Can You Find The Liar? (GAME)

– Where were you on the morning of today? – [Both] Let’s talk about that. (upbeat synth music) – Good Mythical Morning! – And please give a very mythical welcome from the new show “Medical
Police” on Netflix. It’s Rob Corddry and Erinn Hayes. – All right! (clapping) Welcome to the show guys! – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Yeah. – Okay so, you’ve worked
together for quite some time. Now which one of you is the bigger liar? – When you tell a lie, you make an ass out of you and me. – That’s true.
– That’s the saying. – I’ve heard that. – That’s the saying. – Well, that’s going
to happen a lot today, because we are playing a fun game. It’s time for The Deceptive Detective is
Among Us, But Crime Never Pays. Can We Sniff Out the
Swindler with Detectives Corddry and Hayes? Welcome to the Deceptive Detectives zone. – Now, we are all detectives interrogating a suspect of a crime. That’s why we are all
wearing trench coats. But, in each round one of us will be the Deceptive Detective, i.e. the person who doesn’t know what the actual crime is. – You get points by ID’ing
the Deceptive Detective. Or, by fooling everyone if you
are the Deceptive Detective. – So we are each going to get a folder. Three of us will have a crime, the same crime written in the folder. But one of the folders will
have nothing written inside. And that person is the
Deceptive Detective. And it is his or her job
to not get found out. – To try and figure out who
the Deceptive Detective is, we’re gonna take turns
questioning the suspect. Of course the Deceptive Detective has to ask questions without
knowing the crime at all. – So each person who correctly guesses the Deceptive Detective gets a point. And each incorrect guess will
give the Deceptive Detective, I can’t say that word. – Deceptive Detective. – Deceptive Detective a point. – In the end, the winner gets
a portrait drawn of themselves by a police sketch artist. And you know you want that. – I want it.
– I really want that. – I want it so bad. I want it so bad. – I do want that. – Well, well, well, would
you get a look at this creep. – Whoa, hey, get me out of here. I gotta get back to New York City to get some pizza, bagels,
and an Empire State Building. (people laughing) – This guy, so nuanced. – From New York, baby. – [Erinn] All right. – Oh, wow. – Well what do you have
to say for yourself? – For the record, nobody
cares about that guy. He’s not even a real
mayor, forget about it. I’m walking here. – But I think you do care about that guy. And I’d like to know what
you have against that guy. – Well if you must
know, I’m a strict vegan and I find his line of work offensive. (people laughing) Please don’t point out the fact
that I’m holding a hot dog. (people laughing) It pokes a hole in my story. Oh. The Knicks. (people laughing) – Are you a registered voter? – A registered, oh yes. I loved stepping into that booth and ticking one off for democracy, baby. – No further questions. – Is there something
about what you did that, I don’t know. Do you like it close? – That’s okay, all right, all right. I’ll go ahead and admit I was, I did what I did for moral reasons. But, I also love the clean feel of a man’s scalp. (people laughing) I find it erotically interesting. Rob, I’m a big fan of your work. (people laughing) – I’m bald.
– Oh. – It’s because I’m bald. – Is it cause, oh.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Did you, do anything in particular with the offings? – If you must know, I have
a, kind of a side deal with the lead singer of Smash Mouth. I mailed him the leavings so that he could glue them to himself, for their next tour Of county fairs. (people laughing) – Harsh, harsh. – They have more hits than you think. Go to see Smash Mouth live. You’ll recognize like half the songs. You’ll have a great time. – All right. – And for the record, if I did
what you’re accusing me of, I would have started
with the goatee first. Yankees. (people laughing) – Now, You mentioned the mayor. Do you find, (laughs) I don’t
have anything in my head. I have nothing in my head. (people laughing) – I know the feeling. (people laughing) – I could just yell out
some more New York stuff while you’re thinking. Brooklyn!
– Now listen, when you (laughs) take the A Train, did you make him eat any food? – Yeah, I did.
(people laughing) While I was doing it, I served him some of
his own greatest hits. So I made that man vomit from ingesting too much
deep fried blue cheese. – Is it, the whole
industry you don’t like? Or is it this one particular guy? – I mean he is kind of the
symbol for what I hate. So I took him down as an example to all the other criminals out there. I’m talking about the Grimace, Wendy, and of course, that
creepy Burger King King that I don’t know if they use anymore. (people laughing) – When it was all over, what was the interaction like? – I gave the dome a nice rub. As I said before, I am
sexually interested in man’s bare scalp. And then, he turned to me and said, “You know what, maybe I
look better like this.” And we kissed for five minutes. (people laughing) – So you did do it, you
are admitting to the crime. – Oh, yeah.
(people laughing) I mean if I did.
(people laughing) Giuliani. (people laughing)
– Giuliani. – Okay, Okay. – Okay, last question. Have you been in touch? – I actually got a nice
thank-you note in the mail. (people laughing) It was a thank-you note, covered in Donkey Sauce.
(people laughing) Which is vegan, so I sucked
that thank-you note dry, And you know what, it
was gosh darn delicious. – [Host] Okay detectives. It’s time to make your guesses. Who is the Deceptive Detective this round. Please write it down. And, let’s reveal in three, two, one. – Oh dang, you got it! – I thought it was you Erinn.
– Yes! – Because, it’s hard to ask a question even if you know what’s
on the sheet, right? (people laughing) – I know, I got really lost. – So that means Rob actually gets a point for deceiving Link. And we each get a point. – [Host] And Rob, do you
want to go bonus points here and try and guess what
the crime actually is? – I’m doing pretty
well, points wise right? – [Erinn] No. – I think I’m kicking ass. – I’m mad about it. – Yeah, I think he shaved
Ronald McDonald’s head as a protest. – Close, I shaved the living
version of Ronald McDonald, which is Guy Fieri. (people laughing) – Donkey Sauce. – Yeah, I should get a point. That’s the same thing. (people laughing) – All right, time to find
out what this scum bag did. – I shouldn’t even be here. And I don’t care if you
guys do marry my mom, I’m never calling you dad. – Oh. – What? What are we up against? (whistling) What do you have to say for yourself? – For the record, I’ll never confess. (people laughing)
– Oh. – She needs a speech therapist. – What did you have to eat that evening? – What I always have. Number four, extra sweet and sour. Gives me the energy I need to make sure you never become my dad. (people laughing) Even if you are dating my mom. – Your mom and I were in
the back just recently. And I just want to say, she’s
sweeter than a number four. – I don’t want to hear that, shut up. – As your dad, I’d like
to ask this question. Where did you– – I’m not calling you dad Erinn, Erinn. – Where did you even get it? – My friend Bodhi had it in a terrarium. I traded him for some Halo fan art that I drew. – First of all, you
will refer to me as Dad. – Whatever, Rob. – Why that particular
part of the location? – I just wanted to show it a good time. – Thank you son. – No problem, Rob. – So do you have any
allergies, to this thing? You allergic to it? – No man. The only thing I’m allergic to is seeing a beautiful creature not fulfilling it’s potential. I’m also allergic to honey mustard. That’s why I get the sweet and sour. For the record, people need to chillax. People take service pets into restaurants all the time. – Do you think, that it had fun? – Yeah, yeah I do, I do. – I guess I just have a
bigger more moral question. What about the children? (people laughing) – Hey man, kid’s gotta learn
about crushing power some time. (people laughing) – I would like to get
a hold of some of that Halo fan art. That aside, what if it hurt itself? – Listen, in the natural world this thing’s out there messing around with like water buffalo. So like, I think it’s gonna okay. So, I don’t know man. You tell me, Rob. – What the hell did you just call me? – You tell me, Daddy. (people laughing) It felt pretty good. – Felt pretty good,
– It’s a start. – I feel closer to you now.
– It’s a start, it’s a start. – I respect you. – Were you ever afraid that you would be injured? – I mean, I’m happy to put my safety on the line for the greater good. That’s why I am out in the
pit in Blink 182 concerts, ’cause I am there for the greater good. To make sure the band can feel our energy. And this is similar. Hey, if I get hurt, if I get thrown in the pokey for this, that’s cool. – [Host] Okay detectives. – [Man] This is what I was
put on this earth to do. (man laughing) – [Host] I’m gonna need you to write down on the pad of paper in front of you who you think the Deceptive
Detective is this round. And please reveal your
answers in three, two, one. (people laughing) – It was the allergic thing, huh? (people laughing) – [Host] Okay, so, Link,
now is your chance. – Hey, you can get some points man. You can get some points. – [Man] Hey all right, all right. – [Host] What crime did
this young man commit? – All right, so he traded– – [Host] Because he demonstrated– – Fan art for a snake. Just a general snake. You just took a snake
to a restaurant where I don’t know, I don’t
know what you did with it. You twisted freak. (people laughing) What did you do with that
snake at a restaurant? – It’s a tale as old as time. I stole a python and let it loose in the ball pit, at a McDonald’s. – Oh, the sweet and sour sauce. (people laughing) – [Man] You narc! – [Host] Okay guys, it’s time for the final Sudden Death round. In this round, you will only have one round of questions. – I hate this guy already. – [Link] Look at that leather. – Can we make this quick? I’ve got babes to smooch. (people laughing) – So what do you have to
say for yourself punk? – Well, for the record,
the people in line at the Orange Julius didn’t seem to mind. (people laughing) – You ever seen, “The Blue’s Brothers?” – I have. – Have something to do with that? – Yeah, you might say that I
was taking some of that spirit. I was on a mission from God. To show everyone, you know, what he made. (people laughing) – How did you even enter that mall? I’ll just say it. – Kinda ruined it for everybody else but. (people laughing) Well, I think that the security personnel was trained for, well they
are trained for a variety of instances but this particular one I do not think they were prepared for. Especially, since I was on the back of such a majestic creature. – Speaking of that. How was the chaffing? – Honestly, everyday I apply
a thick layer of talcum, to everything. So I’m good, baby. – Which employees do you
think you offended the most? – Well I will tell you
who I didn’t offend, The gang at Spencer’s Gifts. They’ve seen it all. (people laughing) They’ve seen it all. From “Scarface” posters to pasta shaped like a (beep). (people laughing) – [Host] All right detectives. Questions are done, it is time to write down.
– Oh, that’s it huh. – [Host] who you think the
Deceptive Detective is. – Not a lot to go off of here. – [Host] And please reveal your answers in three, two, one. – Erinn. – Oh damn it. (people laughing)
Damn it. – Wow. – [Host] Erinn do you have
any idea what the crime was? – I think you. I think you. I think you like Lady Godiva’d it into the food court at a mall. Like you came naked on
horseback into the food court. – Yeah, that’s exactly it! (people laughing)
That’s exactly it! (clapping)
– Yes! – All the points. Give her all the points! – How did you get all of that?
– Word for word. – You said mall. That was part of it. – [Host] Guys, that means that Erinn has won the entire game. – Damn it.
(clapping) – [Host] So she gets the police sketch in Good Mythical More. – I’m gonna take a victory lap. (people laughing) – Congratulations Erinn, wow. – I want to say I wanted it. – And you got it.
– And I got it. – All right, definitely check
out their hilarious new show, “Medical Police” which is
streaming on Netflix, right now. – Now! – Thanks for liking and
subscribing and clicking that bell. – Now you guys say, you
know what time it is. – [Both] You know what time it is. – My name is Jared from
Annapolis, Maryland. And I can do this. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Why you gotta do that? Just because you can
doesn’t mean you should. – Right, click the top link
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