Canada: The Board Game | 22 Minutes

Canada: The Board Game | 22 Minutes

[Voiceover] Looking for a fun new board game? [Voiceover] Try playing Canada! Okay, I’m Canada so I’m in charge, Alberta
you get a bunch of pieces, Quebec you get a bunch of pieces, and everybody else gets
one piece each. Seems fair to me! It’s Canada: The Board Game! It’s the mix of Risk and Monopoly that’s no
fun for anyone! Okay, first thing, Indigenous people you lose
all your land. I didn’t even get a chance to roll yet… And now I’m going to put this railroad here. I’m gonna block it. Nope, you can’t do that, and now you lose
a turn. Alberta? I struck oil, I get a million bucks! Okay Alberta now you have to give half of
your money to Quebec. I need more money. You didn’t spend any. I need more money! I’ll pay you $500 to put a pipeline through
your province. No, I refuse. Okay, Alberta, Quebec refuses your pipeline
so you have to give Quebec more money. What! Why? I don’t know the rules are all in French. Atlantic Canada, your move. I wanna buy a house. Okay that is $100. B.C.? Oo! I would like to buy a house too. That’s $100,000. Why is is so much more expensive? I have no more money. That’s why. Alberta, give Atlantic Canada some more money. [Voiceover] It’s Canada: The Board Game. [Voiceover] Ages zero and up. I need more monies!

72 thoughts on “Canada: The Board Game | 22 Minutes”

  1. Quebec…always asking for more money…and Alberta bearing the weight of all the good socialism Canada practices

  2. Don't know about this time yet but the last time the Mohawks blocked the railway there was a report of a $3 million fine. You might want to augment the game a little.

  3. Who thinks This Hour has 22 minutes should get the whole 1.5 billion funding? They always know how to make Canadians laugh even in hard times.

  4. The 2020 version of this game is out. It has ski bum turned part-time elementary school drama teacher called M. Fancy Socks as Prime Minister. This modern Mr. Dress Up decides to reallocate the economic structure by stopping Alberta making any money at all (because feelings matter more than fuel). An extension of the game has American oil companies to line half the border with highly paid pseudo-environmentalist cheerleaders. The other half is lined with illegal immigrants crossing over holding cards saying ‘Come to Canada, don’t bother waiting in line, just tell them Justin invited you’. Justin also convinces enough people that they should pay even more taxes for something called Carbon Guilt. This is an illusion based on a cult mind trick he learned from his French Catholic upbringing. The game ends when the county goes bankrupt. It does not take long. Up to 35 million people can play but there is only one winner, and it’s not you.
    Enjoy. Sorry. Eh!

  5. ….C'mon, it's Canada! In any minute it'll get sorted with a good 'ol fashioned, last-chance hockey shootout! Then they'll go to Timmys for a donut, coffee & laugh it off together.

  6. Ho-lee crow…..they certainly nailed it with Quebec. Well…except for the part where ALL the provinces are bleeding money into “la belle province”. (Yes, I know…that expression is dated but no one has a clue what “je me souviens” is all about). Remember what?

  7. And Quebec has infinite supply of notwithstanding cards when supreme court rules against them. And Quebec goes ape snit when another province uses one notwithstanding card

  8. Asymmetrical federalism – quebec and ontario are treated as individual provinces but every other province is just regions merged together (eg senators). Yeah, that's fair…

  9. I bet there was some hilarious jokes in the writers room that will never see the light of day. Shame. This one atleast made me chuckle.

  10. Put it in a funny way…in real life, it hurts and gets you mad that we work so hard here in Alberta to sustain Quebec's and Ontario's lazy life style. So many people in EI, Welfare, social programs that we don't even have here in Alberta. People here in the west are hard, hard working people.

  11. In fact, the "you can't block it" should be "you blocked it and nobody will do anything", but after all what our ancestors did to them, it was written in the sky it would arrived.

  12. Alberta keeps giving and Quebec keeps taking. BC is unaffordable for working people while people in Atlantic Canada have less to begin with. Ontario is the heart of Canada you don’t know it exists till your dead.

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