Best Magnetic USB Cable Review, Type C, Lightning or Micro, Cool Stuff To Buy 5

Best Magnetic USB Cable Review, Type C, Lightning or Micro, Cool Stuff To Buy 5

hello and welcome to unmatched value
today we have something interesting for you it’s USB cable by TOPK T O P K
it’s something special i’ve never seen this before so here’s what it can do TOPK
on and my hands are off the table TOPK charge unbelievable right so there’s
probably some of you that are like skeptical thinking that there’s some
kind of trick and well you’d be absolutely right i was using a magnet
but despite that this is actually a really nice cable magnetic it’s really
easy to attach and take off it can do a lot so let’s take a look at this one you
know what it let’s unpack it alright so the one i got is there’s three cables in
here there’s two six point six foot long cables and there’s one there’s three
point three so it comes in this kind of box and it comes with a carrying case and
three cool little cable ties type things so there are several features that I
really like about this so first of all usually when you’re ordering cables
online you have to get one for your specific phone type this one comes with
three attachments so there’s one that’s a USB C a microUSB and a lightning for
iPhone so one of the attachments is a normal one just like you’d see in every
other phone straight up but then they have this kind which is meant for gaming
on your phone well I mean playing games on your phone I don’t know if it’s
really called gaming but so it goes at an angle like this which makes it really
easy and comfortable to play games so I really like this cable and then you get
this short little 3.3 foot one I mean by my computer that’s where I use mine so I’ve
been using these for my bluetooth headphones I’ve been using them for lots
of things it’s really convenient really quick I mean you just snap it on and it
starts charging and then whenever you need to take it off you know
that’s really easy too also since this is magnetic you can get it to attach
places like something metal you can just stick it on there so it’s easy to get to
let’s see I will link these down below to where to Amazon where I got these there’s two different kinds there’s one
with just these two cables and then there’s one with this one so I’ll link
both of those I think but yeah so nice carrying case I find that this one is
the best for the money I mean I like the one where you can like if you’re holding
your phone sideways the this is really convenient
so basically attaches like this and then it spins around if you needed to that’s
why it’s a circular base here so yeah um thank you guys for watching I hope you
enjoyed and have a great day

34 thoughts on “Best Magnetic USB Cable Review, Type C, Lightning or Micro, Cool Stuff To Buy 5”

  1. LOL i was literally in awe for a second when i thought it moved via voice command ahah subbed at that moment lol

  2. I have a galaxy s9 and recently I noticed that the holding capability of my charging cable has decreased. Meaning if I have my phone charging in the bed and I sit or lay down in my bed the movements would release it enough to where it won't charge. Also when I ride my motorcycle the vibrations and bumps pop it loose. This wasnt an issue before and it's getting annoying. So my question is how strong is the magnet can it withstand common movements with out popping off.?

  3. Prety sure it's pronounced top-kay not topq 😛
    Quick question, since it's circle shaped, does it protrude alot from your phone?

    Anyway thanks for the vid.

  4. I just want a magnetic headphone jack. A company that’s now defunct called SkunkJuice used to make headphones with magnetic disconnectors, but not cables or jacks with them. I have never had a 3.5mm cable last more than 2 years.

  5. I'm not sure who is more uncomfortable, you in front of the camera or me watching your video. Step up man. Put a show on. Step one is not to be yourself.

  6. So your idea is to have a magnet on a charging cable? So you're brain dead then right? You know what a magnet does to electronics like this right?lolololololol

  7. love the idea, but i cant get onboard until they sell a convert adapter to make all my old cables compatible, and a headphone jack dongle that's magnetic cause new phones now carry audio through charging port. Without these essentials it would not be worth it to buy their cable and render all my old cables useless, when they're still in good working condition.

  8. Why would you not show the adapter going into the phone? Also will the adapter fit on phones with cases? Kind of important details overlooked.

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