Best Free To Play Games on Steam | Absolute Favorite

Best Free To Play Games on Steam | Absolute Favorite

Hello everyone welcome, to absolute favorite my name is Jordan, i’m matt and it’s good, to see all of you out there in cyberspace Yeah, on the interwebs yes i you all on the world wide web i hope so well hold on to your dial-up connections cuz (Laughter) I like it because the absolute favorites coming in too strong yeah there you go today (Laughter) What are we talking about today? I’m going to tell you all right all right we are doing free-to-play steam yes my top-five absolute favorite free-to-play steam games now it does limit a few things. Biggest game the world right now probably fortnite but well yeah not on steam on steam yeah i’m not sure I don’t think it well i think that’s that’s they’re gonna do their own thing with it this also means blizzard games are out So here’s the storm hearthstone out we’re doing just steam and just Free-to-play yeah so should be fun let’s dive right in number 1 all right we are here with our first pick for best steam free-to-play games what you got buddy well i’m gonna pick maplestory yeah, sure i’m sure it’s not, even canadian but i like maplestory well i have not played maplestory i’m aware of it and i know they’re coming out the second one very soon yes i really love maplestory it’s a it’s a 2-d game and a very very cool art i really like it it’s got a lot of cool actual you can you know obviously paid yeah for like the little extra you know you can have like a little pet that follows you and stuff shoot Like a rpg like bash them up okay you know okay that’s the style that i like okay that’s the kind of rpgs i like? Actual but not the turn base it’s yes free for me yes yeah okay well yeah i’m not playing it i’m well aware of that the story about yeah alright well speaking of action rpgs my fur choice is also an action-rpg i chose path of exile ooh which is just a diablo, clone through and through i’m a free to play diablo clone in his gut insane amounts of content for being a free game i’m not sure how This game survives but it’s been on steam for a very long time If you need that like devil i put so many hours into diablo 2 and diablo 3 back in my day And so having a whole new one that is completely free yes fantastic there’s so much content i love path of exile is a great just like mindless click on things and get better items you can click on more things oh my gosh it’s fantastic i love it so check it out nice i haven’t played it yet with our number 2 my number 2 steam free-to-play game it’s not, for the faint of heart oh um I’ve spent a lot of time playing it and i’m pretty sure i still suck at it dota 2 oh i chose dota 2 which is just it’s the same thing as like league of legends same things here as a storm it’s a five-on-five top-down hero killing yeah you know i don’t – is one of the biggest esports in the world its massive tournament prizes mom the skill ceiling is insane i’ve put several hundred hours of the dota 2 and i still get chewed out by teammates in games because i’m terrible Like it’s insanely difficult and it is very rewarding it’s since this girl since so high when you do well it’s like, oh Did it i could have just won the game basically with this one play So it’s it’s phenomenal but it is a harsh mistress oh but i do like it’s totally free So it’s it’s a pretty good one if you want to really sink your teeth into something, ooh What about you what’s your number two all right my number two is cross out have you ever heard of crime never even heard of it okay well i it’s kind of new to me when i started playing it while back and it’s actually pretty cool it’s kind of like mad max okay but you like you build up your your car to have like better ammo and better armor and stuff and it’s just cool it you know it’s just kind of you just rock drive around and shoot people it’s like vehicle combat yeah yeah, okay cross out yeah interesting all right never heard of it i will have to check it out yeah very cool yeah i mean it’s pretty pretty straightforward it’s just you build up your cars and kill other cars number three all right number three little guys for your steam for you to play all right i picked paladin’s i’ve not played paladin’s i’m aware of paladin’s it’s kind of like it’s overwatch with wizard nice very nice okay Yeah, it’s like overwatch just overly dirty and that’s what i love okay i like i like overwatch so i’m i’ve Heard of paladin’s but i remember i heard about it after i heard of overwatch yeah and so it’s kind of like we have overwatch? yeah It’s pretty similar you know i don’t give a shot okay i mean it can’t be free it’s free yeah you can’t be free? it’s free people Speaking of good shooters i trust team fortress 2 oh which is totally free to play it wasn’t for a long time but Now it is a one percent free to play game It kind of it’s weird because you don’t think of it being in that same realm as like overwatch and stuff but it is you can choose a bunch of different classes they don’t have different abilities this guy counters this guy it’s it’s not really balanced it’s not i mean it has balance definitely but there are some over power and stuff and Again the skill ceiling is insane because there’s so much stuff in team fortress 2 it’s been around forever Sense of humor is great it’s so weird and goofy and there’s all this weird war Backstory i like team fortress 2 it’s a lot of fun right it’s been around forever it’s kind of tried-and-true so cool all right that’s time for our number four picks for steam free-to-play games i chose War thunder i also chose the war thunder war thunder is awesome yeah like it does not seem like a free-to-play game yeah it kind of reminds me of like ace combat yes it’s very similar a little more Simulation ii than ace combat much but yeah if you if you’re not familiar with war thunder its planes it’s like dog fighting yeah free to play dog fighting from with like old and historical planes and you can be like tanks and stuff yeah thank you Um and then yeah the free to play element isn’t like buying new planes and like updating your hangar and stuff like that it’s pretty pretty darn fun it doesn’t feel free to play at all yeah it’s pretty solid yeah And i hear it’s on the path, to some zone of danger oh oh, my god like maybe the off ramp into you that under that highway yeah okay okay so that that zone of danger yes all right last pay for best free-to-play, steam games what do you have sir brawlhalla That’s what i yeah holla i love that game it’s It’s my favorite right now yes i mean it’s basically if you haven’t played it if you like smash brothers it’s essentially smash brothers but 2d mhm and i Think if i think it’s better in my opinion just because all the characters are more balanced the combat feels a little tighter really smash brothers but because it’s a little more balanced i feel like there’s also they don’t have much personality Mm-hmm, because smash brothers this there’s so many different cages everyone has to be relatively similar yeah but you do get the different weapons and stuff in brawl hella every character gets two different weapons i prefer cross he’s like he’s my rosters your boy alex sidra Who’s really cool she’s got the tentacles and the camp oh yeah she’s really good too i also like Eva who’s like like futuristic gym yes yeah she’s my second favorite character yeah i like i like sidra that’s really the one i picked out is that Is my favorite but yeah it’s a great it’s a great game and they’re still adding characters this brainís It’s one that they rotate like every every couple days they rotate who the free characters are and then you accumulate monies you can their In-game, money so you can primarily unlock characters we have to spend real money for cosmetics and stuff yeah and they are stealing away my life yeah yeah they take they take up a lot of my life oh yeah, i should cut back on it but yeah it’s such a good game it happens to many rewards that they give you daily i Know i try to play i try to play all free and yeah it’s tough don’t not want, to just like throw money at them yeah yes, bro holla is a lot of fun let’s get to our honorable mentions and our prediction let’s do so hey let’s do I don’t know one honorable mention because there’s a lot of crappy free play games yeah But, for my honorable mention i chose Warframe oh Okay i don’t know if you’ve ever played Warframe i remember i’ve heard of it i just haven’t played it i started playing it’s a shooter also i started playing it when it first came out and it kind of really sucked yeah so i gave up on it and they did this like massive overhaul and now it’s pretty awesome yeah, it’s a really good full-on first-person shooter it’s not like it’s not like the objective squaty shooter like overwatch and stuff like that yeah it’s it’s more like an old-school shooter with like missions and you get all sort of there’s tons of stuff and it’s it’s a pretty good it’s a pretty good one right do you have any old mentions i don’t because i though zar really like that and one yeah i haven’t played a lot of the other ones okay well yeah for predictions i got i only got two years right mm-hmm i Guess i guess warframe i thought you might be into that one i guess no more room in hell it’s kind of a cool zombie game alright um spiral knights just because i had needed a fifth one i Got right bro holla and more fun nice well i got brawl how i’m worth under for you as well that’s alright yeah, but i just That’s the only ones i got right? wow thanks for watching plus when we missed rent down below we’re missing out on a really good yeah we’re missing a lot i’m sure i haven’t heard of a couple of his And he in there a couple mine and yeah we don’t have that anymore so now if you’ve got any good free-to-play games we just check out You know we love when you give us knowledge yes? Tell us what tell us what you want to see us make lists of and then wherever that subscribe button appear click it yes please click subscribe tell your friends Watch our videos on a loop get us share us all over the interwebs yes put us everywhere we want to be your go-to buddy Thanks for watching everyone i’m jordan i’m matt and this has been absolute favorite we will see you next week?

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  2. Hey guys! Your format is pretty slick. I super recommend a music bed of some sort, just some royalty free stuff quietly in the background. But you guys seem fun. Looking forward to seeing more!

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