Clash Royale: New Card & Birthday Event! 🎂 TV Royale Season 9

Clash Royale: New Card & Birthday Event! 🎂 TV Royale Season 9

You’re invited to Clash Royale’s
4th Birthday Celebrations! We have a new card, and, of course,
we have a brand new Arena for you. And we’ve got an exclusive 4th Birthday
emote. Find out how to get it. Stay tuned to see what we’re working
on for the big update of 2020. TV Royale starts now! Welcome back, Clash Royale players
from around the world! – I’m Seth.
– I’m Drew. Clash Royale is four years old
on the 2nd of March, which is also the date
that Season 9 kicks off. We’re making the entire Season
about our birthday. And what’s a birthday without a cake? We’ve got birthday cake emotes,
birthday cake Tower Skins, birthday cake Arena! – Are we getting a birthday cake?
– We can’t. – The budget, you know.
– TV Royale… We have a gift from the King himself
in the form of a brand new card: the Royal Delivery. You may have seen
the teaser on social media, and you’re wondering what this card does. Royal Delivery is a 3-cost Common Spell. It started as a card called Bone Bomb. When it blew up,
two Guards would pop out. Then, over time, we really liked the idea
of something sturdier than the Guards. What better than a Royal Recruit? We re-envisioned it, from more
of a Skeleton Death Bomb kind of thing, to a package signed, sealed
and delivered by the King himself. Royal Delivery is a defensive Spell
that takes 3 seconds to deploy. You deploy it only
on your side of the Arena. A box comes out of the air,
hits flying troops on the way down, hits ground troops
when it hits the earth, pops open… there’s a Royal Recruit inside. He’ll poke away at anyone near him. He has the stats
of a normal Royal Recruit. It’s great for defending the Princess,
and very fun with Mortar. When you play the Mortar, you know they’ll block it,
you use the Royal Delivery to catch it. When you unlock Royal Delivery, it’ll be boosted
to your King Tower level. This card will come out
at the start of Season 9. It’ll be unlockable in Challenges
and the Trophy Road. We also have a new game mode: Royal Deliveries will be shipped
from the King en masse – to the riverbed.
– Royal Deliveries. – We’ve got a new Arena.
– The whole thing is a cake! The King has ordered himself
a gigantic birthday cake. It’s being delivered
throughout the Kingdom. You’ll play your battles atop a giant,
moving cake. It’s pretty awesome. Alongside this new Arena,
we have a new Tower Skin, and Pass Royale rewards for you. The Season 9 Tower Skin is
an exclusive 4th birthday cake slice. There will also be new
birthday emotes for you. Speaking of emotes, we have a limited… emote for you guys. Check if your favorite Content Creator
is giving out these emotes. We’ll also be popping
a full list in game, so you can check. We’ll also have
Content Creator Challenges in game. We’ve teamed up with Clash With Ash,
WithZack, SirTag and Legendaray. They’ll have Challenges in the game
that you can win rewards from. Cool. Content Creators won’t have all the fun. You can vote in game
for your favorite game modes. It’ll appear in the Party button
throughout the entirety of Season 9. If you’re a fan of Triple Elixir, or you’re one of the ten people
who like Touchdown… I like Touchdown! Well, the other nine can vote
in News Royale. It’s more than nine! Get your vote heard. Play your favorite
modes throughout the Season. We also have some brand new Season 9
balance changes for you guys. Seth? Well, Miner is getting a minor change
to his Crown Tower damage. Golemites will deal less damage
when they attack, but more damage when they explode. Cannon and Cannon Cart
will be receiving a damage buff. And, quit tweeting me about it, Earthquake will finally damage
a hidden Tesla Tower. We’re also changing
the seasonal trophy reset. Instead of losing 50%
of your trophies above 4,000, this Season only, you’ll lose
25% of your trophies. Unlock the Trophy Road rewards
that you may not have reached yet. Just before we go, we want to give you a little sneak peek of something big
we’re working on this year. Thanks for watching. Enjoy the 4th Birthday Celebrations
kicking off Season 9, March 2nd. And we’ll see you… In the Arena! SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Clash Royale YouTubers will be giving out the FREE EMOTE every day in Season 9! 💪 Make sure you follow your favorites to find out how to get it. There will also be info in-game!

  2. The new arena is not good. It has a moving animation at the top which is very distracting and makes me very dizzy. I won't be playing much this season because of how dizzy it makes me. Please don't do this moving arena again. It's too hard to focus.

  3. Battles are still severely miss matched. But, as long as the developers get people to pay to play they will never change the game.

  4. As a frequent player, I have to comment that the new area makes me REALLY uncomfortable. This is for two major reasons:
    1. The color is too bright, especially on big displays, its hard to focus after a while
    2. There are too many motions going on especially on big screens, the logs and goblins appearing on on the top of the screen makes me fell like barb barrel and troops
    I am feeling terrible for the arena design, and so I wonder if anybody is feeling the same

  5. Perfect gift for me too my birth day was 3/1 thx for always keeping up with this game never fails to keep it interesting

  6. E a falta de criatividade continua uma dica podeira fazer uma carta que dá um escudo temporário na torre seria uma carta que mudaria estratégia do jogo no final.

  7. kevin Leon / epicmango#1

    Wow.. clash royal just wow… why you didn't show the sparky emote come on give her so love 😭 but yea I'm am going to buy the pass this season if I have money hopefully .

  8. 아니 ^^ㅣ바 메칭좀 바꿔 그리고 욕 나오게 할래요? 12렙 13렙 도전자 구간에서 얼마나 스트레스 받는줄알아요?

  9. Woah that last clip wasn't needed but dang I already can't wait

    Keep in check every now and then so we don't unhealthily spam you about it

  10. Noticias De free fire

    Clash royale me quitaron un cofre de dile elección y lo vengo a reportar quisiera si me pudiera dar otro mi nombre es ™~PABLO™~

  11. Ольга Шамигулова

    Я хачю што бы появился режим в испытании за гемы премерно 50 кристаллов (режим королевские рекруты падают но при этом они все сабираются в кучю и прыгают и начинается выбор карт штоб они появились нужно подождать 10 секунд и они будут появлятся в разных местах это уже ваши решения

  12. Help!!! After the latest update the game keeps crashing, im using the Samsung Galaxy tab a. Im on arena 13 so I dont want to lose everything 😭. I just bought the passroyale so my Money is gone too. My account is spynglet. Pls help!!!

  13. All of my friends tell "Oh you play Clash" like no one plays that. I play it. Most of them stopped playing around 2v2 first introduce

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