Buy a friend a Steam game and share the PC Master Race love!

Buy a friend a Steam game and share the PC Master Race love!

Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here,
armed with my cup of tea as always. Like many of you I’m sure, I visit a few gaming
and technology related forums online. One of the forums I spend a regular amount of
time on is the OverClockers UK forum – it’s a diverse community of different people, some
nice and some – well – not so nice. There’s the odd friendly troll, especially on any
NVidia versus AMD or AMD versus Intel threads. One thread that caught my eye recently was
a thread started by ‘tracertong’ titled ‘A Steam Friend Just Bought me A Game’. In that
thread, they talked about how someone on Steam gifted a copy of Player Unknown Battlegrounds
to them completely out of the blue and how touched they were by that. It made me realise (again) how different the
PC community can be to the console gaming community. Whereas on console, my overriding
memories are having 13 year old kids screaming at me over Playstation Network, PC gamers
tend to be a lot more discerning people. I’ve had people share help and advice with me freely,
I’ve donated old PC parts to other PC gamers who are a bit short of cash – generally, we
are a nice lot. Have a read of the thread on the OverClockers
UK forum, it’s in the description field below. If you have a few spare Great British beer
tokens, why not use the Steam Summer Sale as an opportunity to share the love with a
couple of Steam friends – and treat them to a game from their wishlist? I guarantee that you’ll feel good about it
and I’m sure the recipient will be grateful, especially if they are a new PC Gamer. Share
the PC Master Race love and maybe the recipient will do the same to someone else! Thanks for watching the video. If someone
else has bought you a Steam game as a gift, let us know in the comments section below
what it was. I’m Tango Echo Alpha, armed with a cup of tea as always and I will see you
all in the next video – bye now!

4 thoughts on “Buy a friend a Steam game and share the PC Master Race love!”

  1. So jealous of the Steam summer sale!. I haven't really noticed much of a difference between PC and the Xbox One community. I still haven't come across a random player with a mic, I think people just stick to party chat now. The 360 used to be full of young immature children.

    Going to try and get my friends to switch over to the PC platform, but my only concern is ususlly AAA multiplatform games die quicker on PC i.e Battlefront and BF1 because the PC platform has way more games.

  2. See what you meant now having watched this. Honestly Tangers I really appreciate this gesture I won't forget that. Cheers mate! I once had a spare copy of Metal Solid that I got with a GPU, I gave it to Kyle and you're right I did feel good and I know Kyle really appreciated it.

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