Can You Beat Doom With A Guitar Hero Controller?

Can You Beat Doom With A Guitar Hero Controller?

it really doesn’t matter if you rarely
play shooters or if you only use the internet to look up funny cat videos if
you have used YouTube once then you would know that doom eternal one of the
most anticipated games this year is coming out next month in celebration
over the glorious fact that the sequel is coming soon I thought I would do
something poetic the most metal challenge that can possibly be done for
doom can you be doomed 2016 with only a guitar hero controller doom is known for
its prolific soundtrack Kidz Bop mesmerizing guitar riffs that can cure
even the severus cases of erectile dysfunction with Valentine’s Day just
recently passing I thought hey may as well take all 170,000 of you on a date
with me a date to absolutely clean ass ripping and tearing through hordes of
anti vaccinate stations in the depths of hell rules are simple this run voice you
sit there looking dashing and cute as heck as you always do while watching me
only use this ancient piece of equipment here there are no other exceptions only
this bad boy sit back grab a Capri Sun and some scooby-doo fruit snacks and
maybe if you’re feeling a little quirky and want to support these Crusades give
the video a like well this measly guitar and my epic
gamer skills be all that I need to take the cyberdemon to town town well the
hell guardians force me to commit seppuku let’s find out operation my
wife’s boyfriend said I could have an extra hour on the gamecube if I do the
laundry is now in full effect I’ve been told that I am one of 12 people to still
own one of these this controller is so rare that if the Smithsonian hears of
one in your presence they’ll send dark web dark brotherhood assassins to
retrieve it from you this legendary piece of ancient equipment needs no
introduction blessed by the great metal Saint Mick Gordon himself this Guitar
Hero Explorer controller was given to me to purify the sinners Mick Gordon’s
guitar work can even get the holiest of priests bricked up in an instant so it
only makes sense that this controller would allow me to bring pain to the
pathetic vermin that now inhabit Mars attached to the controller the usual two
hotdogs counterweights two just aiming and playing stability alongside the hot
dogs and additional two attachments a homemade carrot crucifix and a skinned
lifestyles condom because you know if we’re going to be fucking these demon
spawn we may as well do it with protection after setting this bad boy up
a quick couple of games of cod and a little warm-up on clone hero and your
baby boy was ready to go now before we start I know
I know Sansa wears a power glove video you dirty dog bitch
well I’m sorry okay the run has been started but life had to sit on your boy
sons his face and blasted turd right down his throat the glove actually
stopped working I had a special product made specifically for the power glove to
work on a Windows computer thanks to my man Kevin and it turns out that a few
pins were bent and my gloves connection to the adapter after about a day of
trying to fix the thing sending e-mails back and forth and even using real term
to try and send info to the glove there was nothing I can do
I had to depart with my loved one and I had to send him off to get him repaired
by the time this video goes out I will have the glove back and we’ll continue
the run till then I’m sorry that I failed you diaper booty gang but just
remember the Thicke boy thanos roleplay simulator insert Thanos torquing here is
still coming now let’s go rock a couple of hemorrhoids with explosions fire cum
blasts and holy bukkake immediately we are awoken from our coffin typical of
this vermin species to watch a nice young gent as myself sleep but hey this
isn’t my only fans page baby here boy Sansa was here to make history
my aim automatically took me by surprise I was going to have to get used to this
the same way I had to get used to going through high school without any friends
even though I had to resort to melee I can say that my attempts at pacifying
these imps were successful also don’t worry honey no need to tell me where my
super suit is because I found it absolutely unless you just stay home
everyday googling the daily Bible quote while listening to the Jonas Brothers
you should know that doom guy aka a channel member of mine named drew Fick
is an absolute Omega Chad from here on out make sure you take off your purity
ring’s and get ready because with this suit you already know that we’re going
to be hitting these demonic vermin with that guac guac double hander while
popping a handstand a maneuver only the elite of humanity can do the group of
Em’s ahead and were faced with my wrath I made sure to bound a button as a
finisher because I don’t think I could imagine a life without ripping and
tearing straight-up asshole with the push of a button if I had done my math
correctly my current aim was at the level of a
storm trooper and a bedridden grandpa in hospice though even that won’t stop me
from dividing the cheeks of these scum at this point if it wasn’t clear I was
terrible with this thing my hopes are to master this bad boy
before reaching the final levels of the game after barely surviving the training
level I was now on the surface of Mars unfortunately I must have pre-ordered
the wrong Mick Gordon guitar controller because not even two minutes and the
enemies made me commit ceasing to have a heartbeat it’s okay though I was just
giving these little sweet poops and ego boosts before I ended all of their
careers this level was all about getting intimate with this controller the
off-white design being built like a runway supermodel she even took my
fingers like a champ we bonded this day and finished the first level of doom I
couldn’t wait for the endless adventures that awaited us doom guy slayer man was
tasked by the homie to realign their resources satellites so we could obtain
the damage reports on Mars fortunately he said this was only possible by a
warrior that brandished an ancient weapon called the guitar hero controller
I still have no idea what that is but it sounds pretty damn cool the Imps here
were turbo dead which is basically normal dead just yeah I don’t know where
I was going with that after a bit of platforming that I found surprisingly
easy with this controller the chainsaw was now mine this thing was a plot
changer my turning speed and all-around movement is equivalent to a parent
trying to play video games with their child for the first time so this butt
plug of death will be useful for enemies that involve me using a little too much
brain power pushing through a few deaths were involuntarily had here but my
overwhelming testosterone overcame and that allowed me to spank these naughty
boys on the way to the surface to fix these satellites I was given a new toy
to play with it felt great to banish these sinners with actual weaponry
instead of fisting them like in my last doom video some of you may be curious
what did these vile creatures do to be in perpetual peril by a turbo chat
wielding a guitar I’ll tell you they all use light mode on their apps discord
reddit Instagram these foul disgusting spawns of evil
don’t deserve to share the air that we breathe being my boy Marcus from
Borderlands was pretty cool and so was some more platforming with the guitar I
know you guys really don’t care but goddamn actually moving around with this
thing and platforming is a lot easier than I thought
the rest of the enemies in my path took unhealthy amounts of my dick that shit
was absolutely a masterpiece I deserved an award for what happened to them hey
didn’t hit me with the casualty reports of all that have lost a loved one due to
anime waifu’s and to make matters worse he also showed me the demons Cod and
fortnight ad A’s although they were admirable it was time for me to call in
my 25 kill streak category 6 enema guitar hurricane and shit on the rest of
these creatures this level was the home of the roid rage demons these cutie
patooties were tinder matched with me from the get-go and guess what
they weren’t even seeking adventure like the rest of the tender fresh spawns
congratulation you want after having a that so raven flashback and being
reminded of their utter destruction i had a nice little platforming session
remove the demon scrotum with my guitar which i’m probably the first man to ever
have said that and died fighting a jackal from halo hey grenades were
coming in clutch for the spontaneous hordes of enemies all this was great and
i was having fun but now i’m just emotionally distressed because there
stood the creature that i really didn’t want to tussle with the roid rage demon
took me into his Thunderdome of meat tenderizing literally beating my butt
cheeks like a pair of donkey kong bongo drums eventually i was able to show him
what my pulse rifle do and pumped him full of as much ouchie as i possibly
could you guys may be thinking emotional therapy but all that was pointless
because doom was going to make me go through this level dealing with more of
these big boys dividing scrotum from weird portal things and mick Gordon’s
diarrhea volcano inducing guitar riffs was all fun for a bit my daily quota of
getting meat blended also hit differently this month just like the
laxative brownie my friends said was a normal brownie my Guitar Hero two-handed
level was increasing the more I played my improvement was apparent efficiency
is all him about and damn was I efficient with this tool you see that
there the damsel of full armor sitting there vulnerable waiting for a strong
man that so happens to have a perfectly defined hip line and built like the
Crimson Chin she was waiting for me to save her listen no pun intended I fell
for it once and there was no way that I was going to give in and fall forward
again haha the ending of the level sent more
demons my way testing my mental gymnastics skills and my overall
emotional fortitude this was the first time of many that I would have to fight
multiple hard enemies at once although adversity stood before me and I was
guaranteed to fail just remember you can play with my pussy but never my emotions
after some god-tier gameplay and bringing Swift deaths to these creatures
I watched Olivia the CEO of dirty diapers make all of us a part of
something greater it was time to undo her doing with a doing of shutting off
the Arjen regulators not even a couple minutes into this level and I am shook
spooked beyond words if this imp disappearing doesn’t terrify you the
same way you get terrified when you rip ass and are positive that you pooped
yourself and you clearly aren’t human after observing a family friendly game
of hangman and getting a new toy the vermin that awaited me here were not
ready for humanity’s last chat after literally killing myself
tasteless terrorist joke style I dispatched of my enemies and even though
it was sloppy at least the deed was done the pulse rifle which would be my bread
and butter this run was putting in work this shit was unheard of damage and
synergy I thought was only feasible in my wet dreams but god damn it was
tangible universe brain plays baiting out my enemies and of course a community
favorite a bit of scrotum removal and this level was cake now let me tell you
a story amidst my travels I found a sweet little imp confined in a space
from another realm he was the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen this was when I realized I’ve dug sure
nando meant no danger to me he meant no evil and I killed him the repercussions
of killing Fernando were already starting to become apparent carpal
tunnel forcing me to make terrible plays nausea that led to me throwing up that
pointless segment was put in there to distract you from the disgusting
gameplay that was the rest of this level specifically when I’m at the Summoner oh
no with all the accumulators down it was time to head to the argent tower an omen
of bad luck was already goatse Dona me just starting this level it wouldn’t be
a censer run without something going wrong with the super shotgun the rocket
boys weren’t that bad some good old standing still and pumping shots into
them was all that was needed after getting the Michael Jordan shoes
from like Mike I was going to have to rely on these things because some hella
platforming was coming up but platforming with the guitar hero
controller is like an orphan eating at a family restaurant
it just doesn’t and shouldn’t work surprisingly it seems like I lied to you
and that analogy was pointless because I was nailing these jumps with these even
the one that I failed with a goddamn mouse and keyboard Olivia’s coked out Hollywood beach bum
looking head ass waddled off was some sort of evil thing and I knew that that
meant things were about to get a quad damage orb was waiting for me which made
clapping the cheeks of these demons with the controller a lot easier than it
should have been the turbo thick boys showed themselves and they decided to
join the party at the wrong time because as a young lad say nowadays I be
clapping them bitch asses with my 9 milli this area was riddled with enemies
my only option was to run in circles around the arena killing all that I
could scaling the tower was needed and a great sense of accomplishment washed
over me during this platforming part before doing this I could have sworn on
my grandmother’s unreleased sex tape that this was going to be the hardest
part of the run but surprisingly I was a natural at this thing not messing up a
single time some more of the sends a special aka playing
ring-around-the-rosie aka giving these unfortunate beings a number 10
extra-large Diet Coke special I scaled the tower and met with Olivia she
immediately hit me with the act of shutting the fuck off and broke one of
the secret commandments of the Bible the one where the j-man above clearly said
not to open a portal to Hell in the Argent hour while on Mars Holly
someone always has to ruin these things for all of us man last video I was
worried because I forgot to bring my crucifix butt plug to hell but this time
you already know I came prepared baby you guys I’m so in the middle of my run
and I uh I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the fact that je stations
penis is actually collabing with me this video wow this was our first of many
trips to hell training what this controller had actually started to pay
off I was ready for the trials that awaited me here blessed by Mickey G
himself a Gauss rifle with my name on it was waiting for me in this barren
wasteland just using this gun and Haran Lee gives you an extra two inches on
your penis shooting this thing feels so goddamn good and it’s damaged well let’s
just say pornhub has nothing on this bad boy to be honest for the beginning part
of this level it was pretty easy I nearly pooped myself a few times
almost dying but staying on the move and taking it slow with this controller was
all that was needed the Cacodemons were introduced to us on this level their
attempts to ruin this family-friendly Reading Rainbow episode were quickly
nullified thanks to the sheer power of a Gauss rifle and quad damage using star
power to open a door sealed by demonic magic was easy and so was grabbing this
upgrade node that was conveniently right beside the door if for some reason you
have a knack for sodomy and decide to do this run yourself then I suggest getting
the lock-on modification for the rocket launcher it turns your turd aim with
this guitar into straight-up dick punching madness making sure that each
rocket hits these demons in their tickle spot the Barons of Hell gave me a quick
scare fighting them the first time around but I was lucky enough to
actually survive the confrontation cutting them around with the controller
was my only option a close call a few farts later and a
gang war interruption I was hit with the hardest part of this run so far id
Software was here to test me test my mental strength and overall fortitude
though the joke is on them because this test gave me a slight erection because
your boy snacks ax likes a challenge there were too many mobs here that did
way too much damage their movement was unparalleled to mine and my method of
changing weapons was laughably primitive after getting a tactic down I hit them
with my signature move and honestly I’m kind of worried worried that YouTube is
going to D monetize me after that one baby
you guys get it demonetised me after that one
stop you violated the law the next level started off in morals at an all-time low
I took a break after the ball draining gameplay in hell so when I made it back
to Mars I was a little bit rusty with my guitar skills whoa this is worthless as
a reward for making it past this raid boss I was given the minigun at first I
slept on this thing but I’ll give you a bit of foreshadowing now this will soon
be my saving grace with my arsenal ever-expanding just like this very
universe in my brain the enemies here were a lot easier to deal with they were
all taking trips to Satan’s kitchen to a lifetime of doing dishes which is what I
assume comes after hell if you so happen to die while in it pinkies were
introduced to me on this level and somehow I was able to survive their
incessant poundage running around the arena was all that I could really do as
my movement with this guitar was limited and hitting their weak spots wasn’t
really an option for the most part this level was incredibly easy to say the
least except for when the game decided to be a raid Shadow legends which means
shit by the way and throw an entire army at me these enemies were straight-up
dusting my nipples and throwing me to the dogs it doesn’t help that for some
reason in the heat of the moment I personally forget all of my key bindings
but god fuck this was the opposite of fun after taking the high ground though
and laying down that heavy fire I found the pinky that my boy Jose and got the
password to his Christian mingle account back it was time to head to the homie
and find Olivia’s private office first though traversing through the advanced
research complex was needed good thing I brought protection for my guitar because
things were about to get heated these humonculon weren’t expecting my presence
and after getting forced to put on a cybernetic BDSM collar by Haden it was
time to find the hidden gem pushing through the facility I could feel my
seven chakras aligning my Chi was one with this guitar my gameplay and display
of expertise with this bad boy was starting to become award-winning i booty
blasted every demon in my path and that was on an unstoppable rampage to get to
my one true love let’s all take a moment to thank
hernando here for letting me borrow his torso to get to my bay what a pleasant
man thick hard and throbbing with energy the big gun AKA BFG for the
family-friendly fuckers out there was now in my hands I now had the title
master of the big cum blowing my load on the first wave of enemies god damn
my underwear has never been as tight on me than it currently is the ending of
the level had me fight another horde of enemies but of course being a literal
one-man army with my arsenal they didn’t stand a chance
a little bit of that Chainsaw action on a barren and then using this portal type
beat portal I was able to finish the level and it was time to get to Olivia’s
office there honestly isn’t too much to touch upon during this part I played
sloppily but this level was just a filler a few thick boys and roid rage
kids and I was pretty much good she it was easier than trying to siphon turds
out of my constipated grandmother though the sense of ease was now slowly fading
away because it was time for my first Dark Souls boss fight before watching
this clip I want you to go and thank your grandpa for Nutting in your
grandmother and then go do the same to your father because you are alive and
you are about to witness something that is otherworldly this type of success is
unobtainable to me my first tussle with the cyberdemon was a breeze first try
and I was able to slay the beast with nothing but my guitar playing the fight
expertly and graphing out every possible movement I could make the spawn of the
beast was dead without a bead of sweat even forming on my forehead if the first
phase of the boss was this easy then surely the second one should be easier should be easier if the first phase of
the boss was this easy than surely the second one should be easier the problem with this encounter was at
the arena that you fightin is tiny compared to the first one but hey take
this from the master of love himself a couple of gosh shots and rockets to the
face and any girl will succumb to your cool guy masculinity with that battle
barely one and as difficult as it was that meant that this run was wrapping up
and I was scared for what awaited me in hell back the hell I was but this time I
was running a marathon straight to that crucible feels bad man the fact that
scientists still haven’t figured out the talent behind the man that bears only a
guitar you all are lucky to be even witnessing him in action my second trip
back to hell was also a breeze hordes of enemies were basically child’s play to
me at this point all these demons were the birthday boys and I really hope they
like cake because the flavor was death the ending of the mission tore through
my boners a bit but after bouncing back it was time to make my trek to the hell
guards your boy was locked and loaded suited up and I was a Mars version of
John wick taking out rooms of demons without even batting an eye this was a
gentleman’s guide on how to slap chop demonic cheeks which fun fact before I
made these videos I had a series name gentleman’s guides if you are a
connoisseur of cringe I’ll leave an unlisted link in the description below
after styling on some more bitches I approached the room that had previously
made me soil my panties in the last video but the real MVP here was my big
gun one tap of its trigger and it splooged with the force of a 1000
kilometer per hour semi-truck the money shot to end the video well not really
ended off but hey you get what I’m saying my force sensitivity hadn’t
trained me for this part and I’ll let you know now that I was terrified my first fight with this krusty krab
looking head ass bitch brought me my demise and so did the third and the
eleventh but after a bit of training this was where that foreshadowing comes
into play I discovered after my twelfth death that this minigun was basically
kryptonite to this boss playing on normal like the degenerate I am makes
his boss fight actually feasible with the guitar hero controller just pumping
him full of lead from this minigun and he was easily dead I was positive that
this fight would be my end after the first phase of course there has to be a
second it was time for tia and tamera from sister-sister with my knowledge of
the minigun tactic this next phase should be a lot easier it still took me
another six tries but boys have you ever wanted to be graced by the light of God
with just a single clip well here it is with just my guitar
this minigun and my mental prowess I was able to straight-up dump ass on these
Guardians their deaths were some of the saddest anime deaths of all time but
with these Titans down and the crucible in my hand it was time with the blessing
of Nick Gordon to end this once and for all the BDSM caller that was thrown on
me pulled me back to Mars to continue the fight that was a Halo reference by
the way and if you didn’t get it you’re not on my cool hot guys slash girl list
anymore the next mission before ending this
crusade was an easy one I was forced to extract dooms version of Cortana and put
the main argent thing to go boom-boom this would send me to hell one last time
and wait for it finish the fight this mission was pretty easy and full of ads
the last part of it specifically has so many enemies that it is quite
overwhelming again for any of you daring souls that attempt to try this
yourselves sitting under this staircase is all that you need to make it out of
this unscathed a couple of BFG shots and these bad boys were taken to my 18 plus
version of weenie hut jr. with Cortana backed up on a USB that hopefully won’t
be found with solo cam girl ChatterBait videos I was sent back to hell one last
time to claim this crown these creatures in hell were about to embrace a fate
that was worse than death almost every area of this final level has some sort
of powerup to help in taking out the hordes of demons
honestly attempting to land this jump was harder than the group of enemies
that I had to fight a brick roleplay session and two purple turbo dicking
pills later I clapped up each and every single one of these demons with my
guitar my rotting carrot crucifix and three day old hotdog counter
were ready I destroyed the last well and into the pit I went I confronted Olivia
who is conveniently down here waiting for me you know I feel bad for the woman
seeing as nothing seems to have worked out for her even her pokemon evolution
failed turning her into the product of a threesome between Megamind
Aragog the spider from Harry Potter and one of the disgusting beings from Mars
Attacks even with the guitar hero controller this fight was quite simple
although I did died two times this fight does a good job at being very forgiving
giving you 3 BFG shots and a ton of health when she gets stunned just simply
dodging her attacks and spamming your o P weapons was all that was needed with
her health lo this time it didn’t matter if my glory kill forced me to use my BFG
because this run I could I planted my thick heaping pulsating gun into mega
Minds mouth and blew the final money shot this time actually ending the video
that was it you can beat doom with only a guitar hero controller I kissed my
guitar for making this journey possible and now we know that this crusade
resulted in a W the only reason this run was possible was because of Mik Gordon
so thank you for making such a glorious soundtrack if you enjoyed the video and
want to see me do some stuff for doom eternal give it a little love by
strumming that like button if you appreciate what I do on these Crusades
comment hashtag Diet Coke surprise the next video should be the power glove and
again I am super sorry for the delay on that sucker but trust me that bitch is
gonna be thicker than my snicker thank you to my amazing channel members for
making this possible and thank you all for watching see you in the next video you

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