Can We Find The Name Brand Soup? (GAME)

Can We Find The Name Brand Soup? (GAME)

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  1. Campbell's Tomato soup… Pour into a small sauce pan. Fill can with about 1/2 to 3/4 milk and scrape inside using the milk to loosen all the tomato still in the can and then pour into pan and put in 1 Tablespoon of butter. Heat, Stir and Eat.

  2. how tf was Chunky brand soup not included in this?! it burries all other soups…..unless that was the handicap set??

  3. I was listening to your latest episode of ear biscuits and I don’t think miracles are necessarily supernatural. It is said that god often uses instruments whether messengers or a bush to convey his works. I feel I’ve experienced many miracles but also believe in god causing the miracle using science.

  4. I was taken back when they said Akron lol I heard it and was like uhhhhh how’d you know about my neighbor city 😅

  5. Yeah… Progresso has been second banana to Campbell's Chunky when it comes to the thicker soups for a while now, the complete omission makes me sad.

  6. Rhett looks like Marv from home alone and idc what alone else says. I am commenting this every time I see a video

  7. I worked for a Kroger grocery store called frys in phoenix az. Hated it there, but I will admit they do make some good stuff tbh!

  8. I'm convinced Rhett is going through a midlife crisis. With his hair and beard he looks like was stranded on a deserted island for 3 months

  9. Link: "What do we know about Annie? Is she okay yet?"
    Rhett defies physics and starts to pivot on his toes toward the floor

  10. Annie's!? Was anyone else reminded of the occasional encounters that Link used to have with "Annie"? Only hardcore MBs will get this…

  11. man its sad to see you guys making these desperate videos. dry soup mix, soda taste test, it used to be good mythical morning, now its just mythical morning

  12. Jonathon Almodovar

    When he grabbed his finger and just dunked it in the tomato soup I about pissed myself. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST

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