memory of my life

  5. I've always wanted to stand up in a crowded bus and sing "I have a structured settlement but I need cash now", just to see what happens.

  6. No doubt in my mind, the one that appeals to me the most is the T-Mobile at Heathrow Airport. All the others are tied for the #2 spot.

  7. I am AMAZED at the impact these can have. Always wanted to start one in the red light area of Amsterdam to REALLY highlight the plight of the slavery AND the complacent local "authorities" But I don't have the resources. Thinking of "Do you hear the people sing" from Les Miserable

  8. apparently humanity is the only species that dances…..yeah, I can see why. Humans are without exception THE most pathetic, dumbest plague on the face of the planet. Instead of coming together as one to remove the manipulative, lying, mass murdering governments that, oh yeah, WE elect, and make a better world, we come together and waste our time doing this garbage. Great to see prioritizing is such a priority.

  9. 'BEST FLASH MOB EVER' by brandonbeewakoof
    – because of its sheer size and that it's controlled by ipods xx

  10. I hated that Improve Everywhere Best Buy one. Its a lost prevention and customer service nightmare. There was an episode of Leverage where the heroes used this exact same tactic to help close down a store.

  11. I was in a flash mob at a state fair where we all just sat on the ground with newspapers, then at 1 pm stood up, rolled up the newspapers, and started having a fight for 2 minutes before sitting back down and reading again

  12. Best flash mob in my humble opinion was …
    Summer Splash Bikini Flashmob // 11.11.2015 Stephansplatz
    Q: Why? A: Because the girls are in bikini's.



  15. I have always wanted my bluegrass club to organize a bg instrumental flashmob. Probably at a local large mall. Banjo starts and guitar answers. Others join in.

    'Twould be fun methinks.

  16. The best flash mob will be a group of anti-trump people all given 1 brick. When trump makes an announcement they build a small wall around the entrance

  17. I think that if we did one in front of the white house, and have them have a orchestra and mariachis start playing with dancers dressed as middle class people, playing songs like : we are the world ,love train,happy and la vida es un carnaval.

  18. everyone having one of these

  19. Most of them are just groups of people taking up the entire area.
    There's no one around to react.., which is kinda the point.

    We can see groups of people dancing in other videos.

  20. Once this kid named billy convinced half the population of my high school, about 3000 people, to recite the script to bee movie.

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