BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1

BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1

You know what a harlequin is?A harlequin’s role is to serve.It’s nothin’ without a master.No one gives two shits who we are beyond that. ♪♪♪The Joker and I broke up.I wanted a fresh start.But it turns out I wasn’t
the only dame in Gotham
looking for emancipation.Spectacular news! Ms. Quinn, she belongs to me. Who are you guys? ♪♪♪ [GUNS CLICKING]Here’s the deal Quinn.-[SIGHS]
-You need me!
He’s after all of us now.None of us are
walkin’ outta here… unless we work together. ♪♪♪ With you? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! You gotta’ be kidding me. Ahh!! Isn’t this fun?
It’s just like a sleepover. [SIGHS]
We should order pizza. Make Cosmos. -Harley, focus!
-Okay. [BELL RINGING] ♪♪♪I’m the one
they should be scared of!
Boo!Not you!Not Mister “J”. Because I’m
Harley frickin’ Quinn! [LAUGHING] Whoo! Who’s having a good time?Get ready ladies.Oh, you’re that psycho chick. You never call a woman chick. I’ll except broad, lady, woman
and on occasion bitch! Bitch? -What are you talking about?
-Toss that for me will ya? Ugh! [LAUGHS]

100 thoughts on “BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 1”

  1. Odio esta porqueria con toda mi alma, esto y Suicide Squad. Maldito DC ama dispararse en el pie a cada rato no le basta con toda la porqueria que sufre cinematográficamente..

  2. I finally realized why Jared Letos Joker didn't work despite the fact that I actually liked his performance. This Harley quin is straight out of the comics and cartoons, Batfleck is straight out of Dark Knight Returns even going as far as copying whole scenes and dialogue, Superman is pretty much the same as the movies and comics, and the Suicide Squad characters were pretty accurate too. But the joker was a completely new design and style which doesn't fit into a fairly comic book accurate world.

  3. After seeing the plot leak for the movie. I have a feeling it's going to suck like suicide squad. Black mask being gay? Sending dic pics stored in a diamond? The person who came up with that plot should be fired and not allowed to work in the film industry any more.

  4. I so want to see a good movie with Harley Queen and Margot Robbie is perfect for the role. This however doesn't seam to be it. I am looking at another dumpster fire created in the writing room. Sad.

  5. No comic book fan wants to see just another chick flick, "we broke up" style, sorority movie. One of those days the sun might show up from the opposite side of the sky and an actually competent writer might be given the job to make a Harley Queen movie. Too bad that day Margot Robbie will probably be 100 years old and unable to play the role. This is how far removed from the audience this looks like.

  6. JOKER: crazy white man with mental issues can influence people……Harley: powerful woman who puts men in there place and she is also like joker. Hmmmmm why is one praised and the other put down. This world is all kinda strange

  7. ⚠️ warning ⚠️
    This movie is so brightly coloured that it will make you go blind within the first 13 minutes of showing

  8. Lemme Smashin' Die

    Am I the only one fearing for my life thinking about the “female incel” population when they see this movie?!

  9. Jeff Goldblum watching the trailer: "That's one big pile of $h!t" Aren't trailers supposed to sell us the movie? It looks like yet another DC stinker to add to the pile.

    I guess Joker was just the peanut.

  10. do the people who worked on the movie know that Black Canary isn't really black and that was just her superhero name?

  11. 2016 suicide squad comes out everyone: OMG they should make a movie of just Harley and joker.. 2019:the joker and I we broke up

  12. Me: Hollywood can't get any more divisive or make movies that are a bigger waste of money, time, etc—
    Hollywood: Hold my beer

  13. I didn´t like Suicide Squad and I don´t like this kinda stuff. This time I skip. But, do another Wonder Woman Warner and I´m in again 🙂

  14. Dear WB,

    I like the trailer, Harley was Cool, the overall look is colourful and you have the high ground, there’s just one thing I would like in this BIRDS OF PREY movie…the birds of prey

    Also how come that drawing of the joker has a better design than you actual DCEU joker?

  15. Brave. You could have gone in the direction of the new Joker film, but you chose to follow the typical, tired bullshit instead. I hope it works out for you.

  16. Make a movie name ‘Birds of Prey’ but featuring Harley Quinn…at least call it ‘Gotham Sirens’ cuz even you miss out ivy & cat woman there is still Harley…how can you make birds of prey when you miss out Black Canary, Huntress & Batgirl? There is basically non of the birds at all…

  17. Is the media gonna attack this movie as too violent?? I'm getting tired of the media already. Omg this trailer was sooo violent!!! Lol

  18. Why she 💔 with joker?..

    Because of…
    Joker will not give a f+++K on Harley.

    Unlike Chon Wick, who's always give a f+++K to all a gurls

  19. Yay! Another movie I wont be watching.
    Thank you, Hollywood for keeping my money in my wallet so well over the past few years.

  20. Lilly Kutz of Fairy Tail

    This could have a chance at being good. Hope it works out for dc. They need some more movies of quality in their roster.

  21. BackShow SoeCowJazz

    Doesnt fill right, i hope i was wrong, not so ghosebump watching this. I hope the second trailer will be better

  22. Man DC is so messed up right now. How are they going to tie in Joker 2019 with this movie. This is why Marvel's way ahead of it's game because they didn't make mistakes with their actors or stories.

  23. Name drop the Joker to ride the success of that movie but then imply you don't need the Joker or ANY MANS HELP. Hilarious

  24. If the main protagonists are all female you know the movie is gonna tank big time. Its too bad all these shitty "woman power" movies are made so poorly and cheesy, it's not doing them any favors.

  25. Wow this is bad.

    Bad Masquerade
    Bad Cut
    Bad Music
    Margot Robbie is good, but everything surrounding her seems colorless. Even the requisites/customes are bad.
    Cathy Yan appears to be a cheap director which WB hired and doesn't need to pay much, otherwise it doesn't justify how bad the movie appears.

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