CHICKEN GIRLS | Annie & Hayden in “Two Places at Once” | Ep. 11

CHICKEN GIRLS | Annie & Hayden in “Two Places at Once” | Ep. 11

( music playing )♪ Jingle bells ♪♪ Jingle bells ♪♪ Jingle bells ♪So, Sierra and Laney’s parents are going out of town
this weekend. – Let’s throw a massive rager.
– I can’t. I have the holiday dance meet. – So?
– So? I’m the manager of the team. I thought they had
to forfeit anyways. I just wanna be there
just in case. It’s super important
to my sister. So you’re telling me
you’d rather hang out with the Chicken Girls
than two cute twins? – I don’t know.
– What’s wrong with you? – Both: Me?
– Both of you. Ace, your a jerk
that cares about nobody except himself, and TK,
you’re just as bad. You don’t wanna go
to the meet for your sister, – you wanna go to see Rhyme.
– What are you talking about? You know what, you guys can go
on your wild goose chases. I’m over it. And now TK has
a new girlfriend– Laney. You know he was never
my boyfriend, right? He was just helping me
stand up to Ellie. Well, now I know.
Everything’s just so weird. I thought nothing
could come between us. Anyway, we really miss you
on the dance team. I know.
I miss you guys, too. And with
the dance meet tomorrow– – I can’t come back.
– Why not? You don’t know Luna. If I quit Power Surge,
she’ll kill me. – Maybe literally.
– But, Quinn, we’re birds of a feather. Both:
♪ We fly together ♪ ( knocking on door ) Go away, TK. Luckily I’m not TK. I don’t want you to see me
like this again. – Like what?
– Like weak and sad – and not in total control.
– You’re not weak, and you’re just going
through a hard time. You’re allowed to be sad. Sad? Who said I was sad? You did, literally
two seconds ago. Birdie, listen,
I know you have this tough girl image
that you like to keep up, but nobody
can be tough all the time. You think I wanna be friends
with somebody with no emotions? I thought that’s
why people liked me. I don’t know
about anybody else, but I like you for you. Now, come on,
you gotta get up. What’s the point? The dance meet
was everything to me and now we can’t
even compete. Not necessarily. Can I join you? That depends. Am I talking
to my friend TK or Ace’s friend TK? I just wanna say
thanks for before, for, like, putting things
in perspective. That’s what I’m here for. I’m happy
you’re back in town. Me, too. Five, six, seven, eight. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. One, two– where is Quinn? The dance meet is tomorrow. She’s gonna be on this team’s
laundry duty for months. ( switches clicking ) – What’s happening?
– What’s going on? Okay, guys,
don’t freak out. – It’s not that big of a deal.
– ( all chattering ) I realize something
is happening. It’s probably just–
I don’t control the lights! – What’s happening?
– ( electricity fizzles ) Luna, I quit. See you all at
the dance meet tomorrow.( Christmas music playing )( Christmas rock music
playing )
♪ Hey, hey, hey ♪♪ Ho, ho, ho ♪Are you sure this will work? Oh, yeah. I’m sure. Because my entire dancing
and or singing career is riding on this,
so it needs to work. I know. I’ve got you. I think I’m in love. Just don’t give him
my number this time. Okay. I’ll leave you two
lovebirds alone. – But I don’t have a phone–
– That’s your problem.♪ Ho, ho, ho, ho ♪Oh, wait up. ( school bell ringing ) – Hey, cousin.
– Hey, Tim. – How’s Uncle Mike?
– Ah, you know, he’s good. – Can I ask you something?
– Sure. What’s up? The other night,
I tried to kiss Rhyme and she spit soda,
like, all over my face. – Is she not in to me?
– She’s probably just nervous. I don’t think she’s kissed
that many boys. – Or any boys.
– Got it. I don’t know,
I just feel like she’s always thinking
about someone else. Anyways, I gotta go interview
someone for the paper.( music playing )Woman on PA:
Welcome to the Attaway
Holiday Dance Meet.
( cheering ) No sign of Ellie. Don’t worry.
She’ll be here. Show starts
in three minutes. Can I worry now? Hey, don’t mean to interrupt– Tim. What are you doing here? Just came to give you these,
and to wish you good luck. Thank you.
That’s so thoughtful of you. I’ll be in the front row
cheering you on. See you out there. I gotta go change
my shirt anyways. I’ll see if Ellie’s out there. The bouncer’s like,
“We’re at capacity. ” And I’m like,
“Are you kidding me? Who do you think
they’re all here to see? Ace. I’m Ace, duh!” Hey, girls. Hey, Ace. Going to support your
boyfriend at the dance meet? Well, if you mean
being supportive of TK, then, yes, I’m going to
the auditorium. How are you gonna do that
without getting past me, huh? Whoa, dawg, I did not
realize how short you were. I did realize
how lame you are. – Oh, you wanna go?
– Hey, stop! – Hey, break it up.
– This loser’s the one
who pushed me. – He started it.
– Guys, the meet’s
about to start and Ellie’s not here, and now I have to worry
about you two? Listen, TK, I put up with this guy
for long enough. It’s time. You gotta decide.
Either him or me. No one’s gonna choose you.
You’re an arrogant jerk. – Oh, you wanna go?
– Guys! We can’t do this right now.
Let’s talk after the dance. It’s okay. ( distant chatter ) – Hey.
– Hey. – Are the girls on next?
– I think so. – I’m really nervous.
– Yo, what’s up? – Hey.
– Oh, my bad. I’m Henry. – Hey, I’m Hamilton.
– Yeah, I know you. Why are you holding hands
with my girl? I’m nobody’s girl,
especially not yours. Well, does hamburger here know
about us hanging out recently? – ( stammering )
– What? Is that true? Yo, remember when
you were supposed to go to the arcade with her? Well, she was with me instead. Wait, Rooney, is this true? No. Well, yes, but–
I mean, it’s complicated– It doesn’t seem complicated. In fact,
I understand perfectly. – Have fun together.
– I’m sorry. Well, does that mean
we can be together now? I hate you,
and you’re a total jerk. I’m never being with you. Aren’t you
gonna go after him? –( music playing )
– ( cheering ) – It’s okay to be nervous.
– I’m not nervous. Okay, I’m nervous,
but Ellie needs to be here. I’m telling you,
she will be. This is the last part
of Power Surge’s routine.♪ Got my eyes on you ♪♪ Can you handle it? ♪♪ Got my eyes on you ♪♪ Are you ready for this? ♪♪ Got my eyes on you ♪♪ Can you handle it? ♪♪ Can you handle this? ♪– ( cheering )
– Yeah! Woman on PA:
Let’s give it up
for Power Surge.
( cheering continues )Up next is our home team,
the Attaway Armadillos.
– What do we do?
– I don’t know. I think you’re gonna
have to go on without her. No, I’m telling you,
she will be here. Birdie:
Well, we can’t wait for her. They’re literally
about to play our song. Guys, Kayla’s right.
Birdie, we’re a team. We can’t go on without Ellie. Quickly, quickly, quickly! ( whispering )
Oh, my God. You guys, move it! I’m carrying
a whole drum set. That’s no excuse.
There’s a dance on the line.( music playing )Who’s the chicken? You’re lucky I love you. Woman on PA:
Is this Attaway High?
Oh, my gosh. Where’d he get
a chicken costume? Do you guys know
what he’s doing? ( murmuring )Who’s the chicken?( laughter ) He’s saving the show. I’m here.
What did– what did I miss? – Just that.
– ( laughter ) – Okay, gotta go.
– Wait, what? – You just got here.
– It’s okay. Just wait. ( cheering ) Ladies and gentlemen,
it is my pleasure to introduce
the Chicken Girls. Er, sorry. I mean, the Attaway High
Dance Team. Four of them go by
“The Chicken Girls.” –( woman vocalizing )
– It’s their friendship name. Well, anyway, here they are.( music playing )♪ Feel it all so certainly ♪ ♪ I can’t stop now ♪ ♪ I’m in too deep ♪ ♪ And I overtake my senses ♪ ♪ And I’ll never be
in jeopardy ♪ ♪ When the lights dim
and we conquer ♪ ♪ You start to feel the pull ♪ ♪ I can’t help
but scream out ♪ ♪ We’re unstoppable ♪ ♪ Like a wave ♪ What’s she doing? She couldn’t be
in two places at once, so she’s bringing the concert
to the dance meet. – When do we dance?
– Now.( music continues )♪ Riding on that energy ♪♪ Surfing through
the memories ♪
♪ I can’t hold back ♪♪ I’m riding on that energy ♪♪ Ignite the electricity ♪♪ ‘Cause you haven’t seen
the last of me ♪
♪ I’m more
than just a memory ♪
♪ And push has just
begun to pull ♪♪ I-I-I can’t help
but scream out ♪
♪ We’re unstoppable ♪♪ Like a wave ♪♪ Like a wave ♪♪ Riding on that energy ♪♪ Like a wave ♪♪ Surfing through
the memories ♪
( distorted )
♪ Like a wa-a-ave ♪
♪ I’m like a wa-a-ave ♪♪ Wa-a– ♪♪ Riding on that energy ♪♪ I’m like a– ♪♪ Surfing through
the memories ♪
♪ I can’t hold back ♪♪ Like a wave ♪♪ Like a wave ♪♪ Riding on that energy ♪♪ Like a wave ♪♪ Surfing through
the memories ♪
♪ Like a wave ♪♪ I can’t hold back ♪♪ Like a wave ♪( cheering ) Who wants to come up on stage
and dance with us?♪ I can’t hold back ♪( music playing )
– ( cheering ) – Where are you going?
– Oh, come on, Luna. It looks like
they’re having so much fun. Woman on PA:
I think we have
a clear winner.
Give it up for Attaway High.This isn’t over. ( cheering ) Did you mean
what you said backstage? What? What I said– You mean, um– Do you love me? Rhyme! Laney: TK!

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  1. so i was really confused but i knew what was happening at the same time but in this episode i know what's happening without being confused and can someone tell me when your supposed to watch Chicken Girls the movie for it to make sense like in winx club you have to watch the movie "the story of a lost kingdom" after season 3 and then watch season 4 because it won't make sense then after you watch season 4 you have to watch season "a magical adventure" the movie before watching season 5 then after you finish watch "the secret of the abyss" of course if you've watched all of the seasons of winx club you won't have to watch the movies if you don't want to but anyway do i watch chicken girls the movie before you watch season 1 , after you've watched season 1 ,after you've watched season 2 , after you've watched season 3 , after you've watched season 4 because now i'm lost

  2. Birdie : Who's the chicken?

    TK : Takes off the mask You're lucky I love you

    screen pointing at Annie's face

    Me : Wait are you talking about Birdie or Rhyme?

  3. I’m so confused if they needed Ellie to dance why was she singing there she could’ve just sang in the concert thing

  4. wait wait did anyone notice that allen’s arcade is the finished product from the arcade allen is building in a girl named jo?

  5. Rhyme: We need you back on the dance team

    Quin: If I g back Loona will kill me
    Maybe even literally

    Ryme: But we are birds of a feather

    Both: We fly together

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