Beta Season and Beyond: Legends of Runeterra in 2020

Beta Season and Beyond: Legends of Runeterra in 2020

Hi, I’m Jeff. I’m Andrew. And we’re here to talk about Legends of Runeterra, the new strategy card game set in the League of Legends universe. We’re working to get Legends of Runeterra on both PC and mobile in the first half of 2020, and it’s shaping up to be a big first year. Today, we’re gonna share a look at what’s coming and why you can get as excited as this little guy. At the end of 2019, we previewed Legends of Runeterra with a limited time, hands-on experience. Over the ten days the game was live, we introduced the core gameplay and debuted our take on a draft mode: Expeditions. Tons of you pre-registered, way more than we could give access to all at once. And we know that many more of you are still waiting for your chance to get in the game. Our original plan was to continue rolling out invites for Closed Beta as we got key features ready for prime time, but we’ve heard your feedback, and it’s clear: the best thing we could do was just release the game to everyone. So we hit the gas to make as much progress as possible in the past few weeks. Now, the wait is just about over—we’re headed to Open Beta! Starting January 24th. everyone who wants to play Legends of Runeterra will have full access. Thank you all so much for bearing with us while we get Legends of Runeterra ready for millions of players. We can’t wait to get the rest of you in here. Let’s check out some of the features you can expect to see when you log in, nd where we plan to take them in the future. Our goal from the start was to create a card game with enough strategic depth and interaction to support skilled competition. Now it’s time to see where you stand amongst the best players in Runeterra: Ranked will be live in the beta! You’ll see some similarities to League, like earning LP to advance through divisions and climbing from Iron all the way to Master. But we’ve also made some changes based on Legends of Runeterra’s 1-on-1 Ranked experience. For example: one problem we’ve seen in card games is that you can feel like you’re locked into playing a proven meta deck if you want to climb, versus trying different strategies to get to the top. We want you to be able to test different competitive decks without sacrificing progress. So when you reach a tier in Legends of Runeterra, you’ll hold that rank for the rest of the season. You earned it. Your rise through the ranks starts with the Beta Season, which will last until launch. You can expect seasons and balance updates that reduce the grind while making the competitive meta more dynamic. Ranked is a key element of the Legends of Runeterra experience, but it’s not the only thing we’re working on. For us, one of the best parts about playing a physical card game is the sense of community and great shared memories that come from playing at a table with friends, which has sort of been lost in the transition online. While many of you will have a blast playing Legends of Runeterra solo, we also want to make it awesome to play with friends. So in addition to Ranked, the beta will have a Friend Challenge feature. As part of Legends of Runeterra’s new social panel, you’ll be able to directly challenge anyone on your list to a game. All of your friends from League will already be there. Yup, all of them. Every single one. Going forward, you can expect more features like this to support the social side of Legends of Runeterra and even bigger things in the future. We’re committed to making it the best card game out there, whether you’re playing solo or with friends. But even solo players will always have a buddy by their side. League has a long tradition of making gameplay totally free by offering paid cosmetic items that let you personalize your experience. Likewise, our goal on Legends of Runeterra is to make a game where how much you spend does not determine how much you win. Since we got rid of paying for randomized packs and made getting cards accessible for every player, that means we’re doubling down on optional paid personalization. Our bet is that you’d rather buy a T-Hex or the Cursed Ruins than a randomized card pack. We believe direct access to gameplay and a ton of ways to personalize it is ultimately way more fun and a better experience. In the beta, there are three new guardians: Snapper, Gromp Jr., and T-Hex and a board for each region of Runeterra, complete with unique region-specific theme music. And that’s just a handful of the huge variety of options you’ll be able to choose from in the future. We’re talking all kinds of guardians to cheer you to victory, different styles of boards that let your opponents know exactly who they’re facing, and emotes to capture that feeling when you get hard Denied by your opponent and outplay them anyway. These guardians, boards, emotes aren’t the only things we have planned. We’re exploring more ways for you to personalize your gameplay and tie-ins with expansions to the core game. Speaking of expansions, we can’t leave out the obvious: new cards! Over the next 12 months, we’ll release multiple sets that each add a new region to the game, highlighting different parts of Runeterra and bringing fresh mechanics to the meta. Every set will also add new champions to all the other regions. These champs are designed to connect the new region with the previous ones. You’ll see some popular picks from each region, but you may be pleasantly surprised by some of the other champs joining the Legends of Runeterra roster this year. There are no more resets from this point on, so now is the perfect time to start building your collection before the new region and champions arrive You decide what to unlock first and what you’ll play in the first Legends of Runeterra meta. We seriously cannot wait to share more about what’s next, but in the meantime, we hope this preview got you as excited as we are for 2020. Between the card expansions, guardians, boards, social features, Ranked, and more, there’s so much coming to Legends of Runeterra this year. Be there when it all begins, starting Janurary 24th. Thanks for watching, and see you soon.

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  1. Man if more free to play games were cometic only progression that would be amazing. I cant wait! really looking forward to this but I am expecting not to play till a week or two after since the server ill be overloaded

  2. damn, they're just going to open beta and this game seems more "complete" than mtga lol. also the graphics looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better

  3. Let me guess , people with Garena account couldn't play the open beta . Because fk us , right ? We're not significant , right ?

  4. To the people in the chat saying Riot is "eliminating the pay to win system"…you guys haven't been around the League community for long, huh?

    Riot's got another way of making cash in a shifty way. It's called "skins get wins." Not that the skins make you more powerful, no. It's rather that they conveniently buff champs right as new skins are being released for them. Over and over again.

    It also upkeeps the "meta" bullshit alive that used to regarded as terrible and lazy game design. Game balance used to mean complete balance of every single aspect of a game until the Riots of the world came around. Now, you just select a small group of content to reign supreme and release cosmetics for those items/champs exclusively.

    Maybe if we actually woke the fuck up and demanded 99% balance instead of 10%…but we won't. The industry has entered the lazy phase and we'll be here for decades.

  5. I don't care, I'm playing widow

    I've been playing Shadowverse these past months and've been hellaanjoying it, i hope Runeterra will reel me in more than how much Shadowverse did on me ●_●

  6. Love you guys, can t wait to lose my life in this game
    Realise i allready lost my life in LOL, tft and probably will in the fps and the fighting game
    Fuck… Now i have to gift my soul to this guys

  7. Gonna stream this game on twitch all day long 😀 A bit weird they jumped the closed beta… Imo game development should always take their time to avoid things like Fallout 76, etc. But lets see

  8. thats very nice to hear but i hope you fixed the error bug and not updating the patch or whatever because i got the key but couldnt play because of these things thank you

  9. The free to pay part is really nice

    Another cosmetic option to add could be the cards back (I don't know how to call it in English). Personalizing it to match you favorite region or other cosmetics you own 😀

  10. So what's the deal with yordles? Since there are yordles in separate regions already, does that mean Bandle won't be a new region? Or will current yordles be updated to join Bandle?

  11. Please Riot, could you buff Ezreal?

    He's my favorite champion, and it's really a shame that i can't use him in any meta deck. Even in a Heimerdinger deck he's useless most of the time. That's because there are only 3 good spells that target from Piltover & Zaum: Statikk Shock, Trueshot Barrage and Mystic shot.

    If you make a statistic, you'll see that for each 5 games with a Ezreal deck, Ezreal only evolves in 2 games. And when that finally happens, you are pratically dead.

    BEING DIRECT, here's what you could do:

    OPTION 1) Change Ezreal description from "Target 8 enemy UNITS" to "Target 8 enemies".
    OPTION 2) Make more spells that target for Piltover & Zaum.
    OPTION 3) Nerf his leveled up form to buff his description. Like: "Target 5 enemy units".

    If you agree with my opinion, please like this post to make it to reach Riot!

  12. I just really hope that LoR will actually stay a fun and interactive card game. Watching this video got me thinking of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, I LOVED this game when it was in Beta, new cards. buffs, nerfs, during Beta I would only play this, but once it got out of beta, cards were actually taken out, massive changes, the game got completely overhauled. It went from the most fun and interactive game I've played and wanted to play, to me deleting the game almost immediately after playing a match because it just wasn't the same.
    PLEASE! Don't be like Gwent! I want to love this game!

  13. Hopefully open beta can be played in singapore, waited 30 hours for a beta key only for ashe to frost arrow me at the loading screen. Feelsbadman

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