Best Replays of the Week: Episode #100

Best Replays of the Week: Episode #100

Hello, I’m Luke Kneller and welcome to the new season and 100th episode of Best Replays of the Week International! To celebrate we’re going to take the format
and chuck it out the window. From now on we’re going to: Take two replays each and every week and put
them head to head for your entertainment. So upload your replays to and
press contests then BRW. Every replay featured on the show gets our
unique Best Replays of the Week style. Never fear if you think only two replays have
a chance to be shown… We’re going to open with a few replays that were good but missed the mark by just that tiny bit… Let’s kick things off with attix28. A fierce fighting T28 on mines As the battle turns south for the greens attixstands firm on top of the hill against everything the reds can muster. And more… To win the game with an amazing 14 kills and
obtain the rare Raseiniai’s medal. Well done! Swiftly moving on to baris136 in their attempt
to three mark the Chimera. You could say this was just an above average
heavy tank game on Lakeville. But you’d be wrong, Baris shows off their
excellent brawling skills. And when the going gets tough as friendly
tanks start to disappear. Our hero protects the vulnerable light tank
in the capture circle. Selflessly putting their tank in harm’s way,
even trading a death blow with the last remaining Arty to win the game and achieve the all important
third mark. GG And for our last mention, we have TheGamingLion
in a Foch 155 with a rather curious ammo loadout. What most of us would consider ludicrous,
TheGamingLion calls a challenge. And surprisingly enough, it seems to be working
out well. With time running out and standing alone versus
three enemies, HE seems to be exactly what one needs. A quick burst wins the game with 6k damage
and 9 kills. Brave? Lucky? Foolish? Or maybe all three combined–in any case,
don’t try this at home! And with that we move on to our first star
of the episode. It is martinkvicala in the American tier 8
premium heavy tank – the M54 Renegade. Orange is the new green, they say. As an all-around
performer, it does remind me of the T110E5. The action takes place at the Czech factory
town of Pilsen. What better place to kick back and crack open
a cold one? The heavy tank-friendly Wild West, to be more
precise, is where our Renegade already bags An early arty rushing scout. In a close range brawl, it seems like the
allies are getting off to a bad start. And against overwhelming numbers, standing
and fighting is not the best of ideas. Fall back! But Martin isn’t budging from their spot
at the saloon, holding firm at the rubble pile. It seems risky, but this provides crucial
spotting for the TD line at the back. While they in turn offer covering fire, protecting
our hero from anyone crossing the railway. This town isn’t big enough for the two of us! From here the Renegade can lay down devastating
fire upon advancing enemies. All while staying completely safe and hull down. Nice! A quick flanking move dispatches the battered
enemy force hiding in the factory. And the dangerous Object 252U threatening
the cap. But on open ground the lower plate is exposed and enemy shells slice through like a hot knife through butter. Can’t take any more of these trades. A Pantera attempts to pull a fast one on our
Renegade! “Ain’t gonna happen partner!” With the timer running down on the cap and
Martin pinned down, the arty attempts a desperate decap. And succeeds! Turn the KV’s attention for
just long enough to be taken out! Great teamwork! The final Challenger… Turns out not to be much of a challenge at
all and becomes the 10th kill of the game. But with 21 HP and an arty remaining…. Better team up. A one shot duel? The trio of tanks squint their eyes in the
scorching noon sun, ready to face the music. With an easy shot the 11th kill is secured,
as is the victory. GG! What a great game by martinkvicala, fighting
intelligently to a Pool’s medal. With 7000 damage and a whopping 2185 base exp, this fighting Renegade is our first replay of the week! And up against it… A little tiny mosquito tank called AMX 13
57 driven by our very own editor, Xaneleon. And also fitting the size of the tank is the
gun. A 57 millimeter autoloader dealing only 90 damage per shot. But be wary, with its fast intra-clip reload,
the damage piles up and fast. On a map like Live Oaks with lots of hills, dips, and soft cover, it’s a perfect tank for setting up an ambush. Just like this unaware Skorpion is about to taste. One sting might not do much, but the damage
starts racking up with no retaliation. With an itch to squash the annoying insect,
the Skorpion charges into its own doom. What do I see here? Another unaware TD? Don’t
mind if I do! Xaneleon aims precisely, making sure every
shot counts. All while keeping an eye on enemy artillery in the back. Now that’s what
I call multitasking! A nearly full HP tier IX TD falls to a tiny
little scout without any damage in return. Escape is not an option, arty! Bravely closing the distance exposes the remaining
enemies, netting some assistance damage as well. Until, once again, ambushing an unaware T25/2
and making every shot in the clip count. Brilliant! A T28 desperately attempts to squash this
mosquito But once again it escapes through its fingers to cause even more havoc! Xaneleon leads the hunt for the last remaining
survivor but are those 5 shells left going To be enough to save the day? There it is! With nowhere to run, it’s do
or die! Three! Two! One! Woah! That was a monster crit sting, The last shell detonating the ammorack and sending the turret flying sky high! What a way to end the game! Securing the last kill of the game with the last shell means Xaneleon achieves another Fadin’s medal. Making it the 16th in their career. Dealing 5260 damage and scoring another 2500 assistance results in a whopping 2237 base exp, all as a bottom tier scout. What. A. Game. What a rush! And those were our two top replays of the
week but now it’s your turn to take part! Vote for who you thought was the Best Replay
of the Week! Press the “i” in the top right corner and select either… Martinkvicala – the hard fighting Renegade. Or Xaneleon – the annoying little AMX 13 57. The choice is yours! Remember to send your replays every week by going to, upload, then Contest – Best Replays of the Week. And the winner of Episode 99 is… Shadowar07, P43 bis who fought it out with
the big guys but couldn’t quite win in the end. I’m Luke Kneller, thanks for watching and
I’ll see you next time!

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  2. For a second I thought it was going to be "those" replays
    One player from one team carries their team while another player carrying their own team
    Two perspectives, two sides
    It's a mexican standoff… who wins?

    A video showing this kind of thing is from a wot ytber, Claus Kellerman. A batchat vs obj 140 in the same match, but from 2 replays.

  3. Renegade is definitely one of the worst HT in the game…what the hell is heavy tank when you cant play hull down. Those in wot have some hybrid mushrooms smoking

  4. Congratulations on the 100th episode! Looking back, its really interesting seeing the game develop with each episode/season. The new format makes the non-main battles really short, but it is probably for a reason. Thank you and please continue!

  5. Badrig-Sachak Maroukian

    IDEAL , PERL, DE-VI. Good selection , not biased at all. Bother looking any of the more interesting replays that are far below those unicum's replays?

  6. Hey I'm HoratioMax3 from the NA server and I got featured on Best Replays of The Week 74 from before the special camo was given out… When is that gonna be given to us old lags 🙁 also maybe a special Best Replays of the Week player badge like the RNG one?

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