Big Ant Dev Diary #6: AO International Tennis Developer Diary: Features

Big Ant Dev Diary #6: AO International Tennis Developer Diary: Features

AO International Tennis is the first game for PS4, Xbox One and PC
that simulates Tennis. We have online and local
multiplayer games in our AO International Tennis. This allows you obviously online
to go and play with people in Australia to America,
France, global basically. AO International Tennis has licensed
tournaments such the Australian Open, but you can also make your own
and play anywhere in the world, or use our predefined ones. AO International Tennis’ Career mode allows you to start as a rookie player trying to get ranking points. And along the way, you get to play
everywhere and everyone. And you end up being able to play
effectively in the Grand Slams around the
world. Using motion capture in the game makes it much more realistic and it’s great for the player in terms of
when they are actually hitting strokes to feel like it’s the player
they are playing as… For those that we couldn’t get into
a motion capture suit, we got other tennis professionals
to mimic them. To mimic each of the players
as best as we can, we really study a lot of
reference videos and pictures that enables us to recreate their shots in game as they look in real life. Here’s Kerber’s backhand for example And you can assign those
to individual players You can assign those to yourself or
you can assign to that professional. We basically went through all of the
different tennis moves that we need, all the strokes, ground movements,
even to celebrate and disappoint. One thing that Big Ant is renowned for is it’s customization and creation tools. We’ve taken it to a whole new level
with this game This stadium creator includes
all sort of things like Umpires chairs, billboards, insignia and play on the surface that you want to
play. So, you can choose your surfaces as well. Also, in our online mode any created stadiums can actually be used so you can go on,
choose a stadium that you created and then play that against one of your
friends. The player creator has the ability
for when you’re creating yourself, you can actually add animations
of real players. You’ve got a full suite of animations
that you can assign. So, if you make yourself in the game, you can actually put a Nadal backhand
to your animation, to your player. So, we’ve worked really hard on improving
the player creative by focusing on specific elements of the face
instead of stretching everything out. We actually started with core pieces from
faces and worked from there. People can create their favorite players
whether it’s their local small town hero or a massive international superstar
from anywhere in the world. So it truly is a sandbox,
and creation tool AO International Tennis is
a fun addictive tennis game. We’re really excited about the release of
AO International Tennis. We really hope that the fans out there
will find it as much fun as we do in here.

18 thoughts on “Big Ant Dev Diary #6: AO International Tennis Developer Diary: Features”

  1. Hopefully you can download User created players, since there will be only a few licensed players in the game. But I’m looking forward to the release.

  2. I really hope AO International Tennis is better than AO Tennis because it has not convinced me so far. Please, keep working hard on it.

  3. Can you add created unlicensed players like Federer, Murray, Novak, etc. to the career mode as A.I. controlled players? If not, you guys should consider adding this feature.

  4. Hello, Big Ant, please add keyboard support, type lost controller on PC. I only use keyboard and mouse. HOW PLAY DEMO PC???

  5. LT Gaming and discover

    hello I am the webmaster and creator of the site we have created tournaments on the pc version of the game, I would like to contact you to ask if possible to put in the last update of version 1 of the game of be able to make doubles matches to 4 human players each at home and not 2 on the same computer and 2 other human players on another computer at a different location. I think you did not put this option because you were afraid that the ping rate is too high and there are many lags but could you put this option that we can invite 3 people in the game and not not a single thank you for your answer. I post this message here because I can not get an answer by sending you emails through your website.

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