Chrontendo Episode 10

Chrontendo Episode 10

Hello and welcome to the special tenth episode of crime Tendo that’s one hundred fifty games so far. Sounds like a lot with actually just barely scratched the surface of them. I wish I could say that this was a special episode but it’s actually just a pretty average selection of games this week we will see a pretty good game from Hudson this episode as well as the Famicom. S. In K. and Victor also a surprisingly good game from Bandai as well as more atrocities from Kimco And so we’ll start this episode out with an original platformer kicked off this episode with a game that probably most of you won’t be familiar with the sort of obviousness or rather in the style of Mario Brothers course you have a sword was based on a manga about a young kendo student being Japanese art of swordsmanship probably won’t be surprised if there’s actually a T.V. Series on the air at the time this game in this game you travel across levels of various monsters and picking up sword some which are actually hidden in the various things that you can hit you also get power ups things that fill up your life bar etc the whole time you have to keep up with your dog which is racing there below you the dog with. Slowly so it’s not really that difficult one thing about this game is the controls are a little weird and sometimes a platforming can be a bit more difficult than you think it should be additionally the enemies get quite heavy as well especially the amount of things just fall out of the sky for example the end of this level right here I believe this is the second level boulders while doing the platforming it’s actually kind of difficult and took me a few tries to get through this. I think perhaps this game took the Mario for me. Maybe a little more difficult. The game really isn’t that fun to it because involve so much memorization of exactly what is going to fall out of the sky on you take like maybe two or three hits at most before you die here he’s some of the more sort of frustrating platforming you’ll be encountering in the game. Not really a great game doesn’t quite work. One thing that’s a little odd is that after you get through three levels it then becomes sort of like a little miniature fighting game. That’s actually why you’re collecting all the little swords and whatnot throughout these levels you said you know when you actually use them or you’re fighting. I definitely have not mastered the controls during the sword fighting competition and have a very difficult time actually hitting the other guy before he hits me. I believe it’s a two out of three though if you do get past those who actually go through some more sides one levels and then a second competition and then I believe that’s pretty much the game. So this is a weird little game. I can’t really recommend it and try to be a decent side but doesn’t quite make it. From Toey animation. It’s OK and this is a video game based on the animated series which we like to call fist of the North Star. Please note that this is not the fist of the North Star game the least for the N.A.S. In the United States now is actually her Kodokan too. And when you play this game. Probably the first thing you’ll say is Jesus this game is awful look at look at the character sprites when you kick them they go flying through the air with their legs flailing I have not been able to put out what that little guy right there does he always appears in that same section but you can’t seem to collect him or do anything with them you can do a kick jump when you hit someone just like in the comic book. They actually explode. You can then grab out little word that comes out of the pink eyes when you hit them. This will sort of power you up most cool star in the corner there will be hit one of these guys throw things out you have to bore no life bar there and for those not over the conflict in cartoon lives takes place in the kind of horrible post-apocalyptic world where lots of punks wander around killing people your job is to sort of to sort of beat them up repeatedly and once you power all the way you grab the last word there’s a little bland you sort of hawk out your teacher gets all revved and you can go a little faster and do things like kick and punch while in the air but it doesn’t really make the game in the better. And you know unlike a lot of terrible games this one is actually fun into the stupid kind of way at least for a few minutes part of the problem is that this level never really seems to end in the sort of keep going to eventually run out. Points. It is in a fight a level one on the title screen twice who eventually will get to the end but I’ve never been able to not mention that when you die you start at the very beginning of a level again you sort of go past the same buildings over and over again five the same three guys over and over again there’s absolutely no variation in this game whatsoever no this game was actually bought by a company called showy systems same guys who signed Deltron under the name of fair. I guess these guys kind of like to hide under different names. If these are the kind of games they’re coming up with I can’t say I blame him. It looks like we’re getting our name Joe quarter in early this episode yet this is another judge Amaru game from Jellicoe judge broken with his judge big adventure. You might remember the last judge on Ru game it was the princes had been kidnapped by this sort of pirate dude. And apparently the same thing has happened again this game is actually a little different the last October game we saw mostly consisted of about three or four different levels with simply repeated over and over again this game is more like a Super Mario style scrolling deal between every level you actually encounter is sort of an optional loss I say is optional because if you get killed. No big deal he’ll lose a life. If you defeat him he gets bonus points. So this game actually alternates between scrolling levels and bosses. So the first level is a school or second boss so on and so forth into you get to level ten in which case the boss is the actual pirate guy himself as in the previous job. Again you can find a variety of power you can also in this game find bad power ups such as Little bombs if you try to grab them will split on you battle in amusing the same way you can jump on them to the throwing stars or here’s ribbon invisibility power which actually makes you temporary and can barely invulnerable you collect little gold coins really nothing has changed except for the sort of layout of the levels because they’re sort of long words awful split levels. Presumably under the influence of Super Mario Brothers and of course one of the power ups you can find is the gigantic fraud this go on the last two part a level now because levels are somewhat longer than they used to be but he can still pretty much plow through any enemy this level of a little weird it appears that it takes place in a city park of some sort. I’m not really sure exactly what the plot of this game is obviously you’re trying to rescue a princess but you’re going to a lot of unusual places. This is being ninth. There is do exit right down there bottom or jump into it and then all the fighting the final boss and you actually get to fight him while on the Giant Frog. So for your fans of the giant ninja frog this level a bit more chance actually use guys though this is actually harder than fighting him India in the other game because now he sort of jumps around and through our balls at you more like a real boss rather than I guess throwing bombs. Technically you two apart also him have hit him several times hill or start going to turn a little red there and then finally BLAM. You have rescued the princess and of course after this when you start again with actually some new levels. Not really sure how many levels. There are all together in this game. Clearly Jellicoe the time to sort of update the series a little bit from the single screen levels of the first game to the slightly larger levels of the second game to this one right here which is almost becoming more and more like a trickle side scrolling game. Certainly these gentlemen games are probably among Jellicoe better games they released some real stinkers for the Famicom these games are not rip through a lot of fun. I mean certainly there are much worse Flatliners are found a calm at this point from now. MKO we now have Sky kid and this was released the same day as judged by Bogan and if you look at a little cover shop we showed earlier this is actually a game from Namco release for them a calm so far as making them torn away the most prolific publisher of and the COM games. Other than Nintendo themselves. Now I’m COA been releasing games since September of ninety four. So that translates into almost a game a month sky kit is a port of their nine hundred eighty four K. Game is the arcade version here. The family home version has not quite as good colors but other boys looks pretty similar to the arcade version. The object is to control your little red baron so plain people bomb for some reason just lying in the middle of the road and drop it on some kind of for Chris or something similar. Why they couldn’t actually supply you with a bomb before you through your mission is anybody’s guess interesting Lee When this came out in the United States about a year later it was actually a spy son soft not sure exactly why this was but my guess would be that would releasing so many games themselves and us at the time apparently Nintendo of the United States had a five game per linear limit for publishers. So presumably Namco sold off the US rights to Sun soft in terms of gameplay sky killer lines and an awful lot of Choplifter sort of fly around dog things on the ground dogs other airplanes and pick something up and just like Choplifter I don’t really like this game. I can’t say exactly why I had a hard time controlling the plane the enemy plane seem hell bent on pouring little kamikaze attacks and crashing into you you little loop maneuver you can do but I didn’t really find all that helpful in getting rid of any planes. So based on my somewhat limited gameplay I’m going to see this game really does not impress me very much. Most of the Famicom disk games released so far been by Nintendo. But now we’re starting to see third party. Publishers release them. We’re going to see some kind of weird stuff for example I’m a teacher Super Mario no sweater or Super Mario no C. Japanese and this is not a game per se but rather an instructional game on how to make a Super Mario sweater this game was published by royal otherwise known as well which I believe this up. Pretty decent sized Japanese sewing machine manufacturer and they also sell knitting supplies and that sort of thing and basically you simply select the kind of sweater you want to make put in the size the dimensions and so on and so forth and they’ll give you patterns for making the sweater. Now I’m not sure exactly who developed this game but I’ve heard that the Internet themselves actually may have done it this game is interesting if for no other reason then this is the first time I believe that Nintendo has led another game company use its characters. To Super Mario they would obviously do this again in the future with games like Mario is missing. Well in terms of a gamers perspective there’s really not much to look at here. However I suppose that if you read Japanese and are interested knitting. Maybe you should take a look at this you can actually make a sweater featuring Super Mario or other characters from the games but this is a release word indicative of the kind of unusual stuff. We seeing for the F.T.’s in the future. Our last game for the month of August is conducive Gunda hot scramble and yes this is a game based on credit credibly popular Japanese anime Gunda specifically the second series Mobile Suit you can go ahead and read the scroll there which describes the basic plot to but some sort of overly complicated space opera evolving different armies it dressed been robot outputs to shoot each other you can tell this game is for hardcore Gundam because actually the descriptions of all the guns that appear in the game as well as things like how much they weigh and what kind of engine they have. Bandai game probably thinking oh no this was developed by the same guys in those horrible games like cherub But no this is developed by game studios. And if you haven’t heard of them well they are actually the studio that was founded by mass to know who into the same guy who created Xevious after enough Namco and for a band I game is actually pretty decent with a First Person three phase here actually flying over the surface of Earth which apparently someone has very conveniently painted different colors of green squares you battle some enemy suits the new flag in outer space and battle some more down enough of them approach an enemy ship and this section of the game actually works pretty well there I’m headed to the space station and then the big game becomes a clone of Dexter of all things in fact this handles on looks an awful lot like Victor including the ability to transform between a jet plane and your robot guy can be a little bit tricky to control you can actually find power ups in this game once you get through the maze you attack the boss which apparently is nothing more than a generator of some sort and unfortunately you have to transform into your jet plane to do this you actually can’t reach him with the robots to God because he can’t jump high enough they are forced to operate a fly around the room in jet plane for me. It’s really not much fun. After that you’re back to Earth elopes more mobile suits going to space and do the whole thing again all together there’s twenty five levels but the levels seem to be pretty similar as far as I can tell slightly different layout of the space stations and the enemies get harder and harder but other others were not a whole lot of variation in this game. This was one of the first game. Release for a home system there have been one of the in Mexico before this but it certainly wasn’t a last because they would over the years make many many many many many dozens of gun them games I mean really more than anybody could possibly want. I also think that the game franchise probably generates more revenue than the G.D.P. Of a lot of small European nations. It’s really quite absurd how many singers they actually put out on this one though is certainly not bad. And I guess we can say it’s pretty good for a band game we now enter the month of August with a armored scrum object better known in the US as Alpha mission. This is the first game published for the Famicom by Ehsan K. and It’s a port of the one nine hundred eighty five parkade shooter. It was around one thousand eight hundred five that arcade started introducing through unusual versions of power for example greys for me one good example this game is perhaps not so well known as the greatest but also has a rather strange system per collecting power ups. You have to bomb the little pyramids and you’ll find a letter underneath them in the letter with some sort of power up for example energies in the missile is the upgraded laser and so on and so forth you also find power ups will give you access to various special weapons. And the special weapons is what the energy is used for every time you fire a special weapon he’s up a certain amount of energy and you have the energy counter down there in the lower right hand corner time you can go into your special weapon screen and select which kind of special weapon you want to lose as you use it it will use up energy we are now ready to fight the curse of boss. From pony canyon of all people we have super pitfall. Despite what the screen says this game was actually program by my chronics And of course is the sequel to pitfall and pitfall to. Two of the greatest games for the Atari twenty six hundred recently published by Activision as you can see here. Paul one was really one of the very first horizontal platform type games. Really it came out in one thousand nine hundred two it was followed up by a much larger more ambitious sequel pitfall to the last caverns in one nine hundred eighty four. Perhaps the last great game for the Atari two thousand six hundred pitfall two was really a little bit ahead of its time rather than the strict linear motion of the first pitfall you could explore a rather large cavern in virtually any way that you wanted as I mentioned last episode this type of gameplay would let later evolve into games like at Troy. If you wanted to sample of how to piss off fans of a particular series look no further than super pitfall on the surface to greatly resembles pitfall to impact it’s almost a remake you start off above ground in the sim into an enormous cavern in search of your last nice. However you can tell this game doesn’t have your best interest in heart because the very first ladder that you climb down drops you onto a pit of spikes. I suppose that some sort of general of game design is you shouldn’t put some kind of inescapable death trap you know one second into the beginning of the game. Well once you’re safely underground you’ll find yourself exploring a vast network full of caverns passages tunnels ladders Lakes successor etc Just like in pitfall to obviously the graphic style of the game has been completely reworked. This looks much more a Nintendo esque and people who have commented on the fact that before Harry. Now carries a gun and has a mustache or like more. Here’s one of the cooler parts of the game you can find a hole in this lake that will drop you down to the very bottom of the cavern. This sort of gives you an idea exact approximately how big the world is so far the game looks fine. However once you start playing you’ll realize there are some problems super pitfall has some very unpleasant sequences in it for example trying to catch these swing Bines this of course is something taken straight out of the first pitfall game. And while in the first of all grabbing on the ball is quite easy in this game. It’s very difficult and you often find yourself all ing on to the level below I guess all try to get here. No still no luck. You just heard of pass right to the vine unless you grab it just right so you grab a hold of the end something else nudes. But Fall is the idea of locked doors. Yes unlike But for one written sport anywhere you want in pitfall two you find doors in nor to unlock them you have to collect the little symbols of the diamond the heart the spade in the club that you see in the upper right hand corner there now in theory this wouldn’t be so bad expect that virtually everything in this game is hidden. That’s right every single object you need to complete the game is actually in there’s a ball. You can only uncover it by jumping up in the air near it then it will appear. Additionally in order to get to the second part of the game you have to find the teleport which is actually hidden inside of an intimate jumping into the vulture will now take you to the next part which looks exactly like the first part at first glance this gives the game a very sort of tower of Ju AGA kind of feel where in order to complete the game you have to find a number of completely randomly hidden items in other words it’s one of those run around aimlessly until you get lucky kind of games the Japanese gamer seems like so much. There is another hidden item right there they need to get before you can actually finish the game and here I’m finding my first objective for one of the objectives which is my niece’s pet love bird quick claw who looks much cuter in this game than he did in prior the original Paul two. Once you’ve gotten through all the stuff on this first hand love we have to find the second in level which is actually was some kind of like strange. Parallel Universe and this is done by basically is jumping into a random wall in the air the monsters are much scarier and much more difficult. Again there is really nothing like this part of the game at all in the original Paul two game. Well eventually you’ll find your niece and then you have to backtrack all the way to very beginning where he started. So all my chronics typically sloppy programming the kind of bad controls and the general on play a build of the game really resulted in a game that most fall fans did not like and I can certainly see why I really think the IT problems this game go far beyond the redesign of Pitfall Harry the game itself is really not a lot of fun to play in the US This game was released by Activision themselves and I’m sure this did nothing to improve the reputation at this time Activision was releasing some rather mediocre games as we’ll see a little bit later in this episode. Our next game here is a cute little puzzle game called Banana this game store resembles a dog in a way as we’ll see in just a moment here a character is I believe a moral. Who has to dig around underground passages in collect various kinds of food. He also needs to collect his wife and then together find the exit door gravity plays a major part in this game as anything without any firm ground underneath it including yourself will fall. Unlike some of these games. However falling rocks won’t actually harm you the worst they can do is block your way because you can’t climb over them. Another important factor in this game is the ladders ladders are actually the only way you can use to move up in this game. It’s actually quite easy to find yourself from station where you’ve lost a level because you’ve gotten all the way down to a certain point in you cannot climb up again because you’re no ladder with within reach for example if I go down here. I’m pretty much stuck on how to hit the eighteen button which will in the level they make that were little face when the number level for some reason brought the game to collect various kinds of fruit including bananas and sometimes they will actually give you bonus items bananas a very cute little game but maybe its most noted for being the very first Famicom game published by Victor music industries. This may have actually been their first video game ever I’m not sure. Later they became known as Victor interactive picture music industries is a subsidiary of the giant entertainment an electronics company J B C. They’re the guys who among other things and then the V.H.S. Video tape. Unlike a lot of other entertainment companies like Pony Canyon. Victor actually has an element team this game was developed by Victor themselves. Probably the most well known series of the games from Victor is the harvest moon games. Victor interactive eventually got bought by a company called Marvelous Entertainment who today still publishes the mini mini Harvestman games and still come out at any rate. Back to banana. Here you can see one of the. Slightly later levels one also has multiple doors and multiple ladders. You have to be very very careful in these later loves it’s quite easy to find hope position we are not able to finish the level this right here is one of the much later levels that think well after level how to maybe level one hundred one or so as you can see levels quite huge require several screens and when you first play this level it’s not going to be at all obvious how to actually get through it. Here we have an even level of what thinkers maybe one hundred five levels all together again these levels will take quite a bit of wandering around seeing what looks like and then very careful planning we were actually able to complete the level of these late levels do obtain a Load Runner like difficulty level the close we get to a classic game in this episode is this title talk a harshly major no or as it is now in the West inventor Island. The history behind this game is actually quite odd. It’s an altered port of signals one thousand six hundred K. Game Wonder Boy Wonder Boy was built by a company called West one and two a rather unique sounding arrangement West when control the right to the actual game or single control the characters and the name of wonder boy bus West was a polite and Hudson. As long as new characters or created some solution to the need currently a main character was very unusual instead of the basically a character on an actual had to employ. Takahashi who is also quite well known for being a very good video game player possessing the builder to hit the fire button sixteen times a second while playing Star soldier first. The new character was named Takahashi Megan Pertwee translated to master talking wonderboy even trial and are not being developed for franchises. With wonderboy approach history the series is somewhat confusing so we’ll do a quick rundown of the whole thing started with the release of Sago West one’s wonder boy in the arcade in one thousand eight hundred six released a straight home version of the game for the Master System. And then Hudson soft release the game that we know those Adventure Island for the at this point the two series Wonder Boy end of a trial and pretty much diverge completely the first Wonder Boy sequel to one’s wonder boy in Monster in one nine hundred seven say a once again ported to say the Master System release a version of the game for their own console the P.C. Engine. Once again may completely change the characters in the name and released it as book world. If that wasn’t odd enough the Brazilian video game company tech toy polices of Sandra Lee work version of the game in Brazil as Drago and finally Jellicoe release an unauthorized and completely blatant rip off of the game called The World. Strangely enough the sequel world two which is not based on the wonder boy game was completely reworked and released in the United States as. Next up was the arcade game from Wonder Boy three monster layer. Sega decided to port this to their new home console the Mega Drive known in the US as the Genesis as Wonder Boy three monster player Hudson decided to release his game on the P.C. Engine. Once again as a straight port wonderboy three. However in the US on the US version of the P.C. Engine and graphics sixteen. They dropped wonderboy and called it simply monster layer. Now it starts to get a little confusing release the first two hundred. Games for the sake of Master System but not the newest one wonderboy three. So they can buy the another game called Wonder Boy three dragon strap which is a completely different game than Wonder Boy three months earlier. This was released directly to the same Sega Master System. And of course Hudson soft wanted versions of these games as well so once again they drop wonderboy and released the game on the epic sixteen as Dragon’s curse and if you can believe this on the P.C. Engine as it Venture Island. Of course this has nothing to do all of the series of games that came out of the Famicom the next wonderboy game was released directly to the Sega Mega Drive though you might think would be called Wonder Boy for but rather decided to call it Wonder Boy five monster world three. This came out on the US version the Mega Drive the Sega Genesis with a simplified title wonderboy in Monsur world. And of course Hudson also part of the game to the P.C. Engine calling it dynastic hero. And finally came up with one last sequel. Of course in this game they themselves drop wonderboy and the game was simply called Monster world for of course while they were releasing their own versions of the wonder boy games to the P.C. Engine Hudson was also coming up with more games for the COM one thousand and one saw Adventure Island two. Next up for the brand new Super Nintendo or Super Famicom system they released supervene trial and after that it was back to the Famicom board then trial and three and in the middle of all this Hudson the sides really isn’t a been trial game for the P.C. Engine and sixteen called New Adventure Island. Finally in one thousand and four hoods releases the Japan only talk to Nobu can dream and for and the following year the whole thing comes to a close with the release of Superman trial and two for the Super Famicom and super N.E.’s hopefully everyone was able to follow all of that. Look at the actual game for the US version the character was remaining master Bacon’s which seems sort of inappropriate for a guy working in graphs curtain living in the jungle. However this game is certainly filled with both with a little anachronistic touches was using a skateboard is meant to test her patience even trial as he very much did his with Mario Brothers to tell who is who is a world beater to save exactly four levels and have the enemy troll give me the same rather easy box. It’s a simple matter to war disguised projectiles and him on the heavier stone hammer throughout the game master Higgins encounters in the usual moving platforms deadly drops and jumping enemies. However while Super Mario Brothers is relatively flat. Adventure Island contains a lot of hills and valleys often moving up or down at the same time moving from side to side his game is also somewhat harder than Super Mario Brothers and part of this is to do your consulate missions life are just filled up by grabbing the fruits that appear truly floating in the air. This is not usually a problem but there are areas where it’s pretty scarce a need to advance very quickly while grabbing all truth you can and quite a bit of position jumping at required. For this game inventor island is hardly perfect level do get a bit repetitive after a while but compared to the other posts Mario platforms we’ve been seeing such as Atlantis on as of most national cannons that fall into their oppression to play a high point against this one when you factor in the bin trial and very nice graphics usable controls and generally very playable level design is the probably the best Mario Brothers ask platform we’ve had since from our brothers itself of all the games were playing the sub So this is the one that stands out the most in terms of Paul T. So it’s definitely something you want check out. Well here’s one of a strange one king’s night to look at the cover of this and most has by square you might think wow this is like an early R.P.G.>From square or something but one to actually start playing it you’ll find it’s basically a shooter. Granted it’s a very odd to have up this is sort of in the R.P.G. Style and up as in golf or this one is probably a bit more easier to understand the game is actually these simple Kings Knight was actually developed by its laboratory the same guys didn’t focus suka Wars and just like that earlier game Kings Knight. It’s a little strange there really isn’t anything else like it you cruise two levels and blowing up anything that stands your way and looking for items for example those special Runic symbols are like a little dot with the others ought to round it to pick up those in a long way also try to get items elections who level up your character for example thing will make you faster if you better shield level seven after completing this and then you did zafu same thing with the next character which is the wizard. Occasionally you actually uncover a little dungeon area such as this one right here in useless for pickup more power ups while you’re down there all the others who are characters and a rather strange game. There was the night raid Jack this wizard is cool. Also there’s a monster for Lisa and Toby fifty as you can see you actually have a life meter which kids grained pretty quickly whenever you get hit by any fire also those of. Arrow’s getting an up arrow will give you a bigger help fact getting a down arrow will lower your health. Unfortunately specially in the last three characters. There’s a lot more down arrows in our upper lips as a result you can sometimes folks are getting trapped or you’re sort of stuck to the over a down arrow in lawyer health. So how does King’s night Paris trickly as the schmuck. Well really not very good your characters create limited mobility because of all the islands and mountains and trees and whatnot. You can blow your way through those but takes a while also you don’t really seem to get much long lines of power up so in terms of just sort of she might play the ulti in this is not very good. Now once you’ve gotten all four of your characters leveled up properly and long to this final level in this case three of my characters actually die it’s only have one the wizard left matter how powerful your characters are I think you actually need all four characters to get through this level can’t there’s one nice thing about this game is that it didn’t really do that well certain characters who actually go back and keep playing them to get them leveled up the way you want them. So the character is died you can make another attempt. So while Kingsland is an interesting idea it never really quite of comes together as a game and certainly not really indicative of the kind of call to game that square would release much later. Well only two weeks after super pitfall pony Canyon release its first F.P.S. Game. Can echo Monica tare the adventures of shatter. The title means literally kitten story and this video game is based off the movie of the same name this film or the released in the US to as the adventures of Milo and Otis basically about a cute dog. Puppy that journey across the countryside looking for their home or something like that this is actually pony Canyon the second game out of first being back in this game is certainly more fun in that game and it’s not nearly the fences as the football either this game might be in ten for kids it’s a pretty simple platformer that you sort of walk around avoid enemies. Nothing to get too excited about is hardly a bad game to apples. I’m not really sure why I probably have some sort of used later in the game as well as the occasional also drop the apples on top kill the graphics are reasonably cute and the controls are actually pretty good. This was all bike or other coulda built by companies called marionette an S.D.S. Which I really don’t know anything. I don’t think that either of them ever went on to do anything interesting or are very notable now it’s from Apple who also collect and work you sort of like power up like items for example collecting a bottle of milk will give you temporary invincibility and you can just plow through enemies Otherwise you have no offensive capabilities in this game other than dropping an apple on their head occasionally you’ll come across to me with a letter on it for example this one’s as easy once you collect all four letters spell help. This will appear you were right in front of you and the story any that happens to him. Be careful because if you touches you he will kill you as well there is the end scene to not really sure how many levels are on the scale and in played all the way through some take place during the day some take place at night I don’t know this game. Ever really sort of follows the script of the film. I think it. More or less to sort of uses the character in British terrible plot or maybe the cutest part is when Michael has to cross a lake or something in a little box course a single drop of rain will kill him person not to mention the rather high flying fish isn’t really cute when you put his head down and has to me that’s just really adorable. If nothing else a little Chadron is a Playboy really not that bad of a platform or we have a nother Namco title here. Super Xevious and this is obviously the sequel to their arcade game devious though this particular version of some pretty obvious camp no now is over is actually written for the Bama com This game should not be confused with the arcade super easy. Which is basically just a slightly reworked version of the original Xevious something to note this game was not designed by mass noble in new it actually left. Namco at this time Stern’s own company. This game looks plays and sounds an awful lot like the original Xevious However there are some differences and you’ll actually see the first one coming up here. I know some of the enemies and whatnot are new actual layouts look quite similar the game much plays the same we have the bomb you have a laser ever once you get to a certain point on this first level here. You’ll notice something which is you actually start going past areas you’ve already passed in fact will notice through that we come across some stuff that’s. Already been bombed is actually very beginning. I’m game right here for something the previous does is each level will pretty much loop infinitely unless you figure out how to leave the level. There are sort of AI little little. Built into each level which is usually something of a random in this case you have to actually fly through a particular cloud and then suddenly only on the second level this can make God the game I suppose you there are a lot I don’t know of bit less enjoy a bit more fun try to figure out all the puzzles I guess a choice when come under state of mind. Something else has been added to the game is power ups occasionally this whole ship will fly by shoot em and kill spit out three balls. Depending on which car you grab you’ll get a certain power in this case I grab the extra wide bomb sites I here’s the more the first boss you have to shoot him right and then all the can actually fly into him and the next level takes place inside the boss. Again this level will move you around infinitely unless you have to destroy certain objects on the ground more to get out of it. So this gives a bit of variety to Xevious in the game plays to his core the same but at least there’s a lot of different kinds of backgrounds are now we enter the ship and we’re back on the ground this level could be a bit tricky because you can’t always see everything comes in these are hidden in the bushes and this game actually does get sort of hard near the ending more so than the original Xevious this special becomes true around the level where you have to go through underground tunnels and wild men were actually had not gotten to this level at the time I had made to C.E.O. So how do we feel about supers abusive Well I guess depending on your viewpoint. It could be a slightly improved version of the original game or it could be a classic that was kind of screwed up by adding a bunch of unnecessary elements. Either way it’s worth giving it a look. And it’s Ghostbuster support of Activision and Commodore sixty four game based on the movie and listen to this. He has in that nice. Well this is a weird little game as I mentioned it was based on American computer game which came out in one thousand nine hundred four and even though it doesn’t really seem like it. The basic structure is kind of similar to an R.P.G. Need to start by buying some equipment and then you go around sucking up ghosts. The main game is to make enough money to buy the equipment necessary to take on the big ghost and now in order to actually get from place to place you have to drive there. Once you’ve arrived. You can advise some items in order to capture ghosts and unique capture bean and something to keep them in I put the super trap because you can keep a limited number of ghosts in there. Then you find a place that’s haunted drive there again and deal with the ghosts. Then you just repeat this until the boss ghost goes or shows up those who look like army guys and Ghostbusters proton beam Serta rebel of the ghosts and then were to go to all suck one of those traps and get some cash for this and really want to try to get all four ghosts into the ghost crap at the same time because you get the most cash that way and you wander around to find the next bill has haunted so on so forth. You can also buy a ghost alarm that makes it easier to find which buildings are haunted. Happens the regional Commodore game was designed by David Crane who’s a pretty well known game designer Back then they were Atari then later for Activision probably most well known for of all things the pitfall games as it turns out this game was not version Lynton to be a Ghostbusters game. It was originally a project called Car wars’ apparently at some point Activision got licensed to Ghostbusters so they did some work and converted very quickly into the Ghostbusters game you see here that might have something to do with the reason why this game is really not that good Ghostbusters seems to belong to the old school design theory that you can make a bigger game simply by taking to pull smaller games were joining them together. Ghostbusters has some very basic in Tory management. Type stuff it has a very simple driving game. And has a very simple action game we’re trying to capture the ghost of the problem is initially none of these sections really work driving game is not all exciting and the sections where you have to catch ghosts is boring and repetitive and there’s really no reason why you can’t catch for the time unless the ghosts don’t stray low enough to get caught by your beams in one thousand nine hundred four you can probably still get away with this kind of game to a certain extent but in one thousand nine hundred eighty six not so much after things like Metroid come out what was the point of a game like this and believe this was a release for the Nintendo in the United States in one thousand nine hundred eighty. This must have seemed like a relic from another era of Ghostbusters were just a little Dole be one thing but it actually gets worse from here. Once you’ve got enough money you can buy the correct items you can go face goes or himself in the middle of the main main screen then of course you get to one of the all time worst videogame levels. This is almost certainly the worst thing we’ve ever seen for the Famicom so far. At this point in the climb up several flights of stairs in order to get to the top and fight goes or however. Are you moved by hitting your a button and hitting the A but look at it one single step. That’s right you don’t use the D. Pad move around the have to hit the button repeatedly to slowly slowly slowly march across the floor and up the stairs all the while you’re being harassed by ghosts. You did mine but you’re so incredibly slow moving you have pretty much zero maneuver abilities and goes can pretty much come to any human if they want you can buy some items that make this level but easier but there’s no way this could possibly be anything but completely annoying. Seriously the completely bizarre control scheme almost really ruins the entire game and mean you can play the first part all you want and choice not that bad but once you get to this you really don’t want to continue playing probably only curiosity to see the final level is what would actually cause you want to keep on playing through this thing to the all the way to the top after you die even the game admits his were a matter of luck more than anything else. So go through is basically boils down to being a mediocre game with a really terrible final level added on the end however this game must have sold well it was ported to logs of different systems. I can only assume does base solely on the popularity of the movie. Our last game this episode is another disappointing one headspace Hunter Kimock over which so far has released some system really mediocre games. Now the weird thing about this game is it sort of resembles Metroid like a weird way maybe like extremely bad version of Metroid in the sense that you are some female space hunter which is actually what. Sammis hair was originally called in the quiet manual a space hunter who runs around this weird planet dealing with aliens and looking for something his game is completely in Japanese would sort of difficult for a Westerner to really know what’s going on here but there are several planets you can visit apparently aliens are attacking Earth you can sort of signal missiles going towards Earth or whatever planet is in the opening screen there and you’re listing your character and will be killed a lot first of all but you choose the planet you want to go to and then while you’re there there is all these little rooms you can enter and the game is sort of by the cross tween Metroid and bomber man only of course it’s not very good. You can lay bombs which will explode only horizontally at least First unlike Metroid However there is no scrolling in between screens. Since your character is sort of hard to control you often find yourself accidently hitting the edge of a screen that’s going into a new screen. This makes the game even more annoying the screen is new sleep cluttered up by that blue border in the interface that shows you things like your password. Why would need to see that all the time. So anyway users are a little rocket thing you’re sitting on tiptoe around these all space dungeons in the in these occasionally you can blow them up using a bomb on them like bombs there. So it’s. Since the bombs only go horizontally not vertically it’s rather difficult if you internees dungeons you have to kick off a couple enemies. Again quite difficult because explosions don’t go past maze walls pick up little items and when you see them you’ll get what appears to be some sort of clue or quest item you can also pick up other weapons occasionally but they they seem to run out of interview reasonably quickly. Despite the fact that there are six different planet. Someone looks Bahrain. I see and so on there’s not really much of a difference between them. The one thing is sort of the color and the texture of the bricks. But really the design of this game has pretty much the dual character on the screen right here you can switch weapons. This is sort of a weight beam type gun. It’s easier to kill enemies but it runs out of juice really quick as against the powers going down but now actually disappeared. Long before the power run out and part of the issue of course is you know I don’t know boy how to play this game. But regardless from what I’ve seen. There’s no way this could possibly be a good game and quite frankly it doesn’t really seem to be well remembered even Japan as far as I can tell there are a lot of sort of like hidden Japanese classics from the family com game with Definitely not gone back out or this is sort of one of those very minor again which is really better left un played. However one day after this game was released Konami released one of their all time classic games and the we take a look at that one at the beginning of next episode. Well another fifteen games down and we’ll do fifteen more again next time. How did this episode fare in terms of ninjas and shoot ’em ups. Well obviously no die boken adds in the inches in it and Musashi no kin. I think was actually ninja less even though it certainly felt like it could have used some there were some old guys jumping around who I thought resembled ninjas but may have actually been guys in kendo outfits in terms of chew up zero certainly A.S.O. and Super Xevious and I suppose also King’s night and Sky kid are sort of unusual shoot ’em ups so join us next up. One of their popular franchises and also some pretty cool titles from common Hudson. Subtitles by the community

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  1. One question that's been bugging me the past couple of days: What does a game company have to do to get their games approved for release by Nintendo? Judging by some of the god awful games shown in this video (Ghostbusters, Super Pitfall) it isn't the actual quality of the games themselves.

  2. 00:00 Chrontendo Title Sequence
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    15:12 Mobile Suit Gundam: Hot Scramble
    18:35 Alpha Mission
    21:56 Super Pitfall
    27:32 Banana
    30:48 Adventure Island
    32:08 Wonder Boy Series Overview
    38:13 King's Knight
    41:28 Koneko Monogatari: The Adventures of Chatran
    44:37 Super Xevious: Gamp no Nazo
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  3. I'm really annoyed by the fact that the main area of Super Pitfall uses the exact same music as another Famicom game seen in a previous episode of Chrontendo but I just can't remember which one. I remember the sound effect when the character dies in that unknown game but can't remember the title fir the life of me.

  4. Musashi No Ken – The Sword of Musashi, this episode's first game, is an auto-scroller that does not feature automatic scrolling. The Famicom is very strange and infinitely fascinating.

  5. Did you know that Mobile Suit Gundam: Hot Scramble had a second version (considered the final version) with only 1,000 copies? Even the manual of this limited edition game boasts it! A 100 of those copies were in gold, whereas the rest of them were in silver. One copy of this limited edition is I believe selling on eBay right now! Actually, Bandai made a few limited edition versions of their games. Such as with Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match, only 8 golden copies were made, and from one video says some copies have different versions.

  6. Hokuto no ken is not a bad game. I remember playing this when I was a kid. Press UP + A&B to enter a door so you don't get trapped in the same level forever:

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