Can you Trickshot with Deathslinger?

Can you Trickshot with Deathslinger?

Now Zet’s turn Do not hook me Oh no We’re- We’re going to die 🙂 Okay … I’m reading his perks now Should I read them out loud? Uuuhhmmmm… Read them out loud 🙂 I mean I’m not the only person here Zet You gotta ask them genewator Genewator Eheh! Genewator xD I love genewators :3 “Genewator” xD Yeah, I noticed that I said that I’m gonna do a 360 noscope drop from a balcony No you’re NOT Zet! At least once! xD it is VERY puckING hard! You won’t hit that man Zet, if you If you get a 360 noscope or pucking … some other poopoo like that Then I will actually let you just … Alright Zet! As soon as we- As soon as we start 😉 It’s called Red Herring! Nice! It’s a freaking fish! And now I’m gonna have I’m gonna – I’m gonna have the HORSE as my 4th perk because then I have ANIMALS 😀 in it Just full animal perk build I like how ALL OF YOU have firecrackers x) No one has medkits! Who needs that? 🙂 I wanna see how dark the map looks if I don’t go on ultra Wait de- Are you not ultra? No, I am! xD But like, next time I kinda wanna see that too but I heard it’s unplayable We’ll do it 🙂 uuuhhh We’ll do it next time xD I mean – I mean, we are doing it right now We’ll do it! We’ll do it! Okay … ._. Now I get what he meant It’s so pucking dark Oh my god Thoh! You’re doing it xD OHH! MY GOD! :O You ACTUALLY aim down sights! It’s a literal first person shooter Yeah! It’s LITERALLY aiming down sights, Zet Oh! I instinctively tried to press Shift to sprint Okay, it’s way too dark! I can’t see poopoo! Oh nooo x) I’m already asian but this is way too much man Oh my god I have to make this work I HAVE to get a 360 noscope Nooo … No! HI!>:D Come on … dude … 🙁 Come on … YOU DIDN’T SEE ME! THREE-SIXTY!!! *just attack* Wait Oh, I can’- I have to aim down sights OHHOHOHOH!!! OOHHH!!! Hohohohoh! xD Ohhohohoh! YOU DID IT …! YOU DID IT …! ZET! nøh- You have to kill Robbie now! He said! Oh Go! “E for the people” xD OOOHHHH E FOR THE PEOPLE! He E’d me 😀 He E’d me for the people! Just for the peope Right- whuah- What a – What a gentleman Always do it for people man! Breehh No xD EHHHHEH!!! NOOOHOH! GO AWAY ZET! Dx Go away! We were singing 360! Hey Zet, come up here a minute? Wha? Oh What’s happe- Oh – geh- oh- Just … What’s happening? Oh! NO! NO! Exo, if that had worked! Ohhh THIS GUY IS SO SATISFYING TO PLAY! Hey Come here Three- Oh! Is this you Lew? x) Yeah Yeah Come here What am I supposed to come here for? What are we- Lew, what are we doing? I think thi – — I saw Robbie do something with this is – you can … can you do something? Do something with what? Ohhh crap! Okay! Cut this out! THREE SIXTY!!!! AAAHHH!!! Ohhhohoh! Oh come on! You 360’d then AIMED OH DENNIS! :O Hello xD Whuaahh weehh wouh hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi hoi Wait, I need to s- cha- uuhhh see if I … can change the settings? Nah that doesn’t – Doesn’t change anything Look, I just wanna help my- – Oh, no no! Please! I don’t appreciate I don’t approve and I don’t acknowledge You don’t have to do poopoo You’re not- You’re not allowed to do poopoo! Hi Hi! D: thehah! I just want to be with my friend Can you take me to my friend please? DENNIS HOOH heeh HOOH heeh HOOH heeh HOOH heeh HOOH HOOH HOOH HOOH HOOH 360! Where’d you go? Oh my god I found Shrek’s toilet pucka you, man! I CAN’T SEE poopoo! IT’S SO DARK! Dx IT’S SO DARK!!! It’s so daaark! Man! It’s so daaark! WHO’S THAT? E FOR THE PEOPLE AAAHHHH NOOO!!! Dx DON’T E FOR THE PEOPLE Whouh! Go away!>:( Go away Zet u u gay>:( You – What. Wait, who’s playing the piano? Me Me The piano’s actually playing Zet NOOOO!!! WHY DID YOU GET MEEEE GO AWAY! Dx GET OFF OF ME! How the puck did he get me Dx Oohhh That was a – *miss???* WHA- *PANIC* Whah’hahah! Wait, I can stand on the table Nice! Wha- You’re right! Hehehe x) Oh wait, I can stand on the table Let’s go for a Lap dance ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh no JE SUS *inhale* SSS SSS I COULD- uargh Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! It’s so dark! I – I just saw like blue eyes and I was like: Thooohohohoahaha “puck” That was even worse than pucking playing a v- – a horror VR game thfmh my god x) Oohhh …! He E’d for the people man! Yeah, E for the people 😉 Yeah, E for the people “He E’d for the people” x) I love you boo Dx I love you man! *dodge* WHAAAH?!?! OH MY GOD LEW! YEAHAAHAHAH! Ooooohhhhhhh… Whaaaaat? just happened? THE PLAYS! Okay! Leave me alone for that I have E- I’m self-caring and E’ing for the people yaeeeiiinngghh get away from me Are you okay Robbie? x) OH I’M FOLLOWING YOU! I didn’t even know! xD GO AWAY! Dx 360. Get off of me D: Where are all the hooks?? Nowhereeeeee! Did I just see som- Dennis … xD Ahhehah x) WHA- WHAT? D: HEY! hey What is that noise? xD No! No! No! E FOR THE PEOP- “E for the Peop-” xD Ain’t no one E E’ing for you! Hey! Hey Zet! To your right female dog! Zet! This town … This town ain’t big enough for the two of us! You looked to your left when I said look to your right so you’re now facing the wrong direction You’re now going the wrong direction NO, NOT THIS WAY! No wrong direction xD Zet, I need you to come to the saloon please Okay No Don’t go to the saloon DON’T GO TO THE SALOON! Ohoh! theerrh- That’s Robbie! xD Noooo! Dx Come ooonnnnn Do you wanna hear – You wanna hear my new song? You wouldn’t have puckING come here and Do you wanna hear
my new song? and *unintelligible* *mumble* puckING puckER FACK Oh my god this is JAMMIN’! Okay I need to try for this 360 noscope from the balcony THREE SIXTY! Okay, no one’s here x) I have come to pick up a … certain someone! Oh. OUH! COME COME ON! Let me get uuuuup! I got so scared xD I – Yeah I’ll get you – I’ll get you up 🙂 Thank you Up on the hook, that is *welcomes to his stream* *SKILL CHECK* That was the …! gen’s fault! That was the Red Herring! That was Red Herring Zet! Yep! Red Herring Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah well nevermind Look. Who’s ready to E for the people? I ALREADY DID!>:( Just E’d for Robbie! Just E’d for Robbie’s Just E’d for Robbie’s people Dennis? You wanna E for my people? Hgn x) Let’s go! I’m gonna- I’mma E for the indians maaaan! E ALL THE- Hey! Hey, wait! Wait! x3 Wait! x4 Wait! x5 Wait! x6 You can’t! xD Hey! Hey! Stop! Stop! St St Stop! Zet! Look in my eyes Zet look in my eyes tur- Turn around I don’t like this… NOOOO! GO AWAY!!! YOU SHOO! GO AWAY! HOME You go home! You go home! Dx No, stop chasing me! Stop – DON’T! NO! Dx GO AWAY! No pucking asshole! Dx One down!>:D Don’t you pucking dare … NO! CAUSE I – I let Zet get to spacebar on his hook before Mori’ing him Are you not on space? xD NO! I WAS puck puckING ATTEMPT ESCAPE BUT YOU ONLY
HOOKED ME ONCE! I forgot – xD because you all look the same Lew, are you in here?

53 thoughts on “Can you Trickshot with Deathslinger?”

  1. Why do you love them?
    -i go to do a 360 noscope balconing B)
    -OMG I found shrek’s toilet
    -go away Zet u gay >:(
    -knock knock +who is there? -the people xd

    I can't stop laughing with your videos, I love you guys <3

  2. Gearhead seems like an underwhelming perk so I thought of some changes.

    You've got an ear for well-oiled gears.

    After hooking a Survivor, Gearhead activates for 6/9/12 seconds.

    Each Generator that a Survivor is repairing or has been repaired in the last 23 seconds will be revealed by a yellow Aura for as long as the perk is activated.

  3. Did Zet0r get a new Outro?

    I swear it used to be Level Up

    Now that i look at the previous videos i realize it has been this new outro for a little while…

  4. This one honestly had me in stitches all the way through, I completely forgot the "You all look the same" part as well, always a pleasure to be part of things like this :')

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