Building an ASUS 2080 Ti + Ryzen 9 3950X Gaming and Video Editing PC

Building an ASUS 2080 Ti + Ryzen 9 3950X Gaming and Video Editing PC

What is up everybody? I am Justin Robey
aka Robeytech and I am here with – do you need an introduction? Let’s tell
the people who you are. How’s it going I’m Tocata. I’m a content creator and
competitive player for CLG, if you don’t know me and then yeah. I’m not worthy to be standing next to you right now. I’m not worthy to be here. You’re like like a PC master alright. Like this
is this is crazy. I’m excited. Well let’s talk a little bit about the parts and
the stuff that we’re building today. A couple weeks ago we hung out right? Yeah we hung out and then we chose a bunch of amazing parts and everything.
Over here we have like this is all like the streaming stuff the peripherals, but
over here we have… what what do you call, what’s the name? You got the goods.
Oh for the build… Mamadisimo. We got the good parts here. So let’s talk a
little bit about these. So you went with Ryzen and so what we have right here is
the Ryzen 3950X. 16-core, 32 thread and specifically for that one you wanted
something that does what right so I picked this one specifically because I
do gaming but I also do video editing so this is 16-cores 32 threads like Robey
said, and it is literally perfect for both things I’m wanting to do with this.
I can edit videos I can play games it’s got all the processing power I need
to do what I want to do. Okay now the next thing because I mean we
have the most powerful CPU available on the market right now, we also have the
most powerful graphics card. This is the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Strix Overclocked
Edition, 11 Gigs of RAM. I think this can run like 32 Fortnites. Not
at 240 frames per second, but 32 Fortnites at 60 frames. That’s actually
one of my passions. I like playing Fortnight on three different screens at
the same time on three different accounts. It’s just a way to level up
faster. So this is this is perfect for me if I think about it. I think the last
thing because this is the first time you’ve seen this., This is the Phanteks
P600s. What do you think of the color? What do you think of the case? This case is
actually insane. So I was just looking at it. The color is like a grey but it’s
like so clean dude. It’s like so clean. I also like the transparent glass. That’s
going to look so nice with the RGB that obviously increasesperformance by
200%. So I’m gonna enjoy that quite a lot. I’m excited. We’re gonna rip some boxes
apart and let’s get building. Let’s go, let’s go. I’m excited, I’m ready. And through the power of video magic. Voila. Everything is unboxed. But you know what
Tocata, we should do something fun with the boxes. Something special? Something special. like that idea. I heard a rumor that Mike and Ciji who are here on-site at
Newegg can actually make a functional 4K monitor that does 360Hz while only using a GTX 1660 Ti with using nothing but box parts from like the recycles we’re gonna do. So I figured let’s give it a go and see
if they can actually pull this off. If they can’t they pay us both $25,000. I think that’s a perfect idea. I totally agree with this.Also if they can keep it you know like Fortnight themed you know I’ve been happy with that. Oh snap. You know, with some RGB with the boxes. Oh man. Okay so let’s hand this off. I like that you upped the game a little bit. Yeah I’m gonna make it a little harder you
know. Yeah there we go. So Fortnight themed Mike. You see the hand there floating. Here’s 16-cores 32 threads that should help you. Here’s some RGB too for you. It’s got some colors. I think that should help you. You wanna pass that over Robey? I wanted to see if you would fall. And then we got some custom sleeve
cables so that’ll make the cables look really good. Oh look at
that Corsair Dominator RAM so that’s also gonna make sure – More RGB Perfect all right. Oh and then just we wanted to make it a little bit easier so we gave you
some styrofoam. And how about a little Corsair box. This is for
your power so… it better be cool. I have high hopes you two. Yeah I have high hopes. It’s gonna be awesome. Good luck. Let’s start with this. So this is the ROG Strix
X570-E Gaming. A big thing for me the only thing
we gotta worry about is that it works with Ryzen which you have a 3950X so
if you want to go ahead and pop that open. You know I’m not the most skilled box
opener but I will do what I can. So this is the motherboard? This is the
motherboard right here. This is AM4. Oh okay okay okay. Wanted you to have that moment right there. Go ahead and pop that out of the box. This is sleek. Okay hold on. I’m gonna be quite careful
at the start but trust me I will get moving I will get rolling. This is nice.
Should I take the plastic off, should I go all the way in? Yeah go and take it out. Up
until this point have you built a PC before? You have right? So I’ve built a
couple PCs. Two exactly, but I did it with friends so I’ve never done a solo build
individually. I have a general sense of how to build a PC but
I’m not an expert. You’re gonna help me out hopefully. Ok now what we’re gonna do is
we’re take this out of the anti-static bag. Now if you’re at home watching this. The
thing that I would always recommend is what we call like basically bench
testing. And what that means is you basically take the parts you put them
all together on top of the box and plug it in and just make sure it works prior
to. Because one of the things about using new parts is that sometimes
you might have stuff that doesn’t work. I’d say here at Newegg we don’t have to
worry as much about that. Like we’re right next door, but this is the
actual thing. This is your motherboard. This is awesome. So I remember when the first
time I was building a PC I was really scared about frying it by like static.
Yeah. Do you have any like notes on static. Like what happens if you’re wearing
socks and you’re walking around or you don’t have one of those bracelets on you
know? I feel like a lot of people might be worried about that. So
this right here this is actually an anti-static bracelet. We actually have
one here. If you wanted to know how to – like you were really worried about this
and you were at home. What you do is you take your power supply – if you cared
about this and you’re really worried – so you take your power supply. What you
do is you actually plug it in so you plug it in because this is actually
grounded. You take this clip – Yeah I know. You take this clip it on like that and
then wear it around and you will actually be anti-static grounded. Just
throw it on you have it grounded and then you’ll be absolutely fine. And then
you can also do stuff like what I like to do is I’ll put it underneath the
table and just put it around your your ankles so you don’t have to worry as much
about moving around. True. If you wanted to just have a little tip there you go.
Learnin’ a little something on Newegg. You know. Little notes. I remember that was my biggest
concern when I when I first built a PC. This is your AM4 socket. So that’s gonna be your CPU. CPU processor. This is your RAM. Memory. And then we’re gonna be taking
this apart. This is actually where we’re going to put your M.2 drives. Okay okay. So
let’s get our handy dandy – hold on first of all I just need – I
you know I have something about revealing with these. I
don’t even – Oh the peels. I just gotta – oh my gosh. Okay. You did it so fast I don’t knowif we
were ready. Now there’s actually another one if you have nails right here. If you can get that. That is a very – yeah I’m astute with this
stuff. So there it is. I got a little bit of the edge there. Do you have nails at all? I have no nails. I can attempt. There we go. I’m gonna let you peel. You’re going to let me peel? Oh thank you, that’s such an honor.. Now this actually makes you 20% better at – oh no I ruined it. Hahaha ruined it.
That sounded so good! Ok, so what we’re gonna do now is we’re
just gonna kind of finish preparing the motherboard. So if you want to unscrew
this unscrew this unscrew this and unscrew this. We’re gonna basically
prepare to build the PC. Will do. There you go. Okay that’s one so where should I
organize this? Just put it right there. That’s convenient. That’s what I do. I try to think of convenience. That’s why I have a higher Uber score than you do. Okay you know what look. I have a 4.8 Uber score and Robey has a 4.9 and he gets luxury cars. You got like – that Lamborghini. He got a white Lamborghini Uber and I’m sitting here with my 4.8 like… I don’t want to talk about it. I think you’re good. I think you’re good. Alright so what’s the next step. So go ahead and take this off. This should just pull right off. Just
pull it off? Yeah just like that. And then the other thing you want to take off is
these. So there’s two screws that you got to undo now. Will do. And then we’ll have
the motherboard basically fully prepped and we’ll be able to start putting parts
inside of it. And those are good. The thing that’s nice about those – and you just
take that right off. Oh set it off to the side like this. And
we have our awesome handy dandy Newegg mat. So we like put this, since this is kind of around the CPU we’ll put this over in
this area. This is super cool actually. It’s like really easy to just organize
all the parts. Yes alright and there we go. Okay so you got everything well you
drop an animal here we go look even if like you can just put your okay there’s
your screwdriver right there so this is so this is we’re going to put our m dot
two drives so this is one here and one here so where everything is good to go
let’s start okay with the CPU the CPU I’m already getting out of that nervous
what has happening nervous okay what does you don’t know how to do like your
your wake up dancer right back what is your preparation before you get ready
for a fortnight game for a night there’s a lot that goes into it there’s
different types of trainings you know you’ve got the aim training you got the
mechanic the building mechanic that’s a part of like the main mechanic of the
game you got a warm-up multiple parts of the game okay now
grab the 16 core 32 thread rise in CPU right now this is the rise in 3950 acts
absolutely beast of a machine I mean beast of a CPU now you want to go
and open that bad boy up I’m excited for this one especially like 16 cores that
is ridiculous okay okay before I yeah that’s what I was about to say so this
is um quite a small you know electronical piece for the price so I
feel like I can mess it up quite easily yes you don’t have to worry about much
the big thing is freeing you grab this thing you want to grab it on the sides
all right okay and then you don’t want to touch the pins and you try not to
touch the IHS which is on top so you want me to bend all the pins oh yeah I
can put it in alright thermal paste like all over it right like this like a
sandwich put thermal paste image now next up we got this awesome amazing of
course your Dominator RAM I’m gonna go and grab our dims here they are
protected just because they’re awesome now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna
want to open each one of these little these little tops right here say I’m
just gonna stick it in there you go solid click 1 out of 4 let’s go again
okay here we go I’m gonna give you this I’m gonna give you the young ones nicely
all unboxer yep this is a team effort alright it’s a boxing on boxing I will
do the and I just want cg and Mike to know that we have given you some extra
pieces to use for your monitors we got some other stuff going on there there
you go hey that’s what I do I try and take care of you love you guys
so you talk a little bit about tell me a little bit about the first PC you ever
built the first PC I ever built so the first PC I built it was a pretty simple
processor and this was right after I made money from a foreign eye tournament
I was like alright I got to get my build going I got to up it I got to build
something went through youtube for hours figuring out figuring out a decent build
and then kind of went on PC part picker and picked out some stuff but um it
wasn’t too bad like I said before I was most stressed about frying something
somehow but now I don’t think that’s like as much of an issue yeah yeah
that’s awesome let’s make sure there’s one other thing so we got so these are
MDOT two drives their wonky beep if I could like like
hey now it’s pretty cool yeah they’re here stand off somewhere I took them out
I’m gonna take one out yeah so you can show that off well here there I got em
out right how small this is like it’s crazy smaller watts and you’re gonna
slide it in right there at the top so see there’s two I see there’s two
there’s a smaller one this is just just like the memory yeah I just line it
slide it in all right I’ve seem to be getting
blocked by that GPU socket but don’t worry I have it all under control and
there you go push it in kind of hard kind of hard will do there you go okay
how you know it’s in here nice click and then when you can do that that’s how you
know it is okay I feel like I’ve like unlocked a new portion of my brain it’s
kind of insane the high-tech Lego brain this is kind of one of those like is it
a matter like yeah you want to do it the other way does wait no just like that
here we go guys Magic’s having by the way like your motherboard is basically
together in I think I missed I think I missed I definitely missed I think you
can oh geez you go in and I think so can you see the other one too
when you think about you are one of those unique people from CLG you like
you are both a competitor and you are a content creator so when you think about
it which one do you think you are like first do you think you’re a competitive
first or you think your content creator first that’s a very difficult question
while I’m doing this surgical procedure here on my motherboard it’s in are we in
oh it’s in I feel yep oh okay that’s a high five right there buddy ah okay
let’s go okay let’s go okay so okay answer the question though
because this is this is the rest of parts easy yes so that’s a that’s a
difficult question because I feel like I’m actually pretty equal at both I
scrim which is like private practices with other professional players but I
also play public matches much more a focus on content and entertainment the
only Jews like I think a lot of people don’t know this but you actually are
bilingual true and so you actually do yeah your content creation is mostly
Spanish Spanish speaking I do also try and do some content and
and I have like an overall mission of connecting the two community right and
that’s the thing he’s like that’s where the name like when we were streaming you
that’s where the name mom at DC mode is mom at DC mo mean anything in particular
or so how do I explain this mama BC more first of all is a source of
meme in the spanish-speaking community and it’s kind of like very like really
strong like if you were to get a celebrity or just any person and then
Photoshop a bunch of muscles on them or something like that that would be mama
ECMO you know it’s it’s it’s hard to explain okay you know they’re their own
thing so yeah that is everything that’s in this and then we’re we’re all cleaned
and ready to go next step we got a threat the case the case yep he’s gonna
be at prowl right all right I’m gonna put this off to the side like this
alright okay so now we’re gonna do is we’re going to take all the parts off so
okay this off to you this is just kind of show you yeah and this is like if you
want to make it quieter that’s how you make it quieter and we can talk a little
bit about this you got two USB 3.1 you got a USB see then I can be 3.2 Jen two
or three points in a USB see ya and then of course he’s got your audio inputs
it’s awesome I don’t be oh okay I’m gonna be oh my gosh
yeah this is all yeah and then just lift up yeah go ahead and take unscrew these
two sounds good there it’s usually a little easier
sometimes it sounds oh you’re so strong oh my it’s a gamer finger it’s a gamer
fingers a gamer fingers on this fortnight then you basically got it off
yeah now what you’re gonna do is you’re going to put this you see this right
here the motherboard yeah the motherboard this back here the i/o oh
it’s gonna go right in here yeah turn around and then you’re gonna
just kind of stick it in there yeah like so you can give me a little view just
let me know how I’m doing okay are we in you’re in we got a screw in no yeah so
we have nine screws we’re gonna do in there and I think the top camera can see
this you’ve got a screw here a screw here and screw here screw here a screw
there one in there in there that’s all your screws and while making sure work
for me is honestly the AI oh I’m just because there’s a lot of parts that go
into doing that the cooler is usually the one that people like struggle with
the most and it’s just because it has the most parts is it going in
speaking of building building tell me a little bit about building your career at
CLG do you like that segue that was a good segue they were gonna segue into
building how did you get into like can tell me about the process of you getting
into building and becoming a part of CLG because I don’t think a lot of people
like that’s not it that’s not a journey a lot of people know about that’s a
great question so a lot of people competitive gaming and content creation
is a very competitive industry a lot of people want to do it full-time
so to succeed and get like a full-time job in this industry you have to be like
unique and stand out and if I could give like tips or something like that I can
use an example of one second this screw is not my friend talking about
competitive gaming this is competitive screwing talk about again what are some
tips if so like hey I want to be a competitive streamer or a competitive
gamer what does that look like what are some tips you could give them you want
to be unique you want to stand out I can use an example of Fortnight casters so
there are some casters in the 49 industry right now who like casted the
World Cup which is a tournament that it was like 50 million dollars it was a
crazy tournament and the way they got that opportunity was they would just
live stream on Twitch doing casting they wouldn’t have like many viewers they
just did it because they wanted to they do it consistently
they’d upload to different social media platforms like Twitter all of this while
they had a job and it was just something they did as a hobby and generally
enjoyed so if you’re able to show that passion and work hard towards that
passion and just keep doing it without expecting anything in return then people
will notice that eventually like if you just keep trying it’s not gonna like
it’s not a guarantee it’s not gonna come to you right but I believe if you show
hard work and passion and dedication towards something you actually enjoy
people will notice that and people will start talking about you you’ll start
growing and then eventually organizations will see you and maybe
Scout you which is what happened hey Mike we and Gigi we have another box
for you this one’s actually like a pretty substantial one you know it
actually has like a smile like kind of something to do something with that so
there we go now as as you’re getting ready to screw
this stuff on I think the thing is that as you think about this stuff let’s talk
a little bit about what this machine like you talked at the intro you’re like
hey this machine is gonna get used for content creation and all that sort of
stuff like what are you kind of hoping to like get out of using a machine like
this so with the AMD build we’re doing now that has the really powerful
processor so I edit my own videos for YouTube and I do all my own kind of
post-production work so having a rig which is able to render not only like 3d
things if I’m looking through the intensive like edit but also just
regular videos of efficient time so I can get my content out as quickly as
possible is kind of my goal of this rig but also it being powerful enough with
that 20 80 TI to run like any game I want okay well this is prepped we did it
40 what do you think did you think of these screwdrivers are so annoying geez
yeah when I was playing games here in the US I never really got to see their
like Spanish speaking community because due to like algorithms with different
social medias they kind of don’t show you that content in a way and I actually
met some big spanish-speaking creators while playing for tonight and I kind of
got introduced into the whole like content realm through them and it
surprised me how I never heard of it even though I played video games here
for so long I never was like shown this community and it just kind of like like
opened something in my head I don’t know it just inspired me to kind of try and
connect that and have more people kind of see the different communities but
it’s it’s difficult to do to restrictions without like social media
works but I’m really trying to find a way to do that you have competed at
World Cup which like that was how much money was that to win what you want if
you won if you get through the whole qualifying process in a win World Cup
it’s three million dollars for solos and the duo’s it was three million as
well I believe but split between two people so how do you prepare or
something like that so the World Cup qualifiers was crazy because I was doing
that in my senior year of high school I had an internship that was actually at
the game design studio I was talking about and I also had finals during that
time so I was trying to study for finals I was trying to get all my things done
at my internship and then practice every day all day for World Cup streaming but
also make youtube videos and edit that because I don’t have an editor for my
youtube so i added my youtube it was like everything at once and it was a
very stressful i actually kind of like overloaded myself on like the last two
weeks I had like problems with my stomach but basically you want to take a
break always you don’t want to overwork but it was it was very stressful it was
very fun I loved doing it that’s why I could manage all of those things because
I enjoyed doing every single one of them but the process of playing 10 weeks
straight every weekend so you do the the World Cup qualifiers were Friday or
Saturday and Sunday so you had school Monday to Friday and then Saturday
Sunday World Cup qualifiers and then you go to sleep wake up school again Monday
to Friday and it was for ten weeks straight
so it was like a non-stop grind and then when you’re not doing World Cup you’re
practicing for the tournament for the weekend after you get back from school
it was it was crazy but it’s what you have to do it’s a you know succeed when
you think about when you think about being out of pro team what is that
experience like like if you were gonna explain that to people I mean it’s like
a family you know like they’re they’re supportive if I ever need anything I can
always ask for help I can always just talk to them if I want to brainstorm
things that’s it’s really like a family for for I I mean what I do you know for
for my my eSports career and my my online presence and just what I do it’s
like they’re supportive in every way so it’s amazing yeah okay well now that
we’ve we’ve gotten to this point now it’s time to kind of get our PSU
prepared so what I’ve been laying out here are all the cables and power stuff
that we’re going to be using in your build specifically and so what I’m gonna
have you do is here on the back which is obviously nicely labeled it’s a lot
yeah there’s a lot business this thing can definitely do like the brick I know
huh it’s a thousand watt power supply just
like very beastly had a wet over overload a little bit is that going over
true exactly nothing like to hear
I assume which this way yep yeah just like that and this one do I want to do
with this side oh there’s gonna be difficult
the length is like yeah the length is a little different so I will be doing a
setup tour because I’m not only planning to you know set up this this PC and
everything where you got with the PC but goes right there also I’m going to be
you know setting up like I’m gonna be kind of re redesigning my room with
lights and things like that and I’m gonna do a whole set up to her video so
I might include that as part of the video but I have to still think about
what I’m gonna do there peel that bad boy what does does it say something
important I should repeat just that you may die who needs that warning like the
other thing too that was super cool that new egg also gave you because like you
now you now have like a PC Street you have a
PC gaming which is I mean your PC gaming PC is no slouch right yeah I 790 700 K
and you still have an RTS 28 ET IL right and then you’ve got York this will be
like part of that this will be your editing ring but they also gave you an
Intel book right what did you think of that when you first got a hold of that
so if you watch the live stream you could see my reaction but I was
literally like mind blown like it’s smaller than this power supply and it’s
it’s a literal computer like you can use that for what whatever you want you can
do like dr you can do so many things I don’t know if you can see this there’s
no no we actually usually actually we have one right back here one yeah so
this is like right back here we actually have this is the hey be skinny now you
actually have a little bit different but this is like to give you an idea this is
the Hades Canyon Intel mug yeah this is a little bigger well it’s not even like
bigger it’s kind of like if you squish the one I got and it just got flattened
out because mine’s a little taller but it’s like a cube so it’s just a
different design but that one looks really cool I like the skull actually
looks sick but it’s it’s it’s crazy what it can do it like it’s it’s super cool
how compacted isn’t how powerful it is yeah okay so
we’re gonna do all right put this like this so you align it line it up and then
just start in the top the top top right yeah right okay well I’m just gonna go
in yeah well screw when you do your entertainment streams like what is your
favorite type like what are some of your favorite type of moments to have the the
content you’re talking about this when I do like duo fills in for tonight or I
just play with random people kind of and it’s awesome to just kind of get to know
people and talk to them and interact with them but what I also do a lot is
like challenges in a way which is like a sky based challenge so maybe you try and
go up to the top of the map and like do this challenge and I normally do that
with friends so it’s it’s nice to kind of you know be doing everything with
with people I know with friends and then actually getting one of those like
challenges accomplished like the feeling of successfully doing it is is good
because you’re constantly trying for hours and hours the right of this thing
and you keep messing up you keep following you keep having this little
mistake and then you finally get in you’re like yes just go Christ like when
you win a tournament or something it’s like a different different way now let’s
get our cable extensions on where are those at well we got one prepared for
you already so that’s gonna just kind of so many like that yeah that is clean so
that’s gonna go right there so which side that side yeah just like that over
on Dave oh you can do over you just go yeah so you just kind of shove it in
there okay we’re confidence let me just line
it up first there you go okay um I didn’t hear a click but it
seems to be quite in yeah you want to give it that little to check yeah that
seems good okay we’re gonna do is bend that and then shove that you know the
back oh yes it’s like what kind of matches with the case that’s not no it’s
like it’s like it was playing oh wow there we go he’s gonna pull that down we
got some stiff cabling that’s gonna be fun for us when we get to cable
management oh boy is what it is it’ll be fine
kind of kind of shove that down like that okay what do we think
like that we will hook it up at the very end but yeah look the other I like that
in that nice clean like super clean cool as what do you wait what do you say you
said that’s like cool what is that what is the phrase you use why yeah stupid
why run away yeah isn’t that one what we can do now
is we’re going to hook up one of these other cables real quick and then we’re
gonna put in our graphics card let me see so clip like this yes just like that
and that one’s it’s not gonna be even better as annoying as hundred percent
under control do not worry all right I don’t have it under control okay you
ready for this you ready for this y’all ready for this oh look at that and
there’s like a little bit of foam on the top okay okay I want to get it in the
light just so much shine to know I look at it so this is the nice little manual
we can put that over there side and get this in how’s the box it’s all we’re
doing are they doing good they’ve been so quiet yeah and I mean they must be so
focused given the amount of creativity that’s going on over in that room over
there well they like some styrofoam pop it right into here afterward anyone you
are ready so you take that out get the little boy okay
waiting beast of the beast yeah graphics cards here there’s a couple little peels
you’re gonna have to do oh I got it I got it I got it
oh and I lost it I lost it oh there we go
it’s gotta be consistent I can’t stop I can’t stop oh look at the look at the
little lines oh my god of the thing I’m boxing like a like a machine can you see
this like look it doesn’t shine if I like move it oh my gosh
I will get out of your way so you can do this this is just this is a moment this
is man and machine ladies and gentlemen man and machine he is just he’s putting
in the heart you knew it oh I know and then here we go
that is looking fresh that graphics cards genius okay well at this point in
time I think we can let Mike and CG come out because
we have built on yeah we built our PC we are ready to see their masterpiece are
we ready know what he’s talking like that it’s got RGB oh my god
see I knew we would have these three sixty Hertz – that’s gotta be three
sixty Hertz I think we gotta try and think of everything this monitor is this
like this is like this is how you know it posted yeah we need words drop this
sword that’s what you actually he’s actually always got RGB on me yeah watch
out watch how he I don’t know if I can deal with this this is the Dominator
it’s definitely exceeded my expectations I’m not gonna lie and they work out oh
you know what it’s it’s fine it’s fine please aren’t on its on I can see it
that’s a lot of RGB that is a lot of time we did it we did they did it oh
wait what are we doing everything I got it I got a position myself left-handed
yeah we’re going we’re going well that’s the one that’s the one I’m highly
trained in this don’t worry oh my god now we can just look at it now we just
just what do you think that is amazing that is odd we can customize all the RGB
oh yeah we can oh yeah oh yeah and what I’ll do and what I’ll do is like because
the next thing what we’re gonna do is I know we’re about to just wrap up here
but we will I will take the time and I will put it all in blue just for now so
it’ll all be blue white black so that way when you get it’ll it’ll all be well
Takada this is it man the build is done mama the similar does if it fit it oh it
fits oh look at that it’s that corsair dominator platinum rim
right like it’s just that a beautiful RGB again you’ve got the Corsair that
beautiful Corsair AIO all of it links up you’ve got the fans
are gonna have just light down below I mean likes Chris all in all like this
thing is just ridiculous and the the finish on this case is so nice right I
had never built with this particular one I’ve done only in the white yeah I was
just surprised at how awesome this looks how do you feel the color is is like
it’s I don’t even know how to describe it it’s like so clean you know it’s oh
my god the all the ri I can’t even speak like I literally can’t speak it’s so
cool well guys that is it if you want to know what all the parts are we have a
link to all of those in the description below and on top of it you like if
you’re curious about the parts that I use or that Takata uses we actually have
these amazing profile pages that are down in the description below as well I
mean you’ve got like you got some pretty serious gear that you use right yeah
I’ve got like now this is also gonna like super enhance my setup so I’ll be
taking new pictures of that it’s all gonna be updated on my profile page it
shows all the specs I use keyboard mouse monitor and now PC with all the
components everything you need to know is on those pages and better yet where
to follow us on all our social xand all that stuff as well also make sure that
you like and subscribe to this channel and ring that notification bell that so
you know each and every time what’s happening here and when we go live with
a new video and this is part of an awesome series that we’re doing with CLG
this is number 2 of 12 so we’ve 10 more of these so make sure that you come tune
in we got lots more to show let us know in the comments below what did you think
of the bill did you like the parts did you like what
we built overall what would you do if you had a PC like this and better yet
what’s in your PC we’d like to know all of that stuff anyway guys you’re gonna
go play some fort night we got you got Championships I got born events yeah you
got a tournament coming up I got some pcs to build we will check you guys
later I the Intel nook is an all-in-one extremely compact PC despite its size it
not only functions like a fully operational Windows desktop it is a
fully functional Windows desktop it can play games browse the Internet and more
importantly it can serve as an independent streaming PC with helpful
tools like an elgato capture card a high-end webcam and a microphone you can
turn your stream into a pro level production then connect a portable SSD
to the nooks Thunderbolt 3 port for ultra-fast data transferring pick up all
these accessories as well as the Intel Haiti’s Canyon Nook frost Canyon Nook or
modular ghost Canyon nook on Newegg today

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  1. What a waste of money, I'd go with a faster Gaming CPU Like the Intel Core I9 9900K. AMD just isn't the best for gaming. This POS cost way more too, I thought AMD was lower priced? RIP AMD

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