Claim Free Bitcoins FAST and INSTANT with Tricks!

Claim Free Bitcoins FAST and INSTANT with Tricks!

And there you go, i already received it on my BTC wallet! It says here “Thank you for using Bfast Bfree” The 3,300 points i earned recently converts to 0.000015 BTC it has smaller amount but its okay because its all free and i like the most is their instant withdrawal! Hello future millionaire viewers and im back again with another video this is Aiza Mercado once again if this is your first time in my channel please subscribe and the notification bell as well to get notified for my next videos how to earn extra money online. Lately, im having headache but still, you are my priority and thank you all for watching my videos! As you have noticed, im here with BlueStacks which i am using herein my laptop. This is an android emulator where we can use as your android phone. But, we start now our video tutorial on how to get free bitcoins with easy claiming. In your google playstore just search for “Bfast Bfree”. It contains smaller MB and very quick to download. You need to allow all permission asked. With this app, you should log in using your Coinbase account. If you don’t have any Coinbase account just check out my video description for the link and where to register. In referral code, you can enter my code which is “3GF1C” But the goods news here, my comment section are open so you can type your referral code and for the next user viewing this video and install the app, he may be able to use your code. Here in my main account and obviously, ways of earnings here is to claim bitcoins. What you need to do is to click this “GO” button and it will select points randomly and you need to watch the ads that popping out You need to finish watching it, do not close coz they will not be able to give your reward. And the 70 points goes now to my account. Just click “go” for us to make more points. Just go go go! Minimum withrawal: 1500 points In your account balance, this is not 3252 satoshi This is just a 3252 POINTS, you might get confused with withdrawals. You will not get exact satoshi like this because this is only a points. You can withdraw every 3 days too. Alright, i will continue claiming and later i will make an intermission number *hahaha Talking about their referral system you can earn 5% of your friends total profit every time they claim. Passive income coz once your referral claims, you will get points. I already have 3391 points and now lets try if this really pays and instant withdrawal with my Coinbase account. Then click request for payment! It appears that my payment has been succeed and transferred on my Coinbase account. And there you go, i already received it on my BTC wallet! It says here “Thank you for using Bfast Bfree” The 3,300 points i earned recently converts to 0.000015 BTC because its all free and i like the most is their instant withdrawal! Return to 0 points again and will wait until 3 day to make a new withdrawal again. But the trick here, if you guys don’t want to wait for another 3 days just follow my instruction… Just go to your phone settings then click APPS then look for Bfast Bfree. Click storage then clear data. Then close the settings and go back to the app. Okay, same procedure. Allow all settings. And here, you need to create new coinbase account so you can log in again and start claimining again. If you would ask if we can use auto clicker I think it is not advisable to use it because it pops out video ads also close button position changes from time to time. This app is the most requested by my viewers to review and take note the this app is in BETA mode. Meaning, this app is in testing mode for now. If ever app is updated, i will make a video update too. I hope this video helps you to earn money online. A like for this video will be appreciated also, do not forget to subscribe on my Youtube and Telegram Channel too. This is Aiza Mercado again And see you on my next video!

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  1. Gud pm po syo my future wife aiza haha s mga payaman subscribers.. My new tips poko to save data and earn more points.. Medyo mlakas kse sa kumain ng data ang ads nya habang pinapanood ubos kgad 1gb before mareach ko yun points like our idol.. D sya pwede vpn kya d tyo mka bypass ng freedata haha.. I recomend set nyu yun default browser nyo or yung site n binabagsakan ng ads.. Set nyo sa low at off nyu yun others n ng popop up na ads to make data saving.. Try nyo lng if you like.. Or want some proof.. Thnks..

  2. thanks po s plgi pgshashare ng mga vid mo aiza npkalaking tulong tlga nasubscribe n po kta…papost n dn po referral code ko bka my gusto mgtry kgaya q … OK6I1

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