Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Dr Gero And Android 21 Vs Gohan Origin Special! Goku Vs Rycon Sneak Peek

Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Dr Gero And Android 21 Vs Gohan Origin Special! Goku Vs Rycon Sneak Peek

as the battle between adult Gohan and
Frieza wages on on the previous video we observed adult Gohan going all-out
against a clone Frieza in order to not only fight for his survival but also for
the life of Goten as we now not only have a small bonus chapter and further
seeing what Android 21 agenda and ultimate goal is but you guys are also
going to be the first to check out my upcoming manga chapter special for
Dragon Ball super rikon featuring RIKEN versus goku along with many other great
things to come in the foreseeable future but before we dive into any of that
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in the game as we kick off the Beyond Dragon Ball super
Android 21 and dr. zero manga history chapter special within seemingly doctors
arose lab as Android 21 steps down she ironically presses a button that
releases doctor zero from a pod as dr. Jerome steps out he is then greeted by
Android 21 and Android 19 as Android 21 further goes on to ask dr. zero how do
you feel and this is a very interesting yet twisted turn of events because
instead of doctors euro Android 20 having to release 21 in this manga
chapter special we have 21 who had said dr. zero freeze so it looks like 21 is
the brains of this operation as of course dr. zero begins to crack his neck
Android 21 then goes on to follow your name is Android 20 now no and as soon as
Android 21 says this dr. zero lets out an energy blast from his finger barely
missing 21 nearly hitting the area where 19 is that as doctors your own replies
never better with 21 having to respond by the way I’m glad as 21 follows
eternal life will be given to me to preserve my brain and unmatched beauty
today today will be the birth of Android 21 as dr. zero scratches his head he
goes on to tell a kukuku you’ve done everything I’ve ordered as 21 replies is
your head the way you wanted it with dr. zero responding this beautiful brain is
a testament to that I am the greatest genius in the world as Android 21
further takes off her jacket she goes on to tell him huh well then it was a
success well as planned it’s my turn so 21 does want eternal life and we do know
that in the upcoming manga chapter we are going to see adult Gohan continue
his fight against Frieza but Android 21 now seems to be getting involved and she
will get involved so the question is how far is Android 21 going to go in the
ongoing battle with Frieza and adult Gohan now on top of all of that you guys
right now are about to be the first to witness a
preview of my upcoming Dragon Ball super rikon manga chapters for chapter number
2 – in which if you guys have not checked out my previous manga chapter
manga chapter number one for Dragon Ball super icon and you guys can go in ahead
and find that video located down in the description box below as of course you
guys can see on screen once rikon does come across goku and goku comes across
rikon go who is extremely happy to see reich on it now keep in mind the text
might change once the final draft comes in but goku in pure excitement goes on
to cry out whoa are you a Saiyan I thought that I envisioned we’re the only
ones left apart from our children but then as Goku eerily enough notices how
rikon is staring him down not smiling not excited not happy in the least
Goku’s demeanor quickly changes as it goes from happy to serious so this fight
in and of itself is going to have a very serious tone because the way rikon
approaches Goku when he gets to earth is going to be very problematic for Goku
because rikon came for answers so there is a very serious and very tense moment
between the two as of course page number 2 uh goes on to reveal more of a serious
tone between the two as our icon goes on to comment I imagine you are Goku a–
with of course the text having to cut from there once the two begin to have an
interaction why khan goes on to comment yes and what would you do if i decide
otherwise show me what a deserter like you can do so with that having to be
said you can kind of imagine how this is going to go with rykon having to
initially challenge goku ax being that he came here seeking for the answers to
the questions that he’s been asking ever since he was a boy so of course goku not
knowing anything about rikon and rikon barely knowing anything about goku the
only person here that knows both rikon and goku is the
lead scientist Jin and with Jin having to solely be there for the purpose of
having to study Goku it this fight is going to be very important for Jin
because his task while being here is to fully study Goku’s powers and see how
far he had evolved before the data readings initially dropped off on their
planet as of course the third and final page I am going to show you guys is the
first battle between base rikon and super San Goku so go who is forced in
immediately transforming into a super sand once rikon comes charging on in and
this fight is going to be very intense from the beginning being the fact that
Rai Khan has so much built-up frustration so much built-up anger and
being the fact that Goku and Vegeta were kept hidden from rikon this entire time
why Khanna is looking to test to see how strong Goku initially is but not only
that looking to put an end to him based on his own misconception on what the
sands are who the sands are and primarily right now who and what Goku is
and what he represents so yes guys this is currently in the works right now
manga chapter number 2 but I am taking requests for what-if chapters in the
future so let’s say as a hypothetical would you guys like to see a crossover
between Goku black in the future timeline and Rui kana
would you guys like to see rikon in the tournament of power would you guys like
to see rikon be involved in some way shape or form in the universe six versus
universe seven tournament or against Broly anything like that let me know
your thoughts in the comment section below that is only going to be for
spin-off purposes sort of like bonus chapters in a way so if you guys want to
see rikon involved in a what-if hypothetical even crossing into other
Dragon Ball fan manga such as Dragonball AF maybe do psyche or vs. rikon let me
know in the comment section below and I’ll make sure to go in ahead and take
that idea into consideration for the foreseeable future
and speaking of foreseeable future my good friend DBS Nexus over
Instagram had told me that he is working on something called The Lost Chapters
between Roli and black to where if you guys remember a few months ago I covered
a Dragon Ball fan manga that had bro Lee vs. Goku black and now there seems to be
an additional loss chapter 2 that manga in which DBS Nexus is working on and
based on what we’re looking at Dragon Ball super bro Lee is looking to utterly
Massacre Goku black in this upcoming manga chapter so the details behind this
are still quite unknown as we don’t know right now as to how far along the lines
this is or how far along the lines DPS Nexus is in the story or the writing any
of that but as soon as that drops you guys going to be the first ones to see
that on this channel so yes the Lost Chapters between Dragon
Ball super Rolly and Super Saiyan Losier Goku black is going to happen and as you
guys saw in the previous manga things were quite different as they’re going to
be seemingly different in comparison to what’s going to happen here so be sure
to smash that subscribe button and tune back in for more to find out what’s
going to happen as again I do want to thank you all so much for watching any
suggestions any ideas you guys have let me know in the comments section below as
to what they are thank you all once again for watching if you guys are
stoked ready and excited for more awesome Dragon Ball fan manga content
alongside Dragon Ball super icon Goku black versus really the lost chapter and
many other things then give this video a big fat like down below tune back in for
more turn on all notifications guys as well as hitting that subscribe button
and I’ll be seeing each and every single one of you guys down the comments
section below have a great day everybody peace this is the Galactic Emperor of
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all be dead oh did someone say unrelenting me oh my god the fuck
someone put on some clothes well why don’t you put on any clothes what I
don’t need clothes Jesus Christ huge what Broly Frieza prepare to die

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  2. Pretty good video, man! Now, I just have to ask, how come you title most of your Dragon Ball fan manga videos as Beyond Dragon Ball Super?

  3. Goku has something that will always help him win against rycone..experience goku has fought demon king piccolo hes fought piccoli junior, raditz,nappa,vageta the best soldiers frieza has had the ginyu force frieza himself goku was so strong goku could toy with frieza hes fought andcould have killed cell hes fought and killed kid buu hes fought against and survived against beerus rycon believing the Saiyans wouldn't do anything and frieza they literally couldnt if they wanted to they would have to get through his massive army andmaybe they ginyu force and if they somehow got to frieza theyd be too tired frieza could and will kill them in one shot im sorry but as dope rycon is he has no chance against goku

  4. I am not going to lie the way how rycon looks like he have goku on the edge is pretty awsome looking forward for the full manga also broly ( SSJ) vs goku black SSJR evovled would be a great fight

  5. Rycon in Super:
    Maybe a weaker Rycon fights a Beyond God Goku and finds himself respecting the warrior to join in most of the Super Arcs.

  6. We all wanted to see more of this Rycon fight Goku man oh this very interesting when it will released drawing and shape looks perfect and awesome I can't wait for this its an exciting

  7. Crisis Among Infinite Darths AC

    Definitely have Rycon vs. Goku Black.

    This is just me shooting for the moon here (or Planet Vegeta in this case), but please have my icon tag in as well.
    Jokerized Holy Black.

  8. I'm curious, will Rycon actually ask questions, looking for answers , or is he going to be rhetorical and just pounce on Vegeta and Goku?
    edit: I want a conversation between Xicor and Rycon about the mutated SSJ transformations

  9. Awesome thank you for posting this I just messaged you earlier today on the mods videos about how I couldn't wait to see the next chapter. I'm the one that suggested curoly/ssj5 Rycon lol epic!! Can't wait to find out what happens with Rycon

  10. what's rycon going to do when he finds out goku is actually the same as him in terms of being sent away as a baby before the destruction of the baby

  11. Draco K-night Blaze

    I would absolutely positively love to see Rikon vs Goku black/merged zamasu if rikon is as strong as I think he is then he's going to be quite a bit stronger than zamasu but not too much I would love to see the look on zamasu's face as rikon beats him to the ground while he thinks to himself how can an immortal or god like me be beaten by this saying mortal I love seeing high-and-mighty stuck up people like zamasu get their tail handed to them by someone they think is weaker/lower or beneath them and rikon would totally a smack him right down to earth possibly literally🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁

  12. I would like to see all of the above it sounds really rikon fighting any of the strong saiyans will be really cool especially a battle between rikon & cumber💯😎😎😎😎😎😎

  13. Do what if Rycon vs Goku Black
    Rycon vs DBS Broly
    Rycon vs Xicor
    Rycon vs Rigor
    Rycon vs Jiren
    And last but not least Rycon vs Beerus.

  14. Am i the only who has a problem about the artist Asshie for not continuing the Android 21 Arc from Fighterz, when he create a new story with Android 21 for DB Super EX, like seriously was it really necessary for the artist to create a new story for Android 21, so yeah screw Asshie for not continuing the Android 21 Arc from the game in my opinion, i'm just saying though :/

  15. (Another comment) what if, SSJB Kaioken comes out in the upcoming Rycon chapters?? (btw that form is possible to get, just saying this to the people who didn't know)

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